Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Goodies from Essence

Essence always make me happy! Why? I just found this picture! blur
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!! Two base colors and crackles in black and white. Available in March.

They're releasing new Color & Go polishes in March too - Holographics!! I'm not sure if they'll be really holos and not just like their holo TC from Black&White collection, but they look interesting. Last two on the picture have a holographic effect. We'll see about that!

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057 Can't cheat on me
052 Out of my Mind
043 Where is the party?

So, what do you think about these new goodies? Are you excited? I'm picking those holos and white crackle for sure!!

I'll not post my nails for a week or 2, because I broke my nail so bad, it doesn't look great at all and I don't want to loose my followers!! Just joking, in this moment I really don't like my nails. sedih I have to study a lot too, so I'm taking a break. Be good!



I don't have new mani for you, I'm still wearing Princesses Rule! with Konad, so I just had to share this biiiiiiiiig and yuuuuuuuuummmi vanilla donat with you.


My friend brought me this big donut from Trojane. They've best donuts ever!!! Vanilla donuts are definetely my favorite!

Wish you a delicious dreams!


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Catherine Arley request!

I'm wondering if any of my Bulgarian readers or anyone who have access to Catherine Arley would be interested in doing a swap? I would love to get some Catherine Arley holographic beauties! I saw them in Bulgarian online store, but I can't order them because I don't have credit card.

I took this photo from The Polished Perfectionist, AmyGrace, hope you don't mind. She's killing me with swatches of this beautiful holographics!senyum Take a look, her nails are breathtaking!love

So, if anyone is interested please e-mail me at ivana dot ristic88 at gmail dot com or leave a comment down below.

Edit - 3/20: I got them.


Essence - Princesses Rule! + Konad

I passsed it! I passed it! Yaaay!menariI passed the exam from the last week. I'm so happy right now. I was so scared about that exam, because it is one of the most difficult but I passed it, which can't be said for yesterday's exam. Unfortunately. I didn't sleep all night, I was studying all night and day long, but when I got my exam in hands I had blank head. adus I wrote something but I think it won't be enough... Well.. We'll see. Thank you for wishing me luck! peluk

It was quite a stressful day for me yesterday, I was so sleepy, I almost fell asleep on train, because it was really really hot. Then I realized that I broke my pinkie somehow... Now I can't have same shape on my all nails and I really don't like it... And my neck is in pain and I don't know why. I can't move my head, when I eat it hurts too.. I can complain all day long, yes.tension

Enough... I took this picture right before I left my house. I got so many compliments from friends and all were like "How did you do this??".ihikhik So, on the base coat Princesses Rule! I stamped this lovely pattern from M73 and Confetti Vava Voom. Unfortunately I smudge the pattern on my pointer.

Daylight, Cloudy Day
I really like this combo and this pattern is one on my favorite! What do you think?
I'm still not sure if I'll be painting my nails till my pinkie don't grow up enough, because I really can't stand different shapes of my nails.adus

Do you have exams now too? How are you doing with? Did you already pass them? Let me know... senyum


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Essence - Princesses Rule!

Quick post for today... I picked a subtle polish- Essence - Princesses rule! because I'm still not comfortable with my lenght.

I added 3 coats for almost full opacity, I think this polish is better for layering to get some sparkling effect. It's sheer pink toned polish with lots of silver shimmer.senyumkenyit
Sun (My hands were so dry today - it was so cold today, grrr!!)
Shade, daylight
Perfect base color for stamping, right? I already stamped my right hand but I forgot to take pictures, now I'm going to stamp my left hand and I'll show it to you tommorow.

I've one exam tommorow, I'm so scareeeeeeed. Wish me luck!!gigitjari


Friday, January 21, 2011

OPI - Flower-To-Flower

Pred parimi dnevi me je doma pričakal lepotec, ki mi ga je ravnodušno poslala Tamara iz slovenske spletne trgovine Ker sem si ga celo lahko izbrala sama, je to seveda morala biti rozika. ihikhik Hvala!

Flower-To-Flower je lak iz lanskoletne poletne OPI-jeve kolekcije Summer Flutter. Gre za roza odtenek z veliko drobnega srebrnega šimra. Nanos ni težaven, popolno prekrivnost sem dosegla že z dvema nanosoma, čas sušenja pa tudi ni pretirano dolg, saj se je kar hitro posušil pa nisem uporabila hitro sušečega nadlaka kot ponavadi. Všeč mi je ravno zaradi drobnega šimra, ker je ravno zaradi njega poseben. Kliknite na sliko, da bi bolje videli prelep šimer, ki ga ta lak skriva v sebi. Mislim, da je barva najbolj realna na drugi sliki.

Dnevna svetloba, oblačno vreme / Daylight, cloudy day
Flower-To-Flower is a bubblegum pink with tiny tiny silver shimmer. Application is great, I added 2 coats. Drying time isn't long, it dries quite fast and I didn't even use a fast drying TC. I really like it, just because of this tiny shimmer that makes it unique. Enlarge the pictures to see the shimmer better.

Kaj pravite, vam je všeč? Ta lak bom definitivno uporabila spet, ko mi nohti malce zrastejo, saj s to dolžino sploh nisem zadovoljna.gigil

Kupite ga lahko v spletni trgovini, ki poleg OPI-jev prodaja še lake znamke BYS in LCN.

What do you think, do you like it? I will definetely use it again as soon as my nails grow up a little, I'm really not satisfied with the current lenght. gigil


*The product in this post was sent to me by! For more information read my disclosure policy!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Violet Foil Comparison

It was such a awful day for me today. First I woke up and my laptop didn't work properly at all. Windows 7 has crashed for no reason.tension I really don't know what happened, because it worked for almost a year without any tiny problem! I was soooo angry. I can't be without my computer at all, so I spent almost all day trying to fix it, but no success. So... I had to format it! And now my hard drive is empty, I've lost all my files - pictures, music, documents for school, movies,... But at least my laptop is working now like it has to. I will try to recover lost files, hope it'll work!!

And as if this wasn't enough I broke my nail while pushing the reset button on my old computer, because I wanted to find some informations on the internet what could be wrong with my laptop and in the middle of searching it's frozen. adusI was so mad so I filed them all down! Now my nails are weird... I really prefer this lenght of my nails like on the pictures below and not so short as now. merajuk

Right before I broke my nail I took a picture of violet/lilac foils from my collection. I pick these 3 for this comparison:

From L to R:
Essence TE Into the Ocean - Bubble Bubble
Essence TE Fairytale - Fairy Berry
S-he - 436

And in the same sequence on my nails... 2 coats of each.

Daylight, cloudy day

As you can see, Bubble Bubble and Fairy Berry are very very close, #436 is kind of colder violet than other 2. senyum Their application was good, quick drying,...

And I changed a background and header of my blog, I'm still searching for perfect background picture, but I like it how it looks right now too. What do you think? Would you change anything?senyumkenyit

Tnx for reading!


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

S-he - 436

It was a tough weekend for me... I studied hard and yesterday went really good on my exam, so I really hope I'll pass it, since it's the most uninteresting but also the hardest exam for me. doaIf I'll pass this one, it will be much easier for me.

Till today I left 2 exams for summer, incuding the one I had today but I just couldn't make it since I gave all my attention to the exam I had yesterday! So bad! I hope these 2 will be the only 2 exams left, so I can graduate in September. I really want to end Faculty of Administration this year and countinue my study somewhere else!

I would also like to thank you to all my followers and readers and all kind bloggers who recently tagged me with so many awards. I will make a post about them in a few weeks, probably when my last exam end. Thank you again! It's so good to hear and know that you like my blog! peluk

I was wearing S-he 436 for a few days now. I picked a polish that dries fast and last long. A violet/lilac foil was the best choice! For 1,95€ you get a perfect deal. This one was one of my first polish I have bought at the beggining of my polish addict career.senyum

Cloudy day, daylight

It reminds me on Bubble Bath, some other very close dupes can also be Essence Purple Diamond and Fairy Berry from TE Fairytale. Do you like it? What are you wearing today?

It was such a nice sunny week and now I read that we can expect snow in next few days - seriously? It was so warm so I wouldn't mind if the Spring was already here. rindu

Take care,