Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Goodies from Essence

Essence always make me happy! Why? I just found this picture! blur
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!! Two base colors and crackles in black and white. Available in March.

They're releasing new Color & Go polishes in March too - Holographics!! I'm not sure if they'll be really holos and not just like their holo TC from Black&White collection, but they look interesting. Last two on the picture have a holographic effect. We'll see about that!

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057 Can't cheat on me
052 Out of my Mind
043 Where is the party?

So, what do you think about these new goodies? Are you excited? I'm picking those holos and white crackle for sure!!

I'll not post my nails for a week or 2, because I broke my nail so bad, it doesn't look great at all and I don't want to loose my followers!! Just joking, in this moment I really don't like my nails. sedih I have to study a lot too, so I'm taking a break. Be good!


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  1. Whoa i'm exciting! For the crackles and the last 2 polishes from the last pic.

  2. Wow!
    I want them all...hahaha
    I know, I know you are going to get those for me.....

  3. Oeehh I`m curious about thoso holos!

  4. Yay more crackles!! And those holos (those are supposed to be holos, right) look promising.

  5. Jaaaa! Komaj čakam holote! :)

  6. Jaz se veselim obeh kolekcij. Čeprav bi bilo še bolj kul, če bi bili prvi štirje vsi crackle laki. :)

  7. Looking forward to both! :D

  8. ohhhh they are gorgeous!!
    I think that I am going to buy the crackle from China glaze...
    but maybe the holo's from essence...cause I love holo!!

  9. I hope the last 2 look as good as they do on the pic, and that they come in our stores soon, they look so awesome!
    And I still don't have a crackle polish, was waiting for the CG ones, but then I can just get the black and white from Essence instead :)

    And on a sidenote, I wanted to stop by and say thank you for all your replies on my blog. I don't have so much time/energy lately to visit other blogs, and that makes me appreciate it even more that you do so! :)

  10. Yay! :)) I can't wait for these! Especially the minis. To me, the 1st one looks like a holo and 2 and 3 like duochromes, but who cares - the colors are beautiful.

  11. susjećam s gubitkom nokta :-(
    jedva čekam crackle a ovi holo mi se više čine kao duochrome... ali krasno izgledaju i jedva čekam da vih vidim uživo :-D

  12. jedva cekam da ovo stigne, ne znam sto bi prije crackle ili holo :D

  13. ooo noro..spat ne bom mogla dans zarad dobrih novic:D

  14. new follower from italy!! ooo I can't wait to have crakling polishes!!!!

  15. @Sylvia: I really can't wait to see some swatches. :)))

    @Carolina: Of course! As soon as they hit the store, I'm picking them up for me and you. :))

    @Martje: Me too! I hope it'll be a real holo!

    @Megan Harmeyer: We'll se about that, but they look promising! :)

    @Helena (XOXO Parisky): Vedno nas Essence preseneča z boljšimi in boljšimi stvari. Kaj čmo lepšega? :P

    @Taya: Hehehe, ampak bel crackle je pa pri njih prvi, če se ne motim? Ma super so. :))

    @Thifa: Me too! Can't wait spring! :)

    @Renate: If they'll be real holos, then you just must have them. :) Holos for really low price? Yeah! :)

    @Shiny!: They'll be also cheaper so... What's not to love? :))

    Aww thank you, you're welcome, I really enjoy your blog and your nails. <3

    @Blu11: Maybe they'll be duochrome and then we'll have to give Essence a lesson what is holographic. :D

    @nail crazy: Hvala, ali sad su več u normali kolko tolko. :) I ja, nadam se da brzo stigneju... :)

    @Lendoxia: Treba ti sve, nemožemo više bez nićega. :))

    @Passing fancy: Hehehe, a da je tok hudo. :))

    @Alice @ NailsbyAlice: Hi Italy! Good to see you around! :))

  16. @Taya: Se popravljam, ChG bo imel tudi belega crackla na voljo. :))


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