Thursday, March 24, 2011

Time for awards #5

I can't sleep and I don't have patience to crop the pictures now so I decided to post this tag.
Jette Fromm at Vettens Blog tagged me with this Beautiful Blogger Award a while ago. Thank you so much sweety! :h

You have to answer on few questions:

When and how did your love for polish begin?
Huh... Probably when I discovered some forums where girls were showing their nails all the time 2 years ago... :D I actually always had long nails but I was wearing just french manicure (I think all my highschool). So I always have just 3 polishes - base color, white for tips and TC. That's why I can't stand french mani anymore. :D Then I discovered Essence and their limited editions and started searching for some of them. I think my first polish was a light brown with orange shimmer (Essence - Chocolate Shake). :D And then my obsession began. When I bought my first pink polish (I think it was the pink one from Essence All I want TE) and when I tried it - I was shocked how pink doesn't look great on me. I didn't wear pink for months... :i And look at me now...

If you could choose to do anything in the world what would it be?
Hmmm this one is tough... Probably win a lottery like Jette said too. Why? Then lots of my wishes would come true - I could travel a lot and visit some amazing dreamy beaches which I would really love to see one day, I could buy everything I would want, help my parents and others... It's really not all about money but when you have it, everything can be much easier. :)

What's your favourite love story?
Don't have any favorite, but it must be a happy end. And they lived happily ever after. :)

So, I'm passing this beautiful blog award to:
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Oooh, Shinies!
Enjoy! :$

More after the click. ;)
If you read my blog for a while you already know that I don't like taking pictures of myself. I've just few old pictures, I'm just not fotogenic at all. Everytime I take a picture of myself.... I just don't like it. :D I'm not pretending anything but that's true. :i I always have million picture of everything and everyone, just not mine.
Today when I was in mom's bedroom sun was shining  through the window so strong so I just take a phone I try to make a decent photo which I would possibly like. And after taking 93839389x pictures, here is one I like (especially colors are so pretty..). :D I'm still not 100% sure if I really love it but here it is. :) It's time to show my face at least once. :) So if you were interested how this girl with a pink obsession looks like... Here I am. :$
Sun. :O

My hair isn't black anymore, yay for that. :e And I love how sun makes my skin like photoshopped. :D I'm super shy now. :$

That's it for now. :$ I'll post next Catherine Arley polish when I woke up!

Ivana :k

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  1. aww man "dreamy" beaches sound soo nice right now... and your hair is so pretty! i wish i could grow out mine that long but i straighten it too much so it gets pretty damaged. thanks for tagging me! <3

  2. ooww you`re such a pretty girl!!! show yourself to the world :)

  3. Iiiii, kok maš lepe laske! =D Pa kožo, pa učke... <3

  4. @Amanda: Thanks. :) I used to straightem them too but lately just few times on month. :D Do you use any heat protectant? They help a lot too. You're welcome. :H

    @Martje: :$ :h Just this time. :P

    @nihrida: :$ Kožo še zdaleč nimam takšno (na žalost). :D

  5. znači to je cura luda za rozom bojom ;-)
    krasna si, sviđa mi se ovaj škiljeći pogled dok ti sunce tuče u oči :-D
    i hvala puno što se i moja malenkost našla među nagrađenima :-*

  6. @nail crazy: Hvala. :$ Da, hoće Ivana gledati u sunce. :D Nema na ćemu, zaslužila si. :k

  7. Jaz pa mislim, da si zelo fotogenična. Krasna fotka. :D
    Pa hvala za nagrado. ;)

  8. Thank you for the tag! Your hair is SO BEAUTIFUL I can't even believe it. I'm so jealous! (You are also beautiful... no more being shy!!)

  9. WOOOOW your hair is SO pretty! I want your hair please <3. Thanks so much for the award (but already answered it once ;)).

  10. No, fino, da smo te "spoznali" :) Luštna punca!

  11. ma super ti je slika :) i lijepo je spojit nokte s licem, a sto se tice taga moram se sjetit napisat post kad mi se vec napisani objavi ^_^

  12. Thanks for tagging me! And you are very pretty!! :)

  13. @Taya: Nisem, nisem. :D Zame je fotogeničen tisti, ki na vsaki fotki izpade krasno. :P Malenkost. :h

    @Annelise: Thanks! :h I started using Coconut oil and it helps my hair so much! But I have to cut my split ends soon. :$

    @Deborah: Thanks! I can send my hair on your way. :P You're welcome, no worries if you already got it. :)

    @Biba: :$ Hvala. :)

    @Lendoxia: Ih, pa još da moram misliti kako ću staviti ruke i nokte - onda bi morala stvarno napraviti 309838398 slika više. :P

    @ritterbraten: You're welcome! :h And thanks. :$


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