Sunday, September 20, 2015

Just checking in...

Long time no see? :) Absolutely yes...

I just unintentionally clicked on my favorites that led me to my old blog I loved to update back then... I rarely read any blogs now days, just being obsessed with Instagram, because it makes it so easier to keep in touch with some of my favorite sites on my phone while I'm driving back from work...

Looking back I really miss blogging but as probably all of you know, it takes time for doing it. There's a history I left here and I still love doing my nails but I just can't prepare myself to do my nails more often (or even take some pictures of manicures I do wear). I change my manicure every Sunday, so once per week which is like 3 times less than I used to. Stamping? What's that? I don't remember the last time I stamped my nails...

I just wanted to see if there's anyone here? Let me know how are you all doing... :i

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19 Comment(s):

  1. Nice photo! :) I still remember many beautiful manicures that you've showed here :)

  2. Hi dear!!!! I'm glad you are ok :-*
    I miss your posts, but you're right, blogging really takes a lot of time (and so does following other blogs), and things change!
    Nice mani, anyway :-)

  3. Following you on Instagram these days! Welcome back.

  4. So weird, I was just thinking of what happened to you earlier today. Things really have changed. I remember when people used to comment on blogs and now a lot has moved over to Instagram. I get it, it's easier, but I still like my old fashioned blogs. :) Glad to see you still paint your nails at least.

  5. Da, definitivno još ponekad pogledam tvoj blog :) Nadam se da ćeš se vratiti tipkanju i ovdje...

  6. Tako rada sem te brala, se dobesedno slinila nad tvojimi mankurami in res upam, da se boš vsaj občasno oglasila :)

  7. I'm quite late to see this post, but I'm still here! I've been following for a while. I follow your other blog as well. It's nice to see you again. :) I shall follow you on instagram too then.

  8. Yep, I'm here too, and I so recognize what you are saying... I sometimes post on my blog, but rarely actually. It's hard work to keep up, so instagram is my saving too and I love reading there and seeing all those great pictures grim manicures... Nice to see you again, although I ofcourse am following you on insta too 😉

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