Sunday, May 29, 2011

Black Extravagance Ruffian

Boooo, I can't sleep! And I don't have energy to study so here I'm writing a post - perfect timing. :) I watched halftime of Barca:ManU and then I did my workout Insanity tranining during the second halftime (btw these workouts are really insane but interesting - if you want to know more about, just let me know :))... When I's finished, I saw that Barca won! Yay! So confusing, I'm the biggest fan of Real Madrid but I'm happy that Barca won today, because I really don't like ManU. :D I'm sure Abby is having her best dreams today. :P

Anway, I'm sure I already told you that I LOVE Ruffian manicure. It's so pretty, elegant and definitely something new to everybody here. :) I got Wet n Wild - Black Crème in my latest swap with blondie711 from MUA (note to myself: Take pictures of goodies you got  from her asap!). I never wear black on my nails, black is way too dark for my nails though. But... When I saw how opaque it is, I realized that it would work great for ruffian. I had OPI - DS Extravagance on my nails since Saturday so I wanted something new... And here it is... My new try of ruffian mani. :)

Black Crème is a perfect black creme one coater. If you need a black creme nail polish, I'd strongly recommend this one, application is amazing. :)

The weather here is sooo horrible, it's so hot lately but yesterday was sooo cold. I really hate those temperature differences. So, I don't have any sunny pictures for you. Booo! I'm sure Extravagance would look stunning now. :) I hope it'll be sunny tommorow! :$

I just realized I posted 3 almost same pictures with different backgounds. :$ I guess my hand is always prepared in this pose for taking pictures. :i


Because my phone isn't great for filming details, no video tutorial from me. :) But then I remembered that Nihrida (I'm sure you all know her, her stunning nails and her awesome blog :L ) filmed it a while ago, so I'm posting it here so you could take a look if you didn't saw it.

When I tried it for the first time after seeing this tutorial my manicure was a mess. Later I tried totally spontaneously with Wild at Heart I immediately fell in love with. I'm becoming even better with my right hand! :D

I would suggest that you add a layer of TC after applying your base color, because if you mess up something after applying a second color, you can still fix it with a brush soaked into nail polish remover. :) It's also way more easier if you pick very opaque polish, because you don't have to add 2 or more coats. :)

What do you think? Like it or not? Did you already try to make Ruffian? If so, what colors did you pick? Share some photos. :h

That's it for now from me, this weekend was all about my blog so I'm off to books from tommorow morning!

Ivana :k

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  1. Obožavam ruffian,i probala sam ga jednom napraviti,ali sada vidim zašto mi nije uspio,radila sam ga naopako :s...
    Tebi je super ispalo,sviđa mi se kombinacija boja ;)Hvala na videu,sada moram probati ovako,pa čemo vidjeti što če ispasti ;)

  2. Prečudovito!!moram sprobati danes al pa jutri :P

  3. Fuul lepo <3 Res mi je všeč, če pri ruffian kombiniraš holo lakec, sploh s črno barvo.
    P.S. Js sm tok vesela, da si (delno) nazaj, ker sm res pogrešala tvoje poste! :)

  4. this is very pretty!! I love it very much!!

  5. @Tinchi: Hvala. :h

    @Nina: Naopako? :i Nadam se, da će ti sad fino uspeti. :) Jedva čekam, da vidim šta ćeš napraviti. :)

    @Stravadorskiy: Kar, kar. :)

    @Summer: Hvala sweety. :k Jaaa, jaz tudi! Čeprav črne barve res ne maram nositi, ampak v tejle kombinaciji mi pa sploh ni slabo. :)

    P.S. Awwwwww. :h Kako je to lepo prebrat. :$

    @Renate: Thanks! :h

  6. lovely manicure.. thanks for sharing :) xx

  7. I love this manicure, you did an Excellent job.

  8. Aw I ♥ your ruffians! Its looks incredible =)

  9. Cool mani. I don't think I'm ready to try that yet. I can now paint my nails without making a mess, even in my non-dominant hand. Practise makes perfect.

  10. Super zgleda! Me je kar zamikalo poskusiti isto kombinacijo. :D Ruffian se mi dopade, ampak ga še nisem sprobala, ne zaupam si, da bi naredila lepo lunco z drugo barvo. JAz sem tudi vs čas na pavzi pa spet nazaj ... ne mormo se otrest blogov in bloganja. ;) :D

  11. Super! Bom tudi jaz tole izprobala danes :)

  12. @Kiva: You're welcome! :)

    @Carolina: Thank you! :k

    @Sara ♥'s ...: Ty! :k

    @marox79: Agree! You should try it, it's not so hard. :)

    @Ulmiel: Ni težko, sploh tako, da pričakujem še tvoje slike. :) In ja, smo malo tu, pa nas spet ni. :) Važno je, da ne izginemo. :D

    @With love, Ana.: Jupi! In da ne pozabiš pokazati! :)

  13. Very nice color combo!
    Thanks so much for the tutorial! I will have to try it :D

  14. wow, tole je pa perfect! super si tole nardila! :) lepi nohti in super kombinacija...morem probat ;)

  15. Of course we like it! Your ruffians are the best!

  16. I love it! you're on my blogroll! <3

  17. @Anutka: You're welcome. Share sme pics when you try it! :)

    @*M*: Kar kar! :) Meni so res nekaj posebnega. :L

    @NatalieDouka: Awww, thanks! :k

    @Oje Delisi (:: Thank you so much! :)


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