Sunday, September 11, 2011


Probably you all know where all these words come from, right? :D Yap, the one and only China Glaze's OMG collection from Spring 2008. I just needed them in my life and because they became so hard to get, I'm even happier to have at least these. Thanks to all sweet ladies who helped me to get them! :k

Weather'll probably get worse from now on, so I put these yesterday to enjoy some linear holographic effect on the sun. :rainbow

I only have 4 of them and I still want BFF though, but it became so VHTF. :/ Better something than nothing. I won't even start complaining that I don't own any from Kaleidoscope! :c

China Glaze

I made skittles just to see all their beauty on my nails. :) I apply them without base coat because last time I applied LOL over a Nail Tek Foundation II, its application was streaky. All were applied in 2 coats, no TC, fast drying time... And a lovely linear holographic effect. <3

Please excuse my pointer, it's just so curly. xo

Pinkie & Thumb: China Glaze - IDK / 2 coats
Ring: China Glaze - LOL / 2 coats
Middle: China Glaze - QT / 2 coats
Pointer: China Glaze - 2NITE / 2 coats

2NITE looks like it has the strongest linear effect from these I have. :L I can't pick my favorite because I love all of them. <3 They're just too beautiful to pick only one, I love watching the rainbow on sun. :rainbow

Which one is your favorite from OMG collection? Do you have all of them?

Ivana :k

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  1. beauuuutiful! You lucky girl :)

  2. lindoooooooo, son los esmaltes de mis sueños........

  3. Oo, vsi so čudoviti! :L

  4. I have none of them, so I perfectly understand your happiness :O
    BTW I think LOL is my favourite here!

  5. I'm sooo jealous right now. And I'm never jealous usually. :~

    My fav is 2NITE, best color and effect...

  6. OMG, these look so amazing! I don't any of this collection, but I hardly have any China Glazes :(

  7. Predivni su :L Meni se LOL i 2NITE najvise svidjaju!

  8. *swoon* i only have l8r g8r and i won that too i would looveee any of these it's such a shame they've become sooo vhtf :( your nails look sooo beautiful

  9. pretty!! I only have DV8. But the nail supply I bought it from had 3 other from the collection still in stock....I think I'm going to try going there again tomorrow to pick them up!

  10. I love these babies! *_*
    I have IDK, TMI, DV8, 2nite and L8R G8R. I think this is the best collection ever and I hope that ChG will repromote it! :)

  11. ooaaarggggh I am so lusting after these now!

  12. me encantaron, muy bellos :h

  13. Your nails are fine in any varnish, than them don't make up. The ideal form and length.
    Combination of varnishes very interesting, thanks for idea

  14. these look amazing, I want the entire collection :)

  15. fantastični su, srećom imam lol i 2nite, barem nešto :L

  16. 2nite definitivno, ali nazalost nemam nijedan :(

  17. go away with your beautiful holos!! I don't want to see them ;)

  18. Such beautiful polishes!

  19. I told you, they're just amazing! So bad that this collection is so HTF though. China Glaze should bring them back or release a new collection with new colors with same effect as these. :L Thanks for your lovely comments ladies! :h

    @maisenzasmalto: I'm happy but also mad because I can't own all I want. Those HTF polishes are making me crazy sometimes. :/

    @Stickers: :r I can borrow them to you for a mani. :P

    @LimitedAddictionNails: Why? :( I hope you'll get your pretty nails on them too, because they've so many beautiful colors. I think they're pretty expensive here so I get them in swaps with sweet ladies, who always help me to get all I want. :)

    @nail loopy: Totally. :( I hope you'll find them somewhere once. :)

    @Angie: You should! They're too pretty to be left there. :P I had DV8 too but I gave it away to someone who wanted it more than I did. :)

    @Cristina - PeeBeforePolish: I hope China Glaze's make our dreams come true! :b

    @nail crazy: Bolje išta nego ništa. :D

    @Martje: Okay okay, your wish is my command, Ma'am! 8)

  20. I love all of these!! The only "OMG" color I own is 2Nite.... :)

  21. I have OMG, IDK and 2NITE, its my favorite collection from ChG!

  22. They are so gorgeous!!
    My lemming of this collection is DV8 and then Qt ^^

  23. I only have IDK and I love it! Your mani is gorgeous!!

  24. @Sandra: Ty. :)

    @Kelly: My favorite would be BFF if I'd own it. :D

    @Dana: Mine too. :L And Kaleidoscope though!

    @rock-or-not: I hope you'll find them somewhere, somehow! :)

    @NatalieDouka: Better something than nothing, right? Ty. <3

  25. i love your blog!! I'm a new follower

  26. lovely mani!! i'm looking for BFF too :( it is the only one i need!!
    and my pointer finger curls, too!


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