Friday, August 12, 2011

Cracklly Sandwich

Yesterday I's inspired by Stéphanie from So Nailed and her amazing manicure. I saw it before at Fashion Polish but I wasn't so interested probably because it's not in pink. :D
I do not have such a talent for pictures like Stéphanie (if you don't know what I'm talking about, just check her blog ;) ) but I did my best to catch this pretty combination. :D

I already had Back to the 50's on my nails, I'm actually quite happy that I'm not the only one who feels too young with red on my nails. :$ I didn't want to remove it so I decided to try Cracklly (Crackle-Jelly) Sandwich.

I layered one coat of write crackle Lightning Bolt from China Glaze and then 2 coats of OPI sorbet from Texas collection - Do you Think I'm Tex-y?. Do you Think I'm Tex-y? is a really lovely delicious berry pink jelly, I can never have enough of jellies. :L They dry fast and they're sooooo shiny, that's why I love them. :$

It looks so squishy, like delicios candy. :L Here's the final result. :)

What do you think? Do you like it? :) Did you ever try a layering like this? What's your favorite jelly? :)

Take care,
Ivana :k

17 Comment(s):

  1. This looks really good! I have never tried layering like this!

  2. I think this is a great idea for layering!

  3. Oooooh squishy jelly!!!!!!!! I prefer to use really sparkly metallic polishes under crackles, but this looks so nice too! I love the color combination :D

  4. wow! Looks great! very cute crackle!

  5. bas slatko izgleda, inace bas i nisam ljubitelj jellya jer se vidi linija nokta a to ne volim

  6. wow, super je, odlicna ideja i prelepo izgleda

  7. nokti ti izgledaju ko bombončeki - ukusni za polizat prste ;-D

  8. It looks sooo awesome! ♥ I love, love, love pink and it looks perfect on your nails!
    Great job! :D

  9. Prelepi nokti! Obozavam ove pink nijanse:)

  10. Tole izgleda naravnost fantastično, in tudi ime je zelo lepo =). Mislim, da se nobene punca nebi branila pinki sendviča =)

  11. i really like the combination. i am such a girly girl so i love pink! :D i only have the crackle in black so i really want to buy it in many more colors.

    I just came across your blog today. It's Very LOVELY :]

    I'm having a Feather Earrings Giveaway. Come and join. :D
    Feather Earrings Giveaway!


  12. I discovered the "sandwich" with polish reading Alizarine's blog (she layered a jelly on glitters) but didn't thought about layering on a crackle, good idea, I like very much the result!!

  13. uuu ta kombinacija je pa perfect...najboljša do zdej....

  14. That looks great !
    I have that OPI but don't like to wear it alone 'cause it's too sheer for me. Now I know what I'll do with him :D

  15. i love pink crackle. it so pretty i love ur blog and im now following and i hoping u can follow back

  16. Thanks so much for stopping by and leave comments ladies. :) I'm a big fan of jellies so this is a new way to use them and hide the nail line. :) I hope I'll see more combos like this around!


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