Monday, September 19, 2011

My China Glaze Collection

I don't consider myself as someone who have tons of nail polishes, because I saw lots of you have like 10 times more polish as me. I won't say my collection is small neither, but something in the middle I guess. :) I'm bored and because I love watching stash pics I decided to show you my China Glaze collection. 

My first China Glaze was For Audrey. <3 I fell in love with China Glaze as soon as I tried For Audrey (brush, application, lovely bottle), but I still wasn't sure if I like the color. Thanks to all ladies who helped me get so many babies from China Glaze. :h Pictures maybe aren't 100% color accurate, because I took them with flash and sometimes is so hard to capture true color of all bottles.

I added names in case you want to know them and a link to swatches or manicures, where I used them. I still didn't try them all as you can see. :/ Will work on that. :)

Something Sweet, Empowerment, Pink Underground, Sugar High, Laced Up, Rich & Famous

 Pool Party, Strawberry Fields, 108 Degrees, Heli-Yum, Ahoy!, Caribbean Temptation

 Mr. Claus, QT, Flying Dragon, Senorita Bonita, Harmony, Virtual Violet

Spontaneous, IDK, LOL, 2NITE, Secret Peri-wink-le, Agent Lavender, Light as Air

Snow, For Audrey, Peachy Keen, 2030, Midnight Kiss, Cheers to You, Admire

Lightning Bolt, Broken Hearted, Fault Line, Crushed Candy

That's it! xD And I still want more. :$

How many China Glaze's nail polishes do you have? What's your favorite nail polish from China Glaze? If I had to pick just one, it'd be.... Let's say Ahoy! Those gold flecks always blow me away. <3 My second choice'd be QT, but if I had BFF, that'd definitely be my first choice. :D

Have a nice beggining of the week! Monday here in Slovenia will be so cold. :ice I want Summer back. :c

Ivana :k

23 Comment(s):

  1. Lovely collection!!!! I enjoyed this post! I am a big fan of China Glaze!!!

  2. que coleccion hermosaaaaaaaaaaa, quede muda, encerio, hermososssss

  3. Nice China Glaze collection! I don't have an insane collection of polishes either, mine is definitely in the middle too (:

  4. Oops! I have 95 China Glaze :$
    You have a nice collection out there.

  5. nazalost nemam nijedan, da moram birat od ovih tvojih bi izabrala secret periwinkle, a inace na wl je ruby pumps vec odavno. sto se ljeta tice i ja bi ga nazad, i tu najavljuju zahladjenjne :c

  6. Lepa zbirka :) ne bi se branila nekaterih v njej :$
    sem si pa zmeraj predstavljala, da je tvoja zbirka ChG večja :O

  7. Lijepa kolekcija :) Mislila sam da imas vise CG lakova :) Ja imam jedan jedini :D, ali vrijedan - Ruby Pumps :h

  8. wow i see many pink polish! ah ah...however i love the olographic collection <3

  9. kera zbirka! samo sanjam lahko o tem :))

  10. I only have 5 China Glaze polishes... I should be embarrassed with myself! xD

  11. wooooooooooooow predivno :) Stvarno ih imaš dosta.
    Ja ih imam nekoliko, ali hoću jooooooooooš!

  12. Uaaaaaaau ful jih je in zakon so! :D Sem pa itak pričakovala večino rozik :D

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  14. I have 42 ChG polishes, my favorite: china glaze №641 OMG from OMG collectin.

  15. I'm so jealous! :D
    I only have one (For Audrey).

  16. wow! I dont even have a china glaze polish :(
    cant find some of them in canada!

  17. ja ih imam maaaaaaaaaalo :(
    krasna kolekcija, čudim se da ima i nekih drugih bojica :r
    slažem se, china glaze su krasni lakići :L

  18. Awesome... Lots of pinks haha!

  19. I'm so jealous of your 2NITE and Crushed Candy, I wish I had bought them when I could :( I own For Audrey, Rodeo Fanatic and Dorothy Who? Love them!

    Great collection x

  20. Wauuuu nora kolekcija! Tega Ahoy pa morem nabavit :)

  21. @Kelly: I'm glad you like it. :)

    @Marta: Me too. <3

    @yami: :$

    @Eileen: But we want more, right? 8)

    @Carolina: :b Can I have your collection? ^_^

    @Lendoxia: :D Znala sam. xD I ja bi Ruby Pumps, mislim, da je na putu ka meni. <3 Ma da, danas je bio dan sav nikakav. :/

    @Tinchi: Če bi jih vsaj imela! :o :P Ampak mislim, da imam skoraj večino, ki sem si jih želela, za nazaj bi pa še res rada imela vsaj kakšnega iz Kaleidosope kolekcije in pa BFF, drugo pa... xD Da pa o prihajajajočih kolekcijah ne govorim. :D

    @Irena B: Ruby Pumps je prekrasan. <3 Jedva ćekam, da ga dobijem u rukice. :)

    @ImaginationART: Yap, I love pink nail polishes. <3 Great choice, holos are really stunning!

    @Stravadorskiy: :$ No ja, v primerjavi z drugimi, je moja zbirka kar majhna ampak verjemi, da se hitro naberejo. :)

    @lfcmaus: Ty. :)

    @LimitedAddictionNails: :D We all started with 1, then 2, etc. :D

    @Lalica: I jaaaaaaaa biiii. :D

    @lunca: :$ Rozik je pa res največ v moji zbirki. :D

    @Dana: Nice collection girl. :L OMG is pretty too. <3

    @Sandra: My first was also For Audrey, so babe, keep them coming. :P

    @ptitemeve: Really? I actually got some of them in a swap from Canada! :)

    @nail crazy: Ajooooooj, pa nemam sad samo roza lakiće. :P

    @imfeelingnail-venturous: Where? :P

    @Elize: I's lucky enough to get 2NITE from one really awesome lady, same for Crushed Candy. But I think you can find something similar as Crushed Candy, lots of brands are releasing crackles lately. Well, I hope you'll get your hands on both of them. :h

    @With love, Ana.: Hvala. :) Mislim, da ti ne bo žal, meni je res lep. <3


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