Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Nail Mail & Haul

I've almost started new post with hi girls, I'm lazy - again. ihikhik I'm sure you already know that. I've been neglecting my blog lately because I always wake up late so I can't take daylight pictures of my manicures but I also don't change my manis so often as before.

I can't believe I forgot to mention a half year anniversary of my blog in December. tanduk I also promised a giveaway a while ago because of that but I still didn't pick anything and I have to finish my swaps first and then we'll be ready for a small giveaway. senyum

A while ago I got another package from Colorful bottle with a lot of new goodies to try out. Let's start with pictures...

Konad image plates, which I have on my WL too - Now I'm sure I have to buy them all pretty soon!, because these patterns are just so beautiful! love


A lot of new polishes to try out:

Wet n wild - Lavender Creme
Oriflame - Rally Racer
Oriflame - Break Dancer
Purple! PROnails

Layla - #12
Sally Hansen - Hidden Treasure

She also send me a cute birthday gift. Thank you sweety for all nice things you've send me!peluk

Catrice - Princess for a Day

I've recently bought new Essence polishes from Black&White TE.

Black Out
White Hype

I usally don't use any hand creams but I was reading about Essence Winter Edition Hand Protecting Balms a lot lately, so I bought 2, because I unexpectedly found last 2 in my local store (TUŠ).
White Tea & Grenadine
Chai Tea & Mandarine

They both smell delicious and what I really like about them that they don't leave an onily residue what I really can't stand on my hands!

And for the end - I got this cute refrigerator magnet with a sweet dedication from my friend Veri for birthday.... So cute!

It says: "If you want to realise your dreams, you have to wake up first."And I'm really good at sleeping.ihikhik

As you can see I have many new polishes to try out... A bunch from swaps with Martje and Carolina, now also from Colorful Bottle,... It will take a while to try them all, but I really can't wait to stamp some manicures with those konad image plates. senyumkenyit


5 Comment(s):

  1. opa koliko finih stvarcica :) svidjaju mi se plocice posebno

  2. Lepo uporavljaj platke in pa si lakiraj nohtke =)
    Res škoda da si ne morem zapolniti pravega imena laka in kupim ravno takšnega kot ga imaš =(.

    Zadnji magnetek je full luškan =)

  3. Puno lijepih stvarčica imaš za isprobati.. magnetić je presladak.. slaba sam na njih.

  4. Ma, nič ni boljšega kot kup novih lakov! Super!!

  5. @Lendoxia: Da da, novih stvari kolko hočeš. :D I meni su pločice baš prekrasne. :D

    @colorfulbottle: Bom bom, ne skrbi. :) Ah daj daj, hvala ti! *hug*
    Sem se tako nasmejala, ko sem prebrala, kaj na njemu piše, res narejen zame. :P

    @Lalica: I previše, da. :) I meni se sve više i više sviđaju. :)

    @Ulmiel: Ja, to je edino zdravilo, ki pa res 100% učinkuje in privablja le nasmeh na obrazu. :)


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