Saturday, September 10, 2011

Wnb Ombre

Good morning! :) Thank you for all your comments! :h This is the mani I wore yesterday. I actually didn't expect that I'll have a presentation yesterday, but they called me on thursday that my presentation will be tommorow. I wasn't even ready because I though I'll have it next week so I didn't have time to change this mani I did the day before. :D I wanted to add something more, like stamping or glitter but I couldn't decide so I left it like this.

Presentation was so bad, well, I's feeling bad because public performing isn't my thing at all. I'd rather write another thesis than this. But of course you just have to have it so I's totally scared but those 15 minutes passed so fast. I think I told you I didn't like my study so I hope I'll continue my study on master's study program at Facutly of economics, we'll see in a few days. :e It's actually so annoying because I'm 22 years old and I still don't know what I'd love to do in my life... >.<

I had this idea of ombre in my head.. The darkest is in the middle and goes towards lightest in both ways. I like the idea, I like my mani too, but I think there's something missing. 

For this mani I used these polishes:

China Glaze - Empowerment
Maybelline NY - Ultra Violet
Essence - Mr. Big
 Here's the final result...  <3

 Pinkie & Thumb: China Glaze - Empowerment / 2 coats
Ring & Pointer: Maybelline NY - Ultra Violet / 2 coats
Middle: Essence - Mr. Big / 2 coats

Not best pictures but you get the idea. :D I hope I'll post more often as before. I used to change my mani every other day, but now I'm so lazy so I keep my mani until it's totally ruined. :D We'll see. :$

I hope you're having a great weekend!

Ivana :k

14 Comment(s):

  1. I love the colors!!
    Great mani!

  2. Maybe if you addes something like CG Fairy Dust, it would be the one thing that's present on all nails. I do love the dark in the middle ombre version!

  3. I love how you mixed up the shades instead of doing a chromatic gradient. Very pretty!!

  4. svidja mi se gradient na drugi nacin, mislim da bi super izgledalo i da je najsvjetlija u sredini pa tamne prema krajevima

  5. So funny I just posted my ombre nails, too! Love it!

  6. Meni je pa zelo všeč tvoja manikura :) te razumem kako se počutiš glede javnega nastopanja, meni je to res mora..raje sploh ne pomislim kako bo ko bom morala predstavljat diplomo..upam da bo res hitro minilo unih 15min :D

  7. Cool! I did ombre nails too today, but from light grey to black. Don't know if I should post that, but ombre is something I've been wanting to do for so long that I finally did something today :P

    Oh and you're not the only one who doesn't know what to do in life xD I'm 20 and don't know either ;p

  8. Such a lovely combo!

  9. @rock-or-not: Thanks. :)

    @lepidopteria: Me too! <3

    @Deborah: Totally, see, why I didn't ask you before. :D Now I already removed it. :D

    @Super cute super easy: Thanks. :)

    @Melissa: Ty, I'm not that good at gradient though. :$

    @Lendoxia: Svakako, možeš se igrati na hiljadu načina. :D

    @allthingscuteandgirly: Great minds think alike. :P

    @Neko: Hvala. <3 Lahko mi verjameš, mine kot ena minuta. :D Mene je nastopanja res strah ampak kot vidiš sem preživela, tako da boš ti tudi. :)

    @Kelly: Ty! :)

    @LimitedAddictionNails: You should post it! I love ombre nails, so different and pretty. :) And yay! At least I'm not the only one! I hope we'll find out soon. :D

    @imfeelingnail-venturous: Ty. :)


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