Thursday, January 6, 2011

Orly - Cotton Candy

I'm tired of this dark weather around, christmas, winter manicures and so on, so I had to pick something bright and perfect for spring.

I'm sure you already saw it like a million times but it's worth to see it once again. Orly Sweet collection from Spring 2010 released so many beautiful pastels and I got all 3 I wanted so badly. Lollipop & Pixy Stix I got in my first swap with Carolina and this beauty was in my latest swap with her. She gave me her bottle and thank you Carolina again for that!peluk

Cotton Candy is a pastel peachy pink creme polish. I added 3 coats, because I think it's still streaky after 2, but it's worth it. I added 1 coat of TC that I got also in my swap with Carolina - that big botte of Beauty Secrets TC. It's not fast like Seche Vite or Good To Go, but I usually use it when I have more time for my manicure.


Pictures are little grainy, so sorry for that.adus


Color is maybe a little bit more peachy in real but so beautiful. What do you think about this one? Do you have any from Sweet collection?


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  1. Beautiful!!
    Your nails are looking fantastic!

  2. zelo je lep, ampak tvoji nohti ga še 100 krat polepšajo =)

  3. Barva sicer ni po mojem okusu, ampak tvoji nohti pa so zelo. :) Prav vsakič ko vidim roza lak, se nate spomnim. :D

  4. @Carolina: Thank you! *hug* I really love this lenght, I hope I won't break any of them. :D

    @colorfulbottle: Hvala! :) Jih res čuvam zadnje čase. x)

    @Ulmiel: Hvala. :) Ne boš verjela, da se jaz tudi ob zelenih lakih nate spomnem. Pa ne ponavljam, res! :D

  5. bomboooooni :) ja bi malu rozu haljinicu u ovoj boji ne samo nokte

  6. this color looks really good on you! sadly i don't own any polishes from this collection, but i wouldn't mind having this one and snowcone.

  7. Pretty pretty pink :) prav simpatična poživitev teh turobnih dni :P

  8. zelo zeeelo lep pinki <3 in nohtke maš že lepo dolge ;)

  9. I was so in love with this polish last spring. But application is not the best. I need 3 coats, too and the drying time was not the fastest. I think it's something about peachy creams.
    I've got also Pixy Stix and Gumdrop.

  10. gorgeous color!!!
    your hands and nails are so beautiful!!

  11. @Lendoxia: Uffff, ne bi bilo loše. <3 Samo onda moram na dietu. :P

    @Amanda: Thank you! :) I hope you'll get them, I was lucky because I got all 3 in swap, yay! And I'm glad I did, because all 3 are just stunning. :)

    @.sparkle*: Hvala. :) Jaaa, komaj čakam pomlad in nato poleeeeeeeetjeee, yaaay. :D

    @Tinna: Hvala. :) Veš kako jih čuvam, uf. :D In ponavadi vedno, ko ne bo treba, se mi bo en zlomil, kot vedno. x(

    @alluring_mum: Agree, but with fast drying TC you solvet that problem. :) I love Pixy Stix so much, can't wait sunny days to put it on my nails again. :)

    @Renate: Thank you for your compliments! *shy* But my hands are normal, flash does the trick, so all wrinkles aren't visible as in real. :D

  12. This nailpolish of Orly is number one on my wishlist, but it is pretty hard to get it (for a normal price). But after this.. hmm.. I think I really should look for it again!


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