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Monday, February 28, 2011

RAOK from Adora Belle

A week ago one lovely lady Adora Belle contacted me by e-mail saying she has one extra bottle of  Catrice - Hot or Not, which I have on my WL for ages but I just didn't have time to pick it up, and she would love to send me this beauty, because she saw it on my WL. I didn't want that she pays for shipping all the way from Germany but she said she would love to do that, because she's a nail polish addict too - like we all are, right?  and she know how it feels when you want something badly. :D We exchange some e-mails, she said she send it and included some new p2, L.A. Colors and I expect just a few polishes. :)
I didn't even know that the package'll be here so soon, so today when I got it I was blown away with all these beauties I got - and there were sooooooo many polishes!! :D I though I was dreaming! :L I still think that! I just had to share this pictures with you. :)

Call me!
Crazy Love

Call me!
Open your heart
L.A. Colors
Pink Sizzle
p2 - Pink Satin
Glam Nails - Rainbow

Catrice - Hot or Not
MNY - 557
Raspberry Sorbet
Dress to Party

Pictures are not 100% color accurate, I'll make some decent swatches soon! As you can see I got soooooo many p2 polishes - I have just one and I'm quite excited to try them all - some of them are new from latest p2 product change, some of them are old, that's why we have 2 polishes with same name but totally different color: Call me! My first and only MNY polish (dark shimmery purple) and one holographic polish (Rainbow), one beautiful OPI, Essence, L.A. Colors,... :L

I also got lots of perfume testers and some stickers with a lovely letter! :h

This was a big surprise for me! I'm watching them on the table and still not believing that they are all just mine! :L Thank you, thank you Adora Belle for this great surprise although you even didn't have to send me so much! :) Thank you again! :h :k

Would you be interested in p2 week?

And I got a "job" at our administrative unit for April today! It was my lucky day today though. :)

Take care,
Ivana :k