Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Swap with Lynsey #2

I've got an amazing package today. <3 I got so many new bottles lately and I really don't know where to start. I'm also dealing with lack of inspiration. My nails are naked for 2 days now and I'm still not fully decided what to wear next. xD But I'm so happy to have all these beauties around me. :)

I did a swap with Lynsey this winter but we stay in touch and decided to do another one, yay. Swaps are super fun, I always feel like a kid while opening the package, but because I ran out of bubble wrap I had to open them carefully today, even more exciting. :)

Here's what I got all the way from Canada. :)

Sparrow me the Drama
Planks a Lot
Silver Shatter
Nicole by OPI
I'm a Belieber
I've Bieber Fever

China Glaze
Ruby Pumps
Pom Pom
Secret Peri-wink-le

Gum Drop
Cotton Candy
Bubble Gum
Finger Paints
Rose Patina
Artistic Azure

Basket Case
Deborah Lippmann
 Angel Eyes
Milani Jewel FX
Beachy Keen

Milani Gold is such an amazing glitter. <3 You might noticed that I already have it, but if I want to do all my nails with this beauty, I'd run out so quickly, that's why I's even more happy when I saw she found me a back up. Got my Pirates, scented Revlon polishes, those 4in1 polishes from Claire's which got mixed during the transition but still, they look super fun, that's why I wanted them and my first Finger Paints - I actually didn't expect I'll like them so much, first impression is really really good though. And I just need to mention Ruby Pumps. <3 This baby is even prettier in RL as on pictures, you know I don't like red so much but this one is just amazing and must have for all nail junkies. :) Well they're all just so beautiful. <3

Hershey's Cookies'n'Creme Eggs. <3 Last time she sent me Hershey's Kisses in same flavor and I fell in love with them. I love cookies but I always loved more the creme inside. These are just perfect - lots of creme with pieces of cookie. ^_^ I really don't know what I'll do when I eat them all. <\3 I got another Body Lotion from Bath & BodyWorks - smeels divine. :L I also got a huge Laura Secord Crunchy Peanut Butter Egg but my mom ate it before I even took pictures. :$

Thank you so much Lynsey for another super awesome package. :k I really hope you'll like goodies I picked for you when you get them as much as I am loving these. <3

Pretty new babies, right? :i

Nighty night,
Ivana :k

Monday, September 26, 2011

Back to the 50's with Lightning Bolt

I didn't wear this because I added a coat of super pretty jelly and made jelly sandwich but I took some photos to show you how Lightning Bolt look like. It's a white creme crackle from China Glaze. I don't know why but I'm so over these crackles, I want something fresh, new, no more new crackles, please. xo

It dries fast and matte, I added a coat over Back to the 50's from Essence.

Close up. :i

 Nail Tek - Foundation 2 / 1 coat
China Glaze - Lightning Bolt / 1 coat

What's your favorite crackle? Do you want more crackles in your collection?

That's all for today, thanks for reading and leaving a comment! :rainbow

Ivana :k

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Tangle Teezer Compact Styler Review

I've got my TT 2 months ago and till then I'm using it all the time. I can't imagine living without this miracle brush. <3

Tangle Teezer Compact Styler is a travel size of original Tangle Teezer, so it's smaller than original and it has a plastic cover to protect its teeth - perfect for carrying around without ruining the teeth. It comes in a few colors but I got the pink one. :$

It's not big but its perfect for your hand, you can easily hold it. Approx. dimensions 105mm(D) x 85mm(W) x 50mm(H).

When my mom saw it for the first time, she didn't believe that this brush can detangle my hair at all. My hair is quite long, my ends are little damaged and I get knots all the time. Brushing my wet hair was impossible without pain. I wore curls sometimes of course with ton of hair spray so after few days my hair was impossible to detangle. I was pulling my hair so badly before with my old brush, so my hair's starting to break a lot... I still need a hair cut but I don't have any problems like before. At all. ^_^

Knots like this was something normal to me, I get them especially at the back of my head.
Before / After
With few brushstrokes, without any breakages or damaging my hair, knot disappears! :)

More after a click. :)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Strawberry Ice Cream & Teenage Dream

Fall is here. :) Do I like it? Not. :ice It's already too cold for me, I wish I could have summer all year long. Or at least just Spring and Summer. :party Or I should just move to Brazil. :P

Anyway, I have a new mani for today. I wanted to try out some of the new babies I got lately, so I picked these 2. Strawberry Ice Cream by Barry M is a nice pastel pink with peachy undertones creme nail polish. I added 3 thin coats, but even 2 thicker would work just great. I decided to add sponging tips with OPI - Teenage Dream. Teenage Dream is amazing - sheer pink jelly base with different sizes of glitter including some stunning holographic glitter. <3 It's much prettier in RL as on pictures, believe me. :)

Here's the final result. :)

This beauty became more peachy pink on sun. :)

Nail Tek - Foundation II
Barry M - Strawberry Ice Cream / 3 coats
OPI - Teenage Dream / sponged
Beauty Secrets TC Fast Finish Polish Dryer

I'm in love with this combination. <3 When my mom saw Teenage Dream, she wanted to have it on her nails too, so her nails are also sparkly today, but she didn't let me take some pics. xD

Do you like this combination? Sponging french tips was so easy and it looks so nice. :) What's your favorite glitter polish?

I'm a big fan of Milka chocolate with whole nuts but I adore white chocolate even more. I never found white chocolate with whole nuts in Slovenia although I saw pictures of it, just that one without anything. So my dad's just brought me this big one from Graz, imagine how happy I was. <3

This chocolate is THE BEST. ^_^ Tell me, what's your favorite chocolate?

Have a nice and relaxing weekend! :rainbow

Ivana :k

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My OPI Collection

I'll start with: "I need MORE OPI's in my life! :c I though I have more of them. :( It's so fun to take stash pictures, so relaxing. :r I just love seeing them together. :)

OPI is my favorite brand. <3 I totally HATE their price here (thank you God for swapping) but everything else is just perfect. I'm in love with OPI's wide brush, perfectly made for my nails, that's why I'm loving them so much. <3

If they'd brought back all holos they had, that'd be perfection. :L

Again, pictures maybe aren't 100% color accurate, because I took them with flash and it's so hard to take real color of all bottles. :D I added names and links to the swatches or manicures, where I used them.



Only 19 of them? :c Yap, I want more. :i Some of them are on my way and I really caaaaaan't wait to get them. :)

I'm also very excited about OPI Holiday 2011 collection Muppets! <3 I'm love with those glitters so I hope I'll get my hands on them.  ^_^

How many OPI's do you have? ^_^ What's your favorite OPI nail polish? My favorite is... That's a tough one... I can't pick just one so let's say Mad as a Hatter, DS Extravagance and We'll Always Have Paris Suede! <3 All of them are just special to me. :)

Take care,
Ivana :k

Monday, September 19, 2011

My China Glaze Collection

I don't consider myself as someone who have tons of nail polishes, because I saw lots of you have like 10 times more polish as me. I won't say my collection is small neither, but something in the middle I guess. :) I'm bored and because I love watching stash pics I decided to show you my China Glaze collection. 

My first China Glaze was For Audrey. <3 I fell in love with China Glaze as soon as I tried For Audrey (brush, application, lovely bottle), but I still wasn't sure if I like the color. Thanks to all ladies who helped me get so many babies from China Glaze. :h Pictures maybe aren't 100% color accurate, because I took them with flash and sometimes is so hard to capture true color of all bottles.

I added names in case you want to know them and a link to swatches or manicures, where I used them. I still didn't try them all as you can see. :/ Will work on that. :)

Something Sweet, Empowerment, Pink Underground, Sugar High, Laced Up, Rich & Famous

 Pool Party, Strawberry Fields, 108 Degrees, Heli-Yum, Ahoy!, Caribbean Temptation

 Mr. Claus, QT, Flying Dragon, Senorita Bonita, Harmony, Virtual Violet

Spontaneous, IDK, LOL, 2NITE, Secret Peri-wink-le, Agent Lavender, Light as Air

Snow, For Audrey, Peachy Keen, 2030, Midnight Kiss, Cheers to You, Admire

Lightning Bolt, Broken Hearted, Fault Line, Crushed Candy

That's it! xD And I still want more. :$

How many China Glaze's nail polishes do you have? What's your favorite nail polish from China Glaze? If I had to pick just one, it'd be.... Let's say Ahoy! Those gold flecks always blow me away. <3 My second choice'd be QT, but if I had BFF, that'd definitely be my first choice. :D

Have a nice beggining of the week! Monday here in Slovenia will be so cold. :ice I want Summer back. :c

Ivana :k

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Essence - Let's Get Lost

Going through my old swatches I found these pictures. It's definitely not my favorite, but blue lovers will probably love it. :)  

Let's Get Lost from Essence's Color&Go line is a nice blue with green undertones creme nail polish. That's why I don't like it - green undertones. I don't like blue with a hint of green, I really prefer more royal blue colors. <3

If you like those kinds of colors, then you just have to have it. Its application is quite amazing, it's great pigmented, if your nails are short, then you can get away with only one coat, but I needed 2 to hide the nail line. You can't go wrong with this amazing quality and really low price, double win. 8)

I really can't catch its green undertones, but they definitely are there, so these 2 pictures aren't 100% color accurate. :/

 Essence - Let's Get Lost / 2 coats

I really like polishes from Color&Go line. Their application is quite amazing, brush is okay, price is low and some shades are just a must have. I just can't wait to get my hands on glitters, which were released now in September. <3

What do you think? Do you love these kinds of blue shades? :)

Have a nice and relaxing Sunday! ^_^

Ivana :k

Friday, September 16, 2011

Orly - Pure Porcelain

I don't have anything new for you, because I worked on something really special yesterday so I'll show you this mani that I wore weeks ago, right before I shorten my nails. Going through these pictures I thought my nails were too long, but after I shortened them I wanted them back. xo This is another favorite of my from Precious collection - Pure Porcelain.<3

It's more on a thick side just like Fancy Fuchsia, so 2 coats were enough. I added a coat of TC, just to smooth and have that extra shine. I thought this will be more nudish on me but it's more mixed with white, still preeeetty. <3

Nail Tek - Foundation II
Orly - Pure Porcelain / 2 coats
Beauty Secrets Top Coat

I was really enjoying this color but later I ruined it with a stamping fail. :D Do you have this color or anything else from this collection? What is your favorite nude color?

Have a nice weekend! :rainbow

Ivana :k

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Swap with Stéphanie from So Nailed

Last week I got a nice package from Stéphanie. She did a guest post on my blog with Glitter in the Air and I already told you she has really amazing blog. You can see her work at So Nailed. <3

If you can remember, I wanted Teenage Dream after it's almost sold out. I didn't know that they'll re-release Katy Perry collection again, so I's quite desperate but S. picked it up for me. That was months ago and since then we've became a really good friends. :) She's so nice and sweet, and here's what she sent me. 

When I opened the package I's blown away by cute packaging. <3

I almost didn't want to open anything because it's packed so beautiful. <3 This dark navy blue with gold polka dots wrap paper is my favorite. I already want to recreate a mani with those 2 colors but I don't own any dark blue colors, oops. :$

Here's my new baby. <3 I saw lots of swatches but I didn't know that this beauty has so strong holographic glitter. I really can't wait to try it!
OPI - Teenage Dream
Here're beauties she sent me to try out. :)

Park Avenue 05
HEMA 205
Deborah Milano 838
p2 - Gigantic

Of course she didn't forget to add chocolate. <3 Noses're so delicious, nomnomnom. xP


I also got a pink pencil with white dots, perfume samples and Claire's lip balm, HEMA strawberry mask, but I didn't find them in my messy room when I's taking pictures. :/

Thanks S. <3

I've so many new polishes to try out so I really don't know where to start. xo What would you love to see first? :)

Ivana :k

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Holo Funky French

Wooooooooohoooo, we've reached 800 followers. :party Thank you! <3 Seeing the number rising is just amazing feeling. :$ I never expected to have so many followers so this is really a happy day. :D

I wanted to post this yesterday, but I change my mind, because after watching US Open finals with Đoković vs. Nadal, I's sooo sleepy. Seriously, they have played for more than 4 hours and I's already tired of watching them but they didn't seem to be tired at all. o_O Champs! 8) Congrats to Đoković for another great win! :star

Anyway, I had some bad pictures on the sun yesterday, because it's cloudy most of the day. When I saw sun I run out to capture some pictures, but they weren't that great as I wanted. So I took them today again. :L How bad would it be if I couldn't take pictures of this mani on the sun? Holos aren't that special on daylight as on sun. :/

I decided to make Funky French again to make my holo mani more complete. I probably don't have to say what I used for tips, right? :)

Pinkie & Thumb: China Glaze - IDK / 2 coats + China Glaze - 2NITE / 1 coat
Ring: China Glaze - LOL / 2 coats + China Glaze - QT / 1 coat
Middle: China Glaze - QT / 2 coats + China Glaze - LOL / 1 coat
Pointer: China Glaze - 2NITE / 2 coats + China Glaze - IDK / 1 coat
Beauty Secrets Top Coat 

What do you think? It's such a playful mani. <3 Do you like funky french tips?

Thanks for watching and commenting!
Ivana :k

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Probably you all know where all these words come from, right? :D Yap, the one and only China Glaze's OMG collection from Spring 2008. I just needed them in my life and because they became so hard to get, I'm even happier to have at least these. Thanks to all sweet ladies who helped me to get them! :k

Weather'll probably get worse from now on, so I put these yesterday to enjoy some linear holographic effect on the sun. :rainbow

I only have 4 of them and I still want BFF though, but it became so VHTF. :/ Better something than nothing. I won't even start complaining that I don't own any from Kaleidoscope! :c

China Glaze

I made skittles just to see all their beauty on my nails. :) I apply them without base coat because last time I applied LOL over a Nail Tek Foundation II, its application was streaky. All were applied in 2 coats, no TC, fast drying time... And a lovely linear holographic effect. <3

Please excuse my pointer, it's just so curly. xo

Pinkie & Thumb: China Glaze - IDK / 2 coats
Ring: China Glaze - LOL / 2 coats
Middle: China Glaze - QT / 2 coats
Pointer: China Glaze - 2NITE / 2 coats

2NITE looks like it has the strongest linear effect from these I have. :L I can't pick my favorite because I love all of them. <3 They're just too beautiful to pick only one, I love watching the rainbow on sun. :rainbow

Which one is your favorite from OMG collection? Do you have all of them?

Ivana :k

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Wnb Ombre

Good morning! :) Thank you for all your comments! :h This is the mani I wore yesterday. I actually didn't expect that I'll have a presentation yesterday, but they called me on thursday that my presentation will be tommorow. I wasn't even ready because I though I'll have it next week so I didn't have time to change this mani I did the day before. :D I wanted to add something more, like stamping or glitter but I couldn't decide so I left it like this.

Presentation was so bad, well, I's feeling bad because public performing isn't my thing at all. I'd rather write another thesis than this. But of course you just have to have it so I's totally scared but those 15 minutes passed so fast. I think I told you I didn't like my study so I hope I'll continue my study on master's study program at Facutly of economics, we'll see in a few days. :e It's actually so annoying because I'm 22 years old and I still don't know what I'd love to do in my life... >.<

I had this idea of ombre in my head.. The darkest is in the middle and goes towards lightest in both ways. I like the idea, I like my mani too, but I think there's something missing. 

For this mani I used these polishes:

China Glaze - Empowerment
Maybelline NY - Ultra Violet
Essence - Mr. Big
 Here's the final result...  <3

 Pinkie & Thumb: China Glaze - Empowerment / 2 coats
Ring & Pointer: Maybelline NY - Ultra Violet / 2 coats
Middle: Essence - Mr. Big / 2 coats

Not best pictures but you get the idea. :D I hope I'll post more often as before. I used to change my mani every other day, but now I'm so lazy so I keep my mani until it's totally ruined. :D We'll see. :$

I hope you're having a great weekend!

Ivana :k

Friday, September 9, 2011


I've graduated today! :party

Nail Tek - Foundation II

Exhausted! I'm off to bed, I really need a long loooooooooong sleep... xP

Ivana :k