Friday, January 7, 2011

Essence LE Denim Wanted - Forever Mine

I'm still wearing Cotton Candy with some stamping, but I'll wait for daylight to take some decent pictures. Today I've got for you one manicure that I wore about 2 weeks ago but I totally forgot to publish this pictures I took that day.

Let me tell you on the begining that color on my pictures isn't same like color of nail polish... Too bad, because I would love it more if it was so blue. senyum

I wanted Forever Mine so badly and thank you Martje for sending me this beauty, but I expect totally different color - a creme royal blue, not a blue with hint of green. ihikhik That's because I sometimes don't read all text on blogs. If you would read it, you would know that Ivana!tanduk

Anyway color is still beautiful, polish is an one coater, I really love that, I'm sure it works also with stamping. You get 2 in 1. senyumkenyit

Like I said, imagine this blue with hint of green and you'll get real color.I added 2 coats but you can get away also with one thick coat.

One dessert for you, dear followers and readers, Coconut Slicegile:

Merry Orthodox Christmas!


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  1. dang, that coconut slice looks yummy :) haha i like the polish! i have a bottle but i've never tried usual :P

  2. pa na mom monitoru ova boja izgleda prilicno realno i obozavam taj lak jedino prsti budu plavi danima nakon njega XD

  3. now i hate that i passed this one up. so pretty!

  4. that color is gorgeous! and haha that coconut slice looks absolutely delicious!! :)

  5. ooo yummy, kakšna sladicaaa :P

    Drugače pa ti tudi tale odtenek lepo pristaja :)

  6. Waaaaah the coconut slice looks soooooo yummy! I feel like coconut slice now *drool* Oh and the polish is lovely on you too! I love this type of blue and it's fantastic you only need one coat.

  7. lovely polish!!
    yummie cake!!

  8. Njamsi, tortica je bila res okusna =).
    Tale lak je naravnost čudovit, še zaj se jezim ker je bila ta kolekcija na voljo le v Mullerju =(, ampak tvojim nohtkom pa zelo pristoji =).

  9. Hello!!!! You have received the Stylish Blogger Award!!
    I hope you like it, and I`ll be looking
    forward reading your 7 shares!!

    xoxo Martje

  10. @Katrina: Tnx! :) You have to many bottles of polish that's why you neglect some of them. :P

    @Lendoxia: Stvarno? Na mom monitoru je plav ala Blue my Mind (H&M) ali takav ustvari nije, jer ima malo zelene u sebi. :)

    @Enamel Girl: If you're a blue lover, you would like it. I hope you'll get it somehow. :)

    @carissakuo: Tnx. :D Come and you'll get a piece. :P

    @.sparkle*: Hvala. :) Pa še lahko jo je narediti. <3 Saj pravim, na sliki je res lep, v živo pa mi niti ni bil všeč. :/

    @'chelle: I wish I could send you a piece. :P I just love one-coaters, you're quickly done with your mani. :)

    @sabbatha: Sure! :D Come and get a piece, or 2, or 3. :P

    @Renate: Thank you! :)

    @colorfulbottle: Hvala, je še ostalo par kosov, ker je zelo nasitna. :D Ma ja, se strinjam, ga boš pa kmalu tudi ti lahko stestirala. :)

    @Martje: Thank you, Martje. :) I'll do this as soon I'll get some free time. x)

  11. Tega pa imam, krasen lakec <3 in mmmmmm kakšna sladica, yummi!


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