Saturday, January 8, 2011

Orly - Cotton Candy + Konad

Hi dear readers or should I say good evening? fikir It's 4PM and outside is darkness. I fall asleep at 7AM because I'm having insomnia again, but I could see it was still dark in the morning. Even a day isn't so bright as usual. It's so depressed.merajuk

I already told you I added some stamping to Cotton Candy. I used M73 and one of my favorite pattern with China Glaze - QT - pink holo which is great for stamping. I had some problems with transfering the pattern on my nails - I think I totally forgot how to stamp my nails. So the result isn't perfect - I can do it better.malu

Daylight, cloudy day
Last 2 pictures were taken today, on a 4th day of wearing this beauty. My nails are growing so fast lately, I'm so happy about that. gile

Do you like this pattern? What are you wearing today?

Ivana cium

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  1. you found a cute combination. i like the pattern but i can never seem to get it quite right. i'm wearing nail stickers today, not sure they'll be on tomorrow :)

  2. Very lovely manicure!
    I'm wearing CG Frostbite until this afternoon.

  3. svidja mi se uzorak, pase na ovu kombinaciju boja, a ja nosim Essence-Crazy me mozda slike zavrse i na blogu ako budem zadovoljna s njima :)

  4. @ritterbraten: Thank you. :) I like it too but if I was more precise and it would be even better. xD

    @Biberlee: Thank you! :) It reminds me on spring, I'm so tired of winter!!

    @Enamel Girl: Thank you! :) You're wearing those beautiful butterflies, spring time. :D

    @Carolina: Thank you! :) I can't wait to see what you'll be wearing next!

    @Lendoxia: Hvala i meni je ovaj uzorak naomiljeniji. :) Vidim, da ti Crazy me baš super stoji!

  5. Wow, super kombinacija =). Sem se ravno spraševala kateri vzorček boš najprej uporabila, tudi meni je ta zelo lep=).
    Če bi pol leta nazaj rekla, da ti ful hitro rastejo nohti bi bila zelo lubosumna, ampak tudi meni zadnje čase lasje in nohti zelo hitro rastejo=).(upam da bo tako tudi ostalo)

  6. wauuu, ful dobra kombinacija!Tale konad vzorček je tudi simpatičen :)

  7. This is very the colors and patern very well!

  8. Beautiful. I love your eye for colors when you konad.

  9. This is so BEAUITULF! :) Loving that colour!

  10. @colorfulbottle: Hehehe, ja to platko sem sicer že naročila skupaj z pikicami pa je nažalost ni bilo več na zalogi, tako da sem ostala brez. :( In mi je res žal, da je še nimam, tako da sem se res potolažila s tvojo! :)
    Očitno je nekaj v zraku pa nam tako hitro rastejo nohti. :) No meni se je sicer danes en malo odlomil - takoj, ko omenim kaj v zvezi z nohti se naredi ravno to, kar vedno upam, da se ne bo. xD

    @.sparkle*: Hvala. :) Meni je tudi vzorček zelo všeč! <3

    @Renate: Thank you! :)

    @Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes: Aww thank you, I'm doing my best. :P

    @priincess emily: Thank you, Cotton Candy is so sweet and beautiful color! <3

  11. I just saw this and I must comment even though it's benn outposted long time ago: Perfection!
    I'm impressed...
    and how can it look that good after four days of wearing?what is your secret? :)

  12. @Stickers: Thank you. :)
    Hmmm... I don't know, nothing special. I always use a TC and that helps a lot... But that's just it, sometimes it chipps faster, sometimes doesn't. :)

  13. I love tone-on-tone konads like this!


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