Monday, May 30, 2011

Ceca - Šteta za mene ♥

Finally... After 5 years...

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Šteta za mene ♥

 Offical video :L

Stvarno šteta za mene
a mogla sam ja da budem sve
a nisam, šteta je

Svi su hteli mi dobro

a ja sam birala
za sebe samo najgore

Šteta je, šteta je

šteta za mene
što znala sam
da sklonim se
drugom da krene


Ma ne voliš ti mene
kol'ko je meni
do mene ravno
ja niko sam i ništa
al' makar neću
propasti slavno
al' uspela sam, zar ne
da me svi zaborave
pa i ti

Stvarno šteta za mene

milion koraka
a cilja nisam imala
šteta je

Evo tonem sve dublje

to život vuče me
a kako sam samo plivala


Evo odbijam da budem prva

na toj počasti zbogom i hvala
još tu mrvu sebe ja bih sebi dala...

I can't wait to hear her full album... :L :L

Edit - 18/6: Her whole album is available on youtube channel MiligramTV. Enjoy! :)

Ivana :k

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Black Extravagance Ruffian

Boooo, I can't sleep! And I don't have energy to study so here I'm writing a post - perfect timing. :) I watched halftime of Barca:ManU and then I did my workout Insanity tranining during the second halftime (btw these workouts are really insane but interesting - if you want to know more about, just let me know :))... When I's finished, I saw that Barca won! Yay! So confusing, I'm the biggest fan of Real Madrid but I'm happy that Barca won today, because I really don't like ManU. :D I'm sure Abby is having her best dreams today. :P

Anway, I'm sure I already told you that I LOVE Ruffian manicure. It's so pretty, elegant and definitely something new to everybody here. :) I got Wet n Wild - Black Crème in my latest swap with blondie711 from MUA (note to myself: Take pictures of goodies you got  from her asap!). I never wear black on my nails, black is way too dark for my nails though. But... When I saw how opaque it is, I realized that it would work great for ruffian. I had OPI - DS Extravagance on my nails since Saturday so I wanted something new... And here it is... My new try of ruffian mani. :)

Black Crème is a perfect black creme one coater. If you need a black creme nail polish, I'd strongly recommend this one, application is amazing. :)

The weather here is sooo horrible, it's so hot lately but yesterday was sooo cold. I really hate those temperature differences. So, I don't have any sunny pictures for you. Booo! I'm sure Extravagance would look stunning now. :) I hope it'll be sunny tommorow! :$

I just realized I posted 3 almost same pictures with different backgounds. :$ I guess my hand is always prepared in this pose for taking pictures. :i


Because my phone isn't great for filming details, no video tutorial from me. :) But then I remembered that Nihrida (I'm sure you all know her, her stunning nails and her awesome blog :L ) filmed it a while ago, so I'm posting it here so you could take a look if you didn't saw it.

When I tried it for the first time after seeing this tutorial my manicure was a mess. Later I tried totally spontaneously with Wild at Heart I immediately fell in love with. I'm becoming even better with my right hand! :D

I would suggest that you add a layer of TC after applying your base color, because if you mess up something after applying a second color, you can still fix it with a brush soaked into nail polish remover. :) It's also way more easier if you pick very opaque polish, because you don't have to add 2 or more coats. :)

What do you think? Like it or not? Did you already try to make Ruffian? If so, what colors did you pick? Share some photos. :h

That's it for now from me, this weekend was all about my blog so I'm off to books from tommorow morning!

Ivana :k

Friday, May 27, 2011

I'm back? with Extravagance

Hello dear readers and followers! Did you miss me like I missed you? :$ I'm sure you didn't. :P One month without blogging and I'm feeling like it passed a whole year.
And I have 604 followers!! Welcome! I's amazed how the number is still raising although I'm not posting anything lately. Thank you so much, you always made my day! :h

I'm still around, checking your blogs and updates - addicted, totally. :D I's thinking these days that I can't live without blogging. :) I've some free time so I decided to go through all my pictures I took this month and post some.

There's nothing new I guess, Ganglyon cyst came back so I had a punction again - and now it came back again so I'll be having a tiny surgery to remove it. :( I'm studying, preparing myself for exams and my thesis... :) Oh, I got one amazing package from a very sweet lady from MUA, I'll show you the goodies as soon as I get some time to take pictures of them. :)

My nails are now so stronger and longer! :D I'm so happy about that. I'm using Nail Tek Intensive Therapy II for two months and I can see the difference. I'll be posting a review soon. :)

Like I said, I'm back (but still not back back :D ) with Extravagance. :$ OPI - DS Extravagance is a totally amazing polish. I already showed it once here, but I never saw its beauty on strong sun like now. I added 2 coats, application is amazing! I'm so sorry for the tiny picture spam, I can't pick just one or 2. :$

It's full of holo glitter and even more amazing in RL. :L

I'm wearing it since Monday and beside tip wear it still looks stunning. :L Worth having!

If you notice, I change my blog template and renamed my blog into Ivana Thinks Pink. Those who follow me on twitter are already familiar with that name so I decided to keep that name for my blog too. What do you think? Do you like a new look of my blog?

Take care! I'll be posting more probably quite soon!

Ivana :k