Sunday, September 18, 2011

Essence - Let's Get Lost

Going through my old swatches I found these pictures. It's definitely not my favorite, but blue lovers will probably love it. :)  

Let's Get Lost from Essence's Color&Go line is a nice blue with green undertones creme nail polish. That's why I don't like it - green undertones. I don't like blue with a hint of green, I really prefer more royal blue colors. <3

If you like those kinds of colors, then you just have to have it. Its application is quite amazing, it's great pigmented, if your nails are short, then you can get away with only one coat, but I needed 2 to hide the nail line. You can't go wrong with this amazing quality and really low price, double win. 8)

I really can't catch its green undertones, but they definitely are there, so these 2 pictures aren't 100% color accurate. :/

 Essence - Let's Get Lost / 2 coats

I really like polishes from Color&Go line. Their application is quite amazing, brush is okay, price is low and some shades are just a must have. I just can't wait to get my hands on glitters, which were released now in September. <3

What do you think? Do you love these kinds of blue shades? :)

Have a nice and relaxing Sunday! ^_^

Ivana :k

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  1. Oh Ivana, this looks so pretty on you!!

  2. ajme ovo mi je prekrasna boja, pogotovo za ljeto <3 sto se mene tice bilo koja nijansa plave funkcionira :e

  3. Prekrasna plava boja ,i jako ti lijepo stoji :)

  4. I love this blue!
    Really cute!

  5. I have this one as well, it's a very pretty colour but it's stained my nails real bad.. And I did apply basecoat!

  6. In my opinion, it looks really cool and this shade is great! Yesterday I was searching for some nail art inspiration because I wanted to paint my nails, and I saw this Essence shade with sweet pink together something like striped nails and it looks sooo aaamaaaing! I must buy this Lets get lost! :)
    Sometimes you don't like shade of nail polish but together with another nail polish it can looks really cool! And that's it what I looove on painting my nails! ;)
    In my new post I used the color which I don't like too...:D Check out!
    Have a nice day!:)

  7. i love blues and i lovee this ! its soo pretty

  8. Waa, kok je lep. Samo daljšam si wish listo :D

  9. Nemaš pojma kako ti plavi lakovi dobro stoje, trebala bi ih malo čećše nosit ;)

  10. I prefer dark blues. I'm not that daring.

  11. šteta što se tebi baš ne sviđa, boja je zgodna i na tebi dobro izgleda :L

  12. Kako je ova boja prelepaaaa ! Obožavam sve vrste plavih lakova :D

  13. Thanks girls! I knew some of you will like it. :) But that just wasn't "IT" for me. xD

    @Elize: Really? :o I hate staining! My nails were so stained after Sinful Colors Innocent and I don't want to have nails like that never ever again. :/ That's definitely a big -. Next time use 3 coats of BC. :)

    @Super cute super easy: You can't go wrong with such a low price though. :) I'm sure it can look stunning in combination but on itself it didn't buy me at all. But you probably know I prefer pinks over blues. :$

    @Kleopatra: Jaz tebi, ti pa meni. :P

    @Lalica: :$ Hvala. :) Pa royal plave volim nositi ali zeleno plave kao ovaj baš nikako. :/

    @nail crazy: Za sad, mi nije baš to to, ali nikad se nezna. :)

  14. que belleza de esmalteeeeeeeeee
    me encanta, lo quierooooooo

  15. I totally agree with you! I'm not too much into those shades but I can't wait to see the new colours!

  16. @yami: Gracias. :)

    @Simona: Totally. <3 Those glitters look just stunning! :)

  17. just found your blog. folow
    its realy good


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