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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ludurana - Maravilhosa

The winners of BM's contest are already announced and my zebra print wasn't one of them. :( Oh well, more luck next time, but I would like to congrats to all the winners and thanks to you who voted for me, that means a lot to me, I can't even say how much! :h

But I still have something beautiful to show you for today. :) I wore it a week ago and I loved it! <3

Ludurana Maravilhosa is a blue toned light pink holographic nail polish I got from Brazil. <3 It looked so boring in shade, but it blew my mind on sun. :L
I was so surprised it looked so perfect after 3 days of wearing, because I'm used to major chips when I wear a holo. :)
Anyway, rainbow was much prettier in person :rainbow , that's when the blurry picture is more than welcome. :)
Sun - Blurry
Ludurana - Maravilhosa / 2 coats

Isn't this just beautiful? I really love everything about holo, so keep them coming! :D What's your favorite holo? Did you already get any of these stunning polishes from Brazil? :)

Have a lovely day and thanks for reading! :rainbow

Ivana :k  

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Swap with Sarah from Rainbow Obsession

I didn't plan posting this for today but because it's 29th February I just had to post something on a leap year. I hope we'll still be here on next 29th February, we'll see. :P

 Nail Mail all the way from Brazil! <3 I asked Sarah from Rainbow Obsession (her blog used to be called Them Pretty Colors :) ) if she could get me any of those awesome holographic beauties that I'm seeing around all the time. :L

Sarah was so sweet and kindly sent my package before I even send her out so I can already have all these goodies in my hands. :) When I got this package, I slowly opened it and screamed when I see them in real. I know they were gorgeous but SO gorgeous? :o Yes, they're stunning on pictures, but they're even prettier in real life. :D Here's what she picked for me. <3

 Hits No Olimpo

I wanted Ludurana Show for stamping, because the pattern made with this polish looks so amazing! She also got another Apolo and Hera for Kvacka, I already sent them to her, so head to her blog to see if she'll show them. :)

She also included this super cute extras. <3

Hits Powerpuf Girls
I just love how cute this bottles are!

Sarah thank you so much for sending me all these goodies! I hope you'll like the goodies I'll pick for you I hope soon! I should really think about how could I mail myself too, so I can enjoy Brazil. :D

I can't wait to try them out. :e I'll probably put them aside for Summer, because I just love wearing holos in Summer, when the sun is shining all the time. &lt;3 Do you already have Hits No Olipo holos or you still have them on your WL? What's your favorite? :)

Thanks for reading lovely readers and followers. :)

Ivana :k