Sunday, January 23, 2011

Essence - Princesses Rule!

Quick post for today... I picked a subtle polish- Essence - Princesses rule! because I'm still not comfortable with my lenght.

I added 3 coats for almost full opacity, I think this polish is better for layering to get some sparkling effect. It's sheer pink toned polish with lots of silver shimmer.senyumkenyit
Sun (My hands were so dry today - it was so cold today, grrr!!)
Shade, daylight
Perfect base color for stamping, right? I already stamped my right hand but I forgot to take pictures, now I'm going to stamp my left hand and I'll show it to you tommorow.

I've one exam tommorow, I'm so scareeeeeeed. Wish me luck!!gigitjari


13 Comment(s):

  1. Prekrasno nježno roza :)))

    I sretno s ispitom sutra. razvalit ćeš ti to znam ja ;)

  2. Good luck sweety, don`t worry you'll do fine!! :)

  3. Komaj čakam da vidim štemplanje, ker tale res kliče po štemplanju =)

    Veliko sreče na izpitu!

  4. pretty color. it's so girly and cute.
    good luck on your exam!

  5. this looks very pretty!!
    good luck 2morrow!!

  6. Beautiful and very cute pink.
    I broke two nails and don't want to paint my nails till they grow back again ='(
    Good luck on your exam!

  7. So sweet :)
    And good luck on your exam!

  8. That name! I really don't know where Essence got their inspiration from, *cough* OPI *cough*
    Looks lovely though! =)

  9. i think i'll go and buy it! it's gorgeous *-*

    i'm a new follower, why don't you visit my webstite? thanks :D

  10. @Lalica: Hehehe, da nježna i prelepa. :)) I hvala za sreču ma da nije nešto išlo, ali biće, kad tad. :))

    @Martje: Thank you honey! It felt so good when I read comments, I hope I made it. :/

    @colorfulbottle: Ja, res prav kriči, popolna podlaga za konad. :) Hvala za srečo, se mi zdi, da jo še vedno potrebujem, da bo profesor moj izpit ocenil pozitivno. :D

    @Amanda: Thank you. :)

    @Carolina: Oh no! What happened? Worst thing ever! :/ Hope they'll grow fast! And thank you! *hug*

    @FashionPolish: Thank you! :)

    @Mína: Tnx. :)

    @nihrida: Hvala, upam, da je šlo. :)) Nimam pa ravno dobrega občutka...

    @AmyGrace: Hihihi, I saw OPI's Princesses Rule! while I was searching for swatches of this one. And both look also similar. :)

    @nail crazy: Nikako! :D Ne znam stvarno, nemam baš dobrog osečaja pošto mi je bila glava potpuno prazna, kad sam dobila izpit u roke... Ali šta bude, biće. :)

    @Dαddα: Agree. It looks gorgeous, if you love pink, you should get it. :) I'll check it!


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