Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Essence TE 50's Girl Reloaded Haul

I'm so behind with my posts and comments but I decided that I'd write something today. Thanks for your lovely comments on my previous post. Next day I shorten my nails, like I said my thumb's broken so the difference was too obvious and I'm so allergic to different lenghts, okay thumbs can go through but if my ring finger is broken... No way! xo 

So as I already said Essence has gone crazy with Trend editions this summer. Ballerina Backtage and Nails in style is alread sold out everywhere but recently 50's Girl Reloaded hit our DM. :) So I actually wasn't planning to buy anything but when I saw how everyone's loving their lipsticks I had to get mine. I wanted a nice red polish too so I bought that one, you can't miss with that price at all. :$

Here's what I got:
 Nail polish - Back to the 50's
Lipsticks - 02 I’m Sailing and 01 Back to the 50’s

Let's start with a nail polish. It contains 15 ml of polish! :e In case you don't know, Essence bottles are usually smaller, Multi Dimension polishes contains just 8 ml. So you got lots of polish for a nice price. One polish costs 1,89 €. Back to the 50's is a creme red, very opaque. First I used it for my pedi, the brush was perfect, I think I never painted my toes so perfectly, almost without clean up. :D Then I moved on my mani and the brush just didn't work on my hand as on toes. Maybe's just me but my nails was a mess before clean up. :$ Like I said it's very opaque, you can get away with one thicker coat especially if your nails are short, but I added 2 to hide VNL but it's still there, on picture even more visible as in person.

I feel so old with red on my nails. :D I think that red is more classy, elegant and I'm still not in that phase. :D

Swatches of lipstick after a click. :)

Seriosly, taking swatches of anything else than my nails is so hard. :L I'd never be MU blogger, that's for sure. :D But from time to time I can try something, maybe I'll get better once. :D Btw my lips are always so dry so please excuse me that. :D

Back to the 50's is a nice creme red lipsticks, very creamy, nicely pigmented and it doesn't dry my lips. I'm sailing is a peachy orange creme lipstick. It's very natural on me, so I'm using it for everyday. I still don't know when I'll be wearing the red one, because I never had red lips in public. But it's better to have it in my collection, right? Lipstick costs 2,19 € so you can't go wrong with them too. :)
I read that the packaching is very similar to MAC, I can't compare them because I don't own anything from MAC. :D 

Clear lipbalm - I'm sailing - Back to the 50's
So, what do you think? If you want to see swatches of full collection, please check this review at Parokeets. :) Did you buy anything from this collection? What's your favorite thing?

I hope you're all great, I've still lot of work with my thesis but from time to time I just have to update my blog, kind of addicted. :) Thanks so much for reading!

Nighty night,
Ivana :k

14 Comment(s):

  1. haha, da se osjeća staro s crvenim lakom...
    drži se ti onda rozih ;-D

  2. Your natural lips are such a pretty color! (: Both colors are really pretty, but that red is especially outstanding on you! :D

  3. Your nails look amazing! I love this red, but I totally get what you mean about reds being a bit old. I'm most certainly of an age where I can wear red (34), but I still feel they are too old for me! A perfect red creme is so totally feminine and classic though, it's a shame not to! You rock this shade :)

  4. I love how the red looks on your nails, but I understand the "too classic/old" feeling. Anyway as I'm 36 I can get along with "lady hands" sometimes (also because I alternate them with "crazy teen" nails). I understand your "MU swatching" issues (I never will do that) but really you have very nice lips, you could do more lipstick swatches!
    Last but not least I bought 2 eyepencils from this Trend Edition (love them) and the grey polish (also that one very pigmented)!

  5. I was always afraid of wearing red on my nails! I wasn't alone as I can see! :D Maybe, is time to buy any red nail polish! Beautiful Essence haul!:)

  6. heh, super post, a meni se najvise svidja kakva ti je prirodna boja usana, kao da si stavila neki dobar ljubicasti ruz :) dobri su swatchevi, ne brini se nista. ja sam batalila kupovinu crvenih lakova, imam ih previse a nikad ih ne nosim - em sto su klasicni, em sto sam uvek vise raspolozena za neku ludju varijantu...

  7. Zdaj ko vidim rdeč lakec pri tebi mi je kar žal da ga nisem vzela ko sem imela priložnost :)
    Imam pa obe šminki in I'm sailing je res popolne barve :) Glede rdeče sem bila pa tudi jaz skeptična, ker če jo že nosim, je ponavadi veliko temnejša in manj živahne barve, pa sem se v zadnjem času tudi te kar hitro navadila :)

  8. lepe šminke..laki te kolekcije mi pa niso všeč :/ in meni tudi ne potegne še ta rdeča barva :) ko bomo stare bo bolj pasalo :r

  9. Love love love the polish and omg those lipsticks are gorgeous! They look even prettier on your beautiful lips =]

  10. i LOVE this color on you! gorgeous gorgeous!

  11. awee..your nails are BEAUTIFUL! looove it ^^

    Can I invite you to join my GIVEAWAY-Korean BB creams , thank you ^^

  12. Waaaaa, tale rdečko ti tako zelo paše. Ti bi resno morala večkrat imeti rdeče nohte =).
    Tudu šminki ti obe zelo pašeta. Sama nikoli nočem z rdečimi ustnicami iz hiše, tako, da se bo treba enkrat zmenit, da naredima turo po LJ z rdečimi ustnicami, da se navadima =)

  13. Thanks for your comments ladies! :h I hope you all get what you wanted from this collection.

    @nail crazy: Ne staro, nego starije i zrelije. :D

    @The Nail Buff: It' so good to hear that I'm not the only one who feels like that with red on her nails. :D

    @maisenzasmalto: Thanks! I don't like my lips, I've so dry lips all the time so that's why I'm not very happy about that though. :D I also don't wear lots of lipsticks, I bough these because everyone's loving them. :D

    @colorfulbottle: Lahko probava, ja. :P Za rdeče lake bo pa še čas... :P


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