Monday, August 22, 2011

Guest Post by So Nailed: Deborah Lippmann - Glitter in the Air

Hello sweethearts !

I'm Stéphanie, the lovely Ivana offered me to do a blogpost on her blog, and I feel Sooooo honored ! 
She was actually my first follower :)
Isn't she the sweetest ?!
I hope you pink lovers won't be too harsh on me 'cause today I'm showing you... BLUE ! 

Deborah Lippmann's Glitter in the air was a long time lemming for both of us, And oh, it was worth the waiting !
How gorgeous is this ?!

 It's quite sheer though, so I did 3 coats of GitA over 2 coats of H&M
As much as GitA has a perfect application, Blue is horrible to apply ! 
S.U.P.E.R streaky ! 
But we like the result, don't we ? :)

As I'm from Belgium I thought I might show you one of Brussels specialities,
Cuberdons ! (or "noses" as we call them sometimes)
Seriously, if you have the opportunity, TASTE THEM ! 
They are delicious :)
Aaaand they're filled with raspberry sirup omnomnom :D

I hope you enjoyed this post guys ! 
And if you missed Ivana today, she's at

Xx. S

Her photo skills are just amazing, right? I's putting this post together and wishing that these picture'd be mine. :$ I tried to make a fancy picture just for her and it's so hard to take a decent photo, you can see my try on her blog but I'm not even close to her amazing pics. :D Thanks dear for such a lovely post! :k I love your nails, your blog and you, you're the best. :h

GitA is amazing, you can layer it on lots of colors or wear it by itself, with intense glitter or not, just like you want it. It definitely became one of my favorites! :L As you can see, we both love it! :)

Do you like Deborah Lippmann's glitters? Whch one is your favorite?  I just know that I need Candy Shop someday soon. :L

Ivana :k

13 Comment(s):

  1. Great guest post! Love the photos and the polish!

  2. :L
    I liiiiiikeeeeee :L :L i wish they would make a nice dupe. I think I wouldn't buy the original (I would be happy if I got it as a gift :$ ) but if there was a good dupe... :)

  3. the pictures are so yummy yummy ;-D
    great mani :-D

  4. very nice guest post... loving the photos and the nails ;)

  5. Hello Stéphanie nice to see you here, I like this DL, and "noses" look tasty :)

  6. Lovely, the blue & glitter! Beautiful nails!

  7. Awwww wonderful photos :L Glitter in the air is just perfect!

  8. Both of you are too sweet for words! And how could SoNailed make her photos any better? By combining her pretty manicures and stellar photography skills with a sweet treat. End result= puuuuuure yummy!!!!
    xxxx to both of you!

  9. Ivana, your pics are gorgeous! Nothing to worry about on that front!

  10. I don´t like this polish, but Stephanie'a photos are so nice and different.

  11. This polish is still sitting in my untries :0 wow the photo's are amazing!!


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