Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ruffian that didn't survive the night

I'm a big fan of ruffian and I tried it now for a couple of times. When I saw Illamasqua Scorn polish on lots of blog the first idea was: "This one is perfect for ruffian!". The only - was its high price and I can't order anything online since I don't own any credit card. Then Essence released Black&White trend edition, which includes black and white polish with soft touch finish. I was 100% that I'll get white one but I wasn't sure if I'll buy also black one since I don't like black color on my nails. Swatches I've seen so far really convince me that I need black one too, so I bought it, it doesn't cost much. senyum

Black Out is very pigmented, one coater and also thick as hell! It has kind of plastic finish like Scorn. I wish I had China Glaze 2030 - gold khrome polish to make that famous ruffian, but since I don't own it yet, I pick pink one that I got recently from a friend. She was in Banja Luka (Bosnia) and she bring me one bright pink creme polish from Golden Rose with an amazing name - 24.ihikhik This polish is also very pigmented and one coater.

I had some problems with applying Black Out, because it's so thick but the final result was awesome. I took a picture under my desk lamp and flash. And I'm glad I did.ihikhik Pink is more bright than on first picture.

Under light

I did my nails aroung midnight yesterday and I fall asleep at 4AM I think. I thougt the manicure was already dry. I couldn't top it with TC, because I would lost that plastic finish of Black out. I don't know what happened during the night and how was I sleeping but when I woke up I saw ruined manicure.blur


It didn't survive. tensionAt least I've a reason to change my manicure. I'll try to put thinner layer next time so I hope this won't happen ever again.

How do you like this combo? I really like it, but I would love to make it with gold under the black!!senyum

I've rached 250 followers! Wooooooohoooo, thank you, that really made my day!!peluk Now I'm going to study all night long. sedih


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  1. Gorgeous! Too bad they didn't survive the night..!

  2. You didn't go to bed til 4?! Wow. I love this - the pink pops against the black. Too bad it didn't survive. All good things must come to an end, right?

  3. I'm studying late too, you have my compassion... Tonight I won't sleep at all :(
    Manicure is excellent, or WAS... I wouldn't like it as much with gold, it's more cool with pink!

  4. Ovo prekrasno izgleda.. baš mi se sviđa kombinacija boja, ali baš mi žao što se upropastilo preko noći. Mrzim kad se to dogodi. :(

  5. ohhhh its sad that you mani didn't survive...!!
    I really like this!!
    very pretty!!

  6. I love it!
    You own 2030, but I have it in here... lol

  7. Whoa! Zakon! V tejle kombinaciji bi pa z veseljem nosila kakršno koli rožnato barvo, res si zadela v piko. In res škoda za uničeno manikuro. :( 4 ure bi morale biti več kot dovolj. Čestitke za 250 followerjev! :) Itak imaš tako zakon blog, da je bilo zgolj vprašanje časa. :)

  8. woo! congrats on 250 followers! and its a bummer that the ruffian mani didnt last thru the night; its pretty though :)

  9. It was super pretty while it lasted though!

  10. omg!so beautifull !I have a question.what do you do with your cuticles?they are so gorgeous perfect !
    I use an oil for cuticles but mine are not like your.ecards!

  11. mail me at or leave me a coment.please

  12. krasna manikura... a sad kad si je pokvarila bar imaš razlog za novu :-)

  13. Oh škoda, da ni manikura preživela- krasno je izpadlo <3

  14. V kombinaciji s črno pa bi mogoče celo nosila pink. Škoda, da se ti je manikura uničila čez noč. To se dogaja tudi meni pri nekaterih lakih, pa čeprav si nohte nalakiram par ur pred spanjem.
    Čestitke za 250 spremljevalcev. :)

  15. Sorry about the linen marks :-( The manicure was gorgeous whilst it lasted though :-)

  16. I read your blog alot and I love how you do it. That's why I tagged you!
    With love Melanie

  17. Wow, čudovita kombinacija, res škoda da se je uničila. Čestitam za 250+, you've earned it =)

  18. Hello! I tagged you for an award on my blog, so check it out! :*

  19. @Sylvia: Tnx. :) I was also so sad when I saw this. :/

    @Megan Harmeyer: I really have problems with sleeping at night, I usually go to sleep late so I sleep all day long. And I have to study now, so that's one reason more for not sleeping at night. :/ And yes, it seems it works like that. :D

    @Stickers: Oh, hope you passed the exam you had! I also wasn't sleeping tonight a lot but I gave up in the morning. I just have to sleep. :/ And thank you, maybe you'll change your mind when you'll see version with gold. :P And of course thank you also for the award! *hug*

    @Lalica: Da, zaista i ja to mrzim, nije mi goreg od toga. Pa aj da možeš barem staviti neki fast drying TC ali onda izgubim i taj plastičan look. Pa, desilo se. :P

    @Renate. Thank you, I'm really glad you like it. :)

    @Carolina: Hehehe, can't wait to try it!! So excited! :D

    @Ulmiel: Nesmeš zapostavljati rozik, veš? Malo se hecam. :) Ja, jaz sem bila prepričana, da bo po 4ih urah popolnoma suh, čeprav je šlo za kar debel sloj, ker je res gost ta črn lak. In hvala za komplimente za blog, mi res polepša dan! <3

    @Katrina: Thank you. :D I will try again soon for sure! :D

    @Jeannie: Thank you! I really liked it too! :)

    @cristiana: Thank you Cristiana! I really don't do nothing for my cuticles, I sometimes use a hand cream and that's it. I'll send you an e-mail too. :) Tnx for your comment! :)

    @nail crazy: Pa da, ništa nismo izgubili, osim malkice vremena. :P

    @With love, Ana.: Hvala! Meni je bilo tudi žal, ampak 100% tole ni bil zadnji poskus. :D

    @Taya: Hvala! Hehehe, no me veseli, da sem te prepričala, da lahko tudi pink zgleda super. :P Ja, nekateri laki se res dolgo sušijo, čeprav navidez zgleda kot da je že popolnoma suh. Odkar uporabljam hitrosušeče nadlake sicer s tem nimam težav, ampak pri tej kombinaciji ga nisem smela uporabit, že zaradi finiša. :/

    @Ash-Lilly: Thank you, I hope it'll be better next time. :)

    @Melanie: Thank you Melani for award and your compliments. :*

    @colorfulbottle: Hvala! :) Zdaj jih je že 263, jupi! :))

  20. Hi Ivana :) just found out your blog and i like your cute designs~ i dont really like pink but this mani grabbed my interest and will try it out next.. :p
    i'd like to let you know that i've tagged you in my stylish award..

    Anyway, would be nice if you could come visit my blog too~ :)

  21. @rachel.: Hi Rachel.! Tnx for the award and compliments. :) I hope you'll start to like pink as much as I am. :P


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