Friday, March 18, 2011

Swap with Leslie from Nail Polish Art Addiction

I just got home and immediately start taking pictures of package that I got last week from lovely Leslie at Nail Polish Art Addiction. I was busy lately, then spending time at BF's but Leslie - your package'll go tommorow on your way too I promise! Sorry for this tiny delay and I hope you get it soon... :) I hope you'll like it as much as I like all goodies you sent me. :e
Let's start with pictures... :) Be prepared for lots of pinks, like always. :P

China Glaze
Laced Up
Strawberry Fields

Rumple's Wiggin
Do you think I'm Tex-y
Too Hot Pink to Hold 'Em

Original - my new love. :L I don't know what's happening but I want all holos on this world. :D I got also all pink sorbets from Texas collection, yaay! :e

Sapphire Silk
Gold Glitz
Purple Gleam

Color Club
Vintage Couture
Mrs. Socialite
French Affair
Nice is Nice
Sally Hansen
Blush Rush

See - I don't have enough of pinks at all! :D It's a crazy obsession, because I always think I need all pinks I see. :D But at least I'm obsessed just with pinks for now.... :$

Candies, ring which I already showed, a strawberry tote! It's so lovely, I will definetely use it often. :)

Thank you so much Leslie!
I was so happy while I was opening your package, now it's time to start trying them too. :) I really don't know where to start.What do you suggest?

And that's not all! I just opened another swap package from Carolina at Colores de Carol but I'll upload pictures tommorow - I got also so much new goodies from her. :$ Now I'm going to watch ANTM and sleep. It'll be a busy day tommorow. :)

Ivana :k

15 Comment(s):

  1. Probaj crackla :) ali pa te nove Texas opije :) jaz bi tako rada imela enega, pa šparam za poletno kolekcijo :D

  2. Essie French Affair is beautiful!

  3. Lucky you !
    I'll start with Dahlia or Strawberry fields ! :)
    Xx. S

  4. Ooooooo, super! :) ZAkon swap! Spontaneous je odlična barva, ampak kooomaj čakam Sapphire Silk swatch! Tega si moram še kupit, je na wl. :D

  5. Ajmeeeeeeeeeeee kakav swap. :))))

  6. hebemu zlo, ovo se čak i meni sviđa :-D
    krasni lakovi, super swap :-)

  7. they are all soooo pretty!! Im jealous! I need a swap buddy! lol <333

  8. ANTM - I'm bummed Sarah went home :(

  9. Thank you so much for your comments! :h I was so happy when I's opening the package. It's great to recevie so many goodies. :D

    @Tinchi: Za piratke? Joj - jaz bi tudi! :D

    @Ulmiel: Hehehe, ravno ta je šel že naprej. :$

    @Prettyfulz: You can find it everywhere. :) There's lots of girls who wants to swap! ;)

    @Annelise: Yeah, but I really don't like her and she was the worst IMO. Which one would you send home?

  10. Wow, vsi so lepi, ampak Purple Gleam je pa naravnost fantastičen =)


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