Wednesday, March 9, 2011

OPI - We'll Always Have Paris Suede with TC

I'm tired but I decided to post this now. It feels great when I woke up,  I check e-mails on my phone first and enjoy reading all comments I got in my bed. :D Weirdoooo. :$

I'm in love with We'll Always Have Paris Suede! :L It's just stunning! It was a sunny day again today so I added a coat of TC and run out to take pictures on sun. Shimmer just pops out! :) I'll stop talking and let you to watch pictures. :P

Close up
See what I'm talking about? I really can't decide if I like shiny or suede version more, because they're both just stunning! :L What about you? :) I hate my pointer, I think it's the time to fill my other nails a little, because seeing a fingertip just on my pointer drives me crazy! xo

I have to say that "sandwhich" method with BC works like a magic. It's the 3rd day of wearing this beauty and it still looks just perfect, without any chipping at all. I'll probably remove it tommorow, but just because I want to try a new polish on my nails. :D

I would like to thank you for entering my giveaway! :h I'll check all the entries and I hope I'll announce the winner soon! Stay tuned! :)

Ivana :k

14 Comment(s):

  1. zgodnja ura.. :P

    lep lak. takoj bi ga imela <3

  2. i think its beautiful both ways and i didn't notice your pointer until you mentioned it :)

  3. i like the glittery shine!

    thought you might be interested in my 100-piece ELF makeup palette, crackle polish and Ulta cosmetics giveaway!

  4. It looks beautiful with TC, I really love it!

  5. @Tinchi: Če sem pa nočna ptica. :P Kot vidim, si pa ti tudi. :$

    @Enamel Girl: Thank you. :h I should keep my mouth shut next time. :P Just joking, I had to share this with you, because it annoys me everytime I see my latest pictures. Just pointer, pointer & pointer. :D

    @Oh to Be a Muse: Tnx! :)

    @Carolina: Thank you! I have it just because of you. :k

  6. Great polish, both suede and shiny version. And suits you well :)

  7. Great pictures, gorgeous polish! With or without tc really depends on my mood, it's lovely either way :)

  8. REally like the color on you. Just pops!

  9. Because of your pictures I actually just painted my nails with it, but I topped it of with CG PomPom :D!

  10. @Ixy99: Tnx. :)

    @ritterbraten: Thank you! I really love it! :L

    @Shiny!: Agree! I'm so happy OPI have them! <3 Just too bad they get thich so fast. :(

    @nail crazy: Baš. :L

    @Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes: Thank you! I have it almost 4 days on nails and I usually change it fast. :P

    @Deborah: Yay, show us some pictures! PomPom looks so gorgeous, I think I need that one too. :i

  11. aww i wish i posted a comment earlier so you could of read it in bed! lol .. but i LOVE this color .. super pretty<33

  12. @Prettyfulz: : :O You're funny! :i Tnx! :h


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