Thursday, January 20, 2011

Violet Foil Comparison

It was such a awful day for me today. First I woke up and my laptop didn't work properly at all. Windows 7 has crashed for no reason.tension I really don't know what happened, because it worked for almost a year without any tiny problem! I was soooo angry. I can't be without my computer at all, so I spent almost all day trying to fix it, but no success. So... I had to format it! And now my hard drive is empty, I've lost all my files - pictures, music, documents for school, movies,... But at least my laptop is working now like it has to. I will try to recover lost files, hope it'll work!!

And as if this wasn't enough I broke my nail while pushing the reset button on my old computer, because I wanted to find some informations on the internet what could be wrong with my laptop and in the middle of searching it's frozen. adusI was so mad so I filed them all down! Now my nails are weird... I really prefer this lenght of my nails like on the pictures below and not so short as now. merajuk

Right before I broke my nail I took a picture of violet/lilac foils from my collection. I pick these 3 for this comparison:

From L to R:
Essence TE Into the Ocean - Bubble Bubble
Essence TE Fairytale - Fairy Berry
S-he - 436

And in the same sequence on my nails... 2 coats of each.

Daylight, cloudy day

As you can see, Bubble Bubble and Fairy Berry are very very close, #436 is kind of colder violet than other 2. senyum Their application was good, quick drying,...

And I changed a background and header of my blog, I'm still searching for perfect background picture, but I like it how it looks right now too. What do you think? Would you change anything?senyumkenyit

Tnx for reading!


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  1. Super primerjava. Mi je od vseh najbolj všeč S-he, ker ima več vijolične =).
    Takoj ko sem odprla tvoj blog sem videla novo sliko in moj prva misel je bila, wow kak je lepo =). Res mi je všeč =)

  2. Those first two really look alike to me. I like your banner - it looks like winter with a hint of spring!

  3. aw, bummer about your comp & nails. SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME!! i hope things get better for ya~ :) love the new banner & those purple foils too :D

  4. Ohhh soo sad about your laptop!!
    I'll hope you can find some files back!!
    I've got the same with my pink...but I have a cut in the middle of my finger...from the tip to the middle!!
    I like your comparison...!!
    love them all!!

  5. joj, strava s laptopom i kompom... znam kako je to :-(
    od ova tri laka s-he mi se najviše sviđa, zato jer je najtamniji :-)

  6. and the winner is .... S-he :D

  7. @colorfulbottle: Hvala! Sama se pa ne morem odločit, kater mi je ljubši, ker tudi S-he včasih zgleda tak kot ostala 2. :D In me veseli, da ti je všeč, sem dolgo urejala, kot vedno. :D

    @Megan Harmeyer: Thank you. :) Agree, I wanted to find picture that shows exactly that. :D

    @Katrina: Me too, and for you too. :)) It's really annoying. :/ And thank you. :)

    @Renate: Tnx, I tried but it didn't help, it's OK now. :)) And so sorry to hear that! :/ I really hate when my nail break!! Worst thing ever! :D

    @nail crazy: Da, totalno ludilo! Baš me je iznerviralo sve juće, kad krene naopako, krene naoprav. :/ Ali dobro... Već skoro zaboravljeno. :)

    @Mína: * big applaus* Joke. :P

  8. Fairy berry mi je najbolji od ove trojke, a mislim da ti ova dva toplija bolje stoje na put nego S-he

  9. @Lendoxia: I meni se ovi topliji više sviđaju, ali i S-he mi je prekrasan. :)

  10. super primerjava.. in vidima da 436 še vedno nujno potrebujem :))


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