Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Swap with Lynsey #2

I've got an amazing package today. <3 I got so many new bottles lately and I really don't know where to start. I'm also dealing with lack of inspiration. My nails are naked for 2 days now and I'm still not fully decided what to wear next. xD But I'm so happy to have all these beauties around me. :)

I did a swap with Lynsey this winter but we stay in touch and decided to do another one, yay. Swaps are super fun, I always feel like a kid while opening the package, but because I ran out of bubble wrap I had to open them carefully today, even more exciting. :)

Here's what I got all the way from Canada. :)

Sparrow me the Drama
Planks a Lot
Silver Shatter
Nicole by OPI
I'm a Belieber
I've Bieber Fever

China Glaze
Ruby Pumps
Pom Pom
Secret Peri-wink-le

Gum Drop
Cotton Candy
Bubble Gum
Finger Paints
Rose Patina
Artistic Azure

Basket Case
Deborah Lippmann
 Angel Eyes
Milani Jewel FX
Beachy Keen

Milani Gold is such an amazing glitter. <3 You might noticed that I already have it, but if I want to do all my nails with this beauty, I'd run out so quickly, that's why I's even more happy when I saw she found me a back up. Got my Pirates, scented Revlon polishes, those 4in1 polishes from Claire's which got mixed during the transition but still, they look super fun, that's why I wanted them and my first Finger Paints - I actually didn't expect I'll like them so much, first impression is really really good though. And I just need to mention Ruby Pumps. <3 This baby is even prettier in RL as on pictures, you know I don't like red so much but this one is just amazing and must have for all nail junkies. :) Well they're all just so beautiful. <3

Hershey's Cookies'n'Creme Eggs. <3 Last time she sent me Hershey's Kisses in same flavor and I fell in love with them. I love cookies but I always loved more the creme inside. These are just perfect - lots of creme with pieces of cookie. ^_^ I really don't know what I'll do when I eat them all. <\3 I got another Body Lotion from Bath & BodyWorks - smeels divine. :L I also got a huge Laura Secord Crunchy Peanut Butter Egg but my mom ate it before I even took pictures. :$

Thank you so much Lynsey for another super awesome package. :k I really hope you'll like goodies I picked for you when you get them as much as I am loving these. <3

Pretty new babies, right? :i

Nighty night,
Ivana :k

9 Comment(s):

  1. Wow!!
    I'm so jealous!!
    Lucky girl ^^

  2. Božanski svap :D Spet :O Komaj čakam, da poswatchas tistele dva claire's :$ hehe, ne bi pa se branila vseh China Glaze.

  3. Wow, great swap. I've done my first and are currently waiting for my goodies to arrive.

  4. ajmeeeee
    neću više dolazit na tvoj blog, ubijaš me s ovim swapovima :v

  5. you hit the jackpot with this package! i LOVE "sparrow me the drama" and "secret periwinkle" sooo much AND especially cookies and cream hersheys! i look forward to seeing what you come up with with these colors (: wouldn't milani gold fx look lovely over secret periwinkle??

  6. Ohhhh kok sem fauš! Hitro poswatchat :D

  7. @maisenzasmalto: I agree. <3

    @rock-or-not: Yap, she really sent me lots of amazing polishes. :$

    @lunca: Hvala. :) Saj ne vem, kdaj bosta sploh prišla na vrsto. Preveč jih imam na izbiro in potem, ko je treba nalakirati nohte se ne morem odločiti in jih potem pustim nelakirane. xo

    @marox79: Hope you'll get them soon! :) It's so great when they arrive and you have to unpacked them. Like a birthday. :party

    @nail crazy: A nemoj tako. :c

    @ami: Thanks! Sparow me the Drama is also my favorite. :) And Hershey's Kisses <3 - I've only 6 left and I don't want to eat them. :) Hmm... They probably would look really great together, maybe I'll try this combo soon. :)

    @With love, Ana.: :) No ja, mislim, da mi jih ne bo uspelo hitro poswatchat. Jih imam še tooooooooliko... :/ :D

    @Shirley's Nail Art: Thanks! :)


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