Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Glitter Sandwich


I just had to take a picture like this. xD Everytime I think of glitter, jelly etc. sandwiches I imagine this. ^_^
Anyway, I obviously made a glitter sandwhich but on my nails. :D I wanted to go with something more pink as one of the glitters is and I didn't want to use Show it and Glow it from OPI, so I took another purple glitter.

I applied 2 coats of each, changing OPI - Sparkle-icious & Wet n Wild - Glitz for each coat. Combinations is soooo beautiful. <3
 Close up. :brow
Sun - blurry
 Nail Tek - Foundation II
OPI - Sparkle - icious / 2 coats
Wet n Wild - Glitz / 2 coats

What do you think? Do you ever tried glitter sandwich like this?

More after a click. :)
I already told you we had a heat wave, which is sadly over and now is pretty cold at night. Well, having long hair when it's hot is even worse than a heat wave. I never wear pony tails or anything, I really don't know why >.< so I had to improvise with braids and I start loving fish bone braids. <3 I took a picture with my manicure after jogging, that's why it's so messy but I like it even that way. :)

You can take bigger pieces like me and it looks like this or smaller pieces and it's even prettier. <3 Do you wear fish bone braids? They're so easy to make, if you don't know how, check lots of tutorials on youtube! :)

I hope you're having a great week, mine is pretty awesome. :) Oh and I made a new page - Gallery - I'll post all my manicures there by brand and my stampings. I already added some but while going back through my swatches I saw I don't like them anymore so I'll have to revisit some polishes. :D 

Ivana :k

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  1. savršeno! a kosa ti je predivna!!! koji sjaj! šta radiš sa njom?

  2. Okay you made me laugh and you showed me something pretty! That is a win. I loved your sandwich it's beautiful ... and SO ARE YOU! I love your hair. What a rich color!! :D

    I recently tried to do a sandwich with a light jelly purple polishes and glitter. When I asked my hubs what he thought, he said it looked like barf. LOL, I must try again.

    I never wear braids, but your awesome hair makes me want to!

  3. I don't know what I like more, the nail polish on bread or the mani. :P

    I really love the combination of the two glitter polishes, it's really pretty! Bet it's a pain to take off though. ;)

  4. I love that OPI glitter, it's one of my favorites!! And your hair is gorgeous! My hair was once that length! One day it will be again....

  5. Super cute! Both the nails & that hair. I've been wearing my hair in fishtail braids a lot this summer because its so hot :e

  6. I love to fishbones! Also, I hate to wear my hair up in a plain pony too...:)

    PS I love the first photo!

  7. Uhm... Lovely glitzy nails and that last photo is Soooo pretty. You are so naturally beautiful :) huge fangirl here!

  8. Ahahaha, dobra je prva fotka! :D Pa tudi drugi "sendvič" je super ;)

  9. prva slika je bas prava :0
    this is so pretty - gorgeous

  10. najnajnajlepša glitter kombinacija :)

  11. Manikura je lepa, ampak tvoji lasje. Omg, kar ukradla bi ti jih. Moji so dolgi, ampak vseeno prekrasti, da bi mi uspelo narediti ribjo kost.

  12. Wow!!
    Great idea!!
    But this wet&wild looks good enough for me even alone ^^

  13. I've never tried a glitter sandwich like that. It looks awesome :)
    I love your braid as well. I was terrible at that sort of stuff when I had long hair!

  14. I lol'd. Like, really laughed when I saw your 1st picture.
    You euro girls are crazeh! Heat is awful lol...Here in Rio de Janeiro is never really cold. We're in the middle of winter and it's 35 degrees Celsius!

  15. The glitter sandwich made me laugh, the bread looks really small though.

    Fishtail braids look really good and aren't as hard to do as they look. Is your hair dyed?

  16. I LOVE your nails so much! They're so pretty:)!x

  17. Love the mani but love your braid even more! My styling skills are very limited, lol.

  18. The first photo is too funny! I love this manicure!

  19. ajme ja ne znam sama napravit riblju kost, a i trenutno nemam kosu za to, ali ih volim nosit spas su od vrucine, a ovaj sendvic ti izgleda jummy :)

  20. haha dober sendvic! mislim da bomo sedaj vsi imeli to asociacijo :)))
    kombinacija lakov je full dobra :)
    glede ribje kosti.. enostavno ne znam narediti tako lepe :( bom pocakala da bojo se daljsi..

  21. Hehehe, kira posrečena slika (1.) :D Lepa kombinacija. Glitter ftw!

  22. wow, koja opaka manikura, baš ćeš se zabavit dok to budeš skidala s noktiju :e
    sviđa mi se pletenica :O

  23. aaaaa kako sem se nasmejala ta prvi slikici:) hahaha faca si:)

  24. @Maybe: Hvala. :$ Pa ništa posebno, planiram napisati post o tome šta koristim. :)

    @loodie loodie loodie: SCORE. :e Thanks dear. :k

    :D I'm sure it wasn't that bad, or it was? :o

    You should try them, they're easy to make and look beautiful. :L

    @Lydia: Ty. :) Have you ever tried foil removal? If not, just try it, you'll see it's so easy to remove it. :)

    @Kimberly: All OPI glitters are just amazing, my fav is MAAH, but even this one is gorgeous. :P Definitely, just be patient. :)

    @Špela: Hvala. :)

    @Amber: So I'm not the only one, yay. :e Ty. :k

    @Marta: Oh Marta, I'm blushing. :$ But I just have to say, I'm nothing special. :D

    @Biba: Me veseli, da ti je všeč. :P

    @Nail Stories: Try it, you won't regret it. :D Your new haircut is just amazing! :L

    @Sarah B.: What?! :o Can I move to your place? :b I really don't like winter at all. :/

    @Enigma: :D It's for toaster. :D And yes, I dye my hair all the time. :D But here is much darker probably because the pic is taken with flash at night, my color is more chocolate dark brown. :)

    @Irishenchantment: Ty. :)

    @shanice: Thanks dear. :)

    @marox79: I'm sure you can make it too! It's soooo easy, just be patient and don't give up! :i

    @Lendoxia: Da da, imati kosu na vratu u vručini je katastrofa. :/

    @misaya: :D Yay, se boste vsi name spomnili. :P
    Samo ne obupati, meni tudi na začetku ni dobro uspela, zdaj pa kar gre. Ko imam čas, vzamem tanjša pramena, ko pa ne pa večja. :D

    @With love, Ana.: Totally. 8)

    @Lydz: Thanks sweetie! :)

    @nail crazy: Danas sam ga skidala sa folijom, nikad lakše. :P

    @Pink_Diamond: :v

  25. Special toaster bread, never heard of that before! Good idea though :) your hair looks nice and healthy for being dyed all the time too.


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