Monday, August 15, 2011

Nicole by OPI - One Less Lonely Glitter

Here I am again, posting something new. :D I just finished watching El Clásico, seriously Real Madrid played so great today. I's really hoping we'll win because their game was amazing. :e I'm sorry because I spammed some of you with my tweets but watching El Clásico is sooooooooooooo stressfull for me. xo Wishing best of luck to Real Madrid on next match! Hala Madrid! :L

I've a glittery beauty for you today. You probably all know that Justin Bieber released his own nail polish collections. I really like Justin, he's so young and he really achieved a lot in his life just with his talent. I've a tiny Bieber fever lately, but not in a worst way though, I'd have a little brother like him. :D It's funny to see all those little girls all in love with Justin. When I was young, we're in love with Backstreet Boys, Caught in the Act, Kelly Family, Spice Girls etc. xP What was your childhood crush? :D

Anyway, I wanted One Less Lonely Glitter from the moment I saw it and Karen was kind enough to send me one bottle of this beauty. I never tried Nicole by OPI polish before so I didn't know what to expect. I really don't like their bottle shape, it's so weird and really hard to hold it in my hand while taking pictures. When I saw its brush, I's like, OH NO! It's very similar to Sally Hansen Broken Treasure, which I totally hate so I didn't expect much. But when I tried it, it fits perfectly to my nails and cuticle line, no clean up needed. Maybe because it's glitter and you don't have to be careful as much as with cremes or similar, but I loved it. :D

One Less Lonely Glitter is a violet mixed small and larger circle glitter. The color of glitter is same as Tru Passion from Color Club although my father said that OLLG is a tad darker but I really couldn't see the difference. :D But the glitter is same as in Bubbly Bombshell from Orly, just the color isn't same obviously. 

I added 3 coats, no TC, although the surface is gritty so I'll probably add a TC tommorow. Like I said, application is great, it dries fast, the brush is really perfect for me, I love it! :L

It's so shinny too! This picture below isn't color accurate because sun has warmed this violet color, but you can see how blingy it is. :L

Blurry - Sun
Here's a quick bottle comparison.
Nicole by OPI - One Less Lonely Girl vs. Color Club - Tru Passion
Nicole by OPI wasn't sold in Slovenia before but now Müller have them, so if any of you still want them, be sure you'll check Müller. I think they cost around 10€. I don't know if they're already sold out, but you can still take a look and maybe you'll find something you like.

What do you think about Bieber's collection? Do you like them? Or do you hate JB? :P

I guess this polish was names after this song from JB - One Less Lonely Girl. :$

Enjoy! :P

My window is open all the time at night (that's how I get grasshoppers in my room! xo :c ) and it's already 1 AM and my neighbour always watch TV so loudly. I think she usually fall asleep because I can hear her TV even at 5 AM sometimes. :D She's just funny. :D

Nighty night,
Ivana :k

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this post! Purple and pinks look so pretty on you!!! Today I'll be working on a replica of a gray manicure you did a while back ;)

  2. Ooooh this color looks gorgeous on you! My 5 year old cousin calls herself Justin's biggest fan, so I had to get this for her when this collection came out I may have to borrow it from her one day after seeing your marvelous swatches!

  3. Čudovit je =).Sicer nisem JB fan, ampak laki iz kolekcije so mi pa vseeno lepi =).
    Moji teenage crush so pa defenitivno bili pevci iz skupine caught in the act =). ŠE zdaj imam eno majico doma =)
    Imaš pa res hecno sosedo. Pri nas pa imajo danes sosedi radio zelo na glas in luč v kuhinji =). LE kakšno fešto imajo =)

  4. I'm so flattered you like my blog! Your's is awesome! If I wasnt on my phone right now I would be spending hours on yours, your nails are beautiful!

  5. moram priznat da nisam ljubitelj Bibera, a ni ovaj glitter mi nije bas nesto :/

  6. predobro izgleda, ali čak je i meni prozujila ona 'tko će to skidat' ;-)
    ne volim biebera, ali kolekcija je jako primamljivo izgledala :-D

  7. Super izgleda :) Love it :)

  8. Hala Madrid???


  9. wow those two look exactely the same!! Anyways this polish looks amazing on you

  10. Great one! I'm sooo into glitters lately.. :)

  11. Prekrasno :L Ja sam ipak malo starija,ja sam ludjela za New kids on the block :$

  12. I really love this polish!!!!!

  13. I like the color.
    Nice swatch :-)

  14. Lak je preljep , a nokte su ti prelepe
    vidjela sam da ti se svidjaju lakove na Catherine Arley , ja sam upravo stavila Catherine Arley 800
    evo kako izgleda na sunce

  15. Oh kok je lep :L Nisem ravno Bieber fan, mi je pa mali über simpatičen :D

  16. Thanks for your comments ladies! They always make my day! :b

    @Marta: Thanks! :) Which one? Grey? Hmmm, I don't know which one do you mean. :$

    @Eileen: You should, it's so pretty. :D I'm sure your cousin is with love with this polish. :D

    @colorfulbottle: Caught in the act. :O Jaz bi morala tudi nekje imeti še majico. :r

    @Angie: You're welcome, your blog is really amazing! It's nice to see you here too! :h

    @nail crazy: Ih, dok ima folije, ja se zbog toga više ne brinem. :D

    @With love, Ana.: Točno to, meni tudi. :D


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