Thursday, March 10, 2011

OPI - DS Signature

It was sunny these days so I picked a holo beauy for today, but unfortunately the sun isn't so strong as before. :( I added 2 coats of DS Signature - pink/mauve holo. Application is great, it dries fast,... :L
I hate this cap of the DS bottles, the silver color starts chipping and I had problems with opening the bottle yesterday so it chipped even more. :(

Weak Sun
You can see the rainbow in the bottle, I'm sure if the sun was stronger, rainbow on nails would be even more visible. :) I love holos and this one it's definetely one of my favorite, I'm so happy I have it. :L I don't know why has OPI discontinued all these beautiful holos? :( I would love to get my hands on DS Divine and Fantasy Exclusive (tnx Terry :) ) one day, but they're so hard to find or they're sold for ridiculous prices. We want more holos like this, OPI! :)

What do you think about this beauty? What is your favorite holo from OPI? Let me guess... Glamour or My private jet? :P

Ivana :k

19 Comment(s):

  1. So there was sun :)
    It really looks pretty ! :)
    Xx. S

  2. This is gorgeous! I love itttttt.

  3. fantasy isn't really that holo... glamour is amazing though. and original.x))

  4. @S.: But not as strong as it was yesterday. :P Tnx. :h

    @Carolina: Thank you. :h

    @Rachel Marie: Me too! :L

    @Ixy99: Slažem se. :)

    @Lalica: Hvala. :k

    @terry: Tnx terry for reminding me about Fanasty, I thought Exclusive instead of Fantasy (pink holo goddess). :) I'll get Original soon, can't wait! :e All holos are just gorgeous!

  5. My fav' OPI holo is Original, but I wish I had MPJ and Glamour to throw Original of it't statue!

  6. ob vsakem tvojem postu moram dopolniti wish listo :)

  7. This colour is simply amazing! I want it!! :D

  8. Pa res, kako se je uničil pokrovček :o Glede na ceno, bi lahko bi iz pravega srebra :D Je pa krasen odtenek <3

  9. Wow this is such an awesome colour!! I love it! Too bad I don't have ani OPI holo's yet :(

  10. Čudovite je, se je defenitivno splačalo čakati nanj cel mesec =). Moj najljubši je extravagance =).

  11. @Sophie Isobel: I hope you'll get it somehow! :h

    @Deborah: It's so bad they're discounted. :( I would love to have all of them, holos are my latest obsession. :D

    @Tinna: Kot pa da ti meni ne delaš isto. :i

    @Elsa P.: Thank you! Maybe you can find it on evil bay? :)

    @With love, Ana.: Jaaa, ne bi bilo slabo. :P

    @Mieke: If you'll have chance to get them, grab them! You won't be sorry! :)

    @Silence is Loud: Agree. :L

    @colorfulbottle: Imaš prav. :P Ja, Extravagance je pa res prekrasen! :L Ga bo treba spet enrkat nalakirati, ga zanemarjam. :@ :D

  12. Kako ga šele jaz zanemarjam, ko ga še nisem nosila =(. Sj bo prišel na vrsto, ampak res ne vem kdaj pri takšni izbiri lakov =).

  13. Mine are extravagance and exclusive!


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