Thursday, September 20, 2012

Video Tutorial: Chanel Fall 2012 Inspired Nail Tutorial

Another tutorial I wanted to make was Chanel Inspired nails I did a while ago. I decided to go with same colors as before, because I loved it and now I'm loving it even more, because my nails are longer now. :i

This video was easy to film and edit and I hope you'll like it. :$

I feel so elegant with this mani. :D

Nail Tek Foundation 2
China Glaze - Cheers to You / 2 coats
Beauty Secrets TC Fast Finish Polish Dryer

Let me know if you have already tried it out and what color combo is your favorite. :)

I think I'm done with video tutorials for some time now, because I have no idea what to film next. If there's a video you would like to see, let me know. 

Ivana :k

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Video Tutorial: Harlequin Hardware Manicure

Since I got so many lovely comments on this manicure I showed you here and I didn't really know if I should continue with tutorials or not, I decided to try it again. Same steps like the first time, I just changed a pink polish I used before.

Harlequin Hardware Manicure :L :
Essence Nail Art - Protecting Base Coat
OPI - Sweet Heart / 2 coats
Sponging: OPI - Sweet Heart & Catrice - Princess for a Day
Essence - High Shine Top coat
Funky french: China Glaze - 2030 & Stripping Tape
Essie - Good to Go

You can also stop when you're done with sponging, I love how this kind of gradient looks like. :)

Let me know if you like the tutorial. :$

I'll keep it short and simple for today, thanks for reading! :h

Ivana :k

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Video Tutorial: How I stamp my nails

I got a request to make a video tutorial about stamping. First I didn't know if I should really make one, because I can stamp my nails really bad sometimes, especially with some difficult patterns. But then I decided to film myself doing an easy zebra pattern. I love animal prints, because they're easy to stamps and mistakes are barely visible, so double win. :i

My hands look so bad on these pictures I took.  Manicure was so bright in person, because I decided to use Beach Cruiser from Orly. I'm in love with this polish, just like with Fancy Fuchsia. :L

Enjoy. :P

I put these infos in an info box on YouTube, but just in case you don't watch this video on YouTube and can't see the info bar.

Stamper ~ there's a few different versions of stampers like this one I'm using in this video or double sided. If your stamper doesn't pick the color well, try to file it a bit to make it a bit rough.

Scraper ~ I'm using my old plastic card as a stamper, because it works great and it doesn't scratch my plates like metal scraper I have. I would suggest a plastic scraper over metal, but even old credit card works just fine.

Stamping polish ~ I'm using stamping polish but sometimes you don't need them, because regular polish can work with stamping too... Especially metallics and one coaters, holos,... You need to experiment to see if they work or not.

Double stamping ~ I always have to double stamp my thumbs and other nails if they're long as in this video. Some patterns are really easy to line up and get a perfect stamp, like this zebra print I'm using in this video.

Top coat ~ Some top coats don't work great with stamping, because they smear the pattern. If you have those problems, be sure you gave a enough top coat on the brush. If the top coat still smudges the pattern, try another top coat.

Essence Nail Art - Protecting Base Coat
Orly - Beach Cruiser / 2 coats
Stamping: BPS black stamping polish & BM-223
Essence - High Shine Top coat

What do you think? :) I hope someone will find this video helpful. I'm not really super great with stamping, but I'm learning. :D

Thanks for reading! Have a lovely weekend!


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Video Tutorial: Gradient Nails

I wanted to film how I do gradients on my nails and since I loved my orange and pink gradient I did a while ago I decided to recreate them. Here's a video...

Same polishes used as before, just a bit different technique and reverse version. I prefer applying polish directly to the sponge, I find it way easier. Pictures...

Essence Nail Art - Protecting Base Coat
Essence - High Shine Top coat

If you have any questions let me know! Do you love gradients? What's your favorite color combination??

Thanks for reading!

Ivana :k

Monday, September 3, 2012

Video Tutorial: Hot Pink Studded Nails

I got these hot pink studs from Born Pretty Store and I wanted to combine them with black but all blacks I have were too thick to use. After searching and trying to come up with another color combination, I stumbled upon a black I bought years ago and it still looked usable. 

Hot neon pink and black is probably my fave color combination so I was so happy when I managed to do my nails in that combo. :e

Here's what I came up with...
Nail Tek - Foundation 2
Manhattan - 1010N / 1 coat
Hot Pink Studs
Beauty Secrets TC Fast Finish Polish Dryer

I'm so in love with this manicure! :L First I wanted silver and gold studs but when I saw these, I knew I had to try them out. You can find them here on BPS. :e

These studs are round and big as rhinestones so the surface is really bumpy, which can be annoying and I have to hold back to not pull them off but when I look at my nails I think it's worth it. :D

I decided to film myself doing this manicure so I hope you'll like it. :e

I'm wearing this manicure for 2 days and some of the studs are missing but I could wear it for another day or two. They start falling off eventually but I think they still look pretty. :)

I just want to share a word or two about  cuticle cutter I got from BPS. They're really sharp and you can use them for many reasons. Just don't use them for cuticles! I usually cut those hang nails if I got them or like I did in Funky French Video, I used them for cutting the tape. :)

There are more versions of cuticle cutters on BPS, but even the cheapest works great! :)

Don't forget to use code J10X31 to get 10% off on your order if you're planning to order on Born Pretty Store . ;)

Thanks for reading! Let me know what do you think about this manicure! Can you stand the bumpy surface when wearing studs or rhinestones? ^_^ Is there a tutorial you would like to see?

Ivana :k
*Some of the products in this post were sent to me by Born Pretty Store! For more information read my disclosure policy!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Video Tutorial: Funky French with Tickle my Triangle & Dionisio

The other day was really sunny and I needed a quick manicure so I picked one of my favorite polish I own. I got this polish from Kvacka (thank you :h) and I still can't believe I finally own it. I'm talking about Tickle my Triangle from Kaleidoscope collection. I'm so happy I own this one and How about a Tumble.
I added 3 thin coats, it dries super fast and it looks gorgeous! Of course you have to take blurry pictures to capture rainbow but it's still way too beautiful in person. :L

Sun - blurry
China Glaze - Tickle my Triangle / 3 coats

Then I decided to experiment with my phone again so I tried to film how I usually do a funky french. I change an angle of filming so I hope you can see better. I use striping tape for any kind of french manicure, because it gives reall precise line on tips.

Only problem now was editing text, because I didn't realize it doesn't show up great because of the too bright lightning and white text isn't really visible.I could change it but it took almost 8 hours to upload on YouTube and I don't have patience to wait again. :/

And a picture...
China Glaze - Tickle my Triangle / 3 coats
Funky French: Hits No Olimpo - Dionisio
Essie - Good to Go

Letme know what do you think about this video! As always, I would love to hear your feedback! :h Thanks for reading!

Ivana :l