Sunday, January 2, 2011

OPI - Show it and Glow it

I've been so lazy again - I didn't upload any picture of my manicure, didn't answers on your comments... But here it is... Some of you've guessed what polish was I wearing on my birthday and btw it was also my new year's eve manicure. Good job, girls!

Show it and glow it - a beautiful glitter bomb from Burlesque collection. I had some problems with chippinig - remember how quickly my Mad as a Hatter chipped? It happened again but just on few nails so I had to apply it one more time on few nails. I didn't pay attention on my base coat, so would a good BC keep my manicure last longer? Any tips how to prevent chipping of glitters?fikir Let me know, I would love to know a perfect recipe for that.

I add 3 coats and 1 coat of TC G2G...
Under light (enlarge to see details)

Another glitter bomb, where pink glitter takes over the green, blue, yellow, silver, etc. That's why I love it even more than MAAH. Here's a polish drop for you, where you can see colorful details.


It's so sparkly, I couldn't stop starring at my nails!
One blurry photo to show you a piece of that sparkling effect.

I just love it. But I wish it wouldn't have that green glitter, it just don't go together with pink in my opinion. Anyway, thank you OPI for making this beauty.

Hope you all had a nice Christmas & New Year! pelukI really can't believe that New Year is already here and it will be a teribble month for me - my exams will start in 2 weeks and I have to study... A lot... I'll survive... Hopefully... xpasti

Have a nice and relaxing Sunday!


12 Comment(s):

  1. That's a great glitter polish! Looks gorgeous!

  2. ooh! how pretty! i've been meaning to use this polish..yet i still havent found time for it. must do it soon :P

  3. I have burelsque glitters on my nails for 6 days, no chipping. I dicovered that the secret is in putting them over an old mani and not on the basecoat only. They got "glued" to the old polish and stay as rocks.
    So I have: basecoat, 2 layers of colour, top coat, 2 layers of opi glitters, 2 layers of top.

  4. ohh what a gorgeous nailpolish!!
    I love him very well!!

  5. I would've guessed this the other day but this is purple to me!

  6. It's so amazing.. I neeeed this one! <3

  7. @Thifa: Thank you, it's stunning. :)

    @Katrina: You should try it immediately! :D

    @zygzak: Thank you for this great tip! I'll try that soon, I think I'll use a nude color under... Hope it'll work for me too, because chipping is really annoying and it's a waste of polish. :/

    @Renate: Agree, so beautiful. :)

    @Tinna: Ane? Prekasen glitter. :)

    @Abby: You're right, but when I'm thinking on purple I saw much more blue in that's why I'm calling it pink. xD

    @Lendoxia: Da da, pun pogodak. :D

    @Lois: I was so lucky and I get it in swap! <3 I think this one is a must! :D

  8. Zelo je lep=). Upam da je za prehitro luščenje res kriva predebela prva plast, ker ga je res škoda =).
    Res ne vem kaj se dogaja z menoj, včasih nisem marala niti drobnega shimra, zaj pa že na glitterčke padam *blush*

  9. Pri meni pa še tale OPI ni prišel na vrsto, čeprav ga že imam kar nekaj časa. Po teh slikah, pa mislim, da bo naslednji na nohtih. Čudovito <3

  10. @colorfulbottle: Jaz tudi, ker mi je kot prvo res škoda laka. :/ Še posebno MAAH, ker ga je tako težko dobiti. :) Hehehehe... In tako se naša WL le veča in veča... :P

    @With love, Ana.: Ne morem verjet, kako lahko zapostavljaš takega lepotca. :D Hvala in komaj čakam, da ga vidim tudi na tvojih nohtih! :)


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