Friday, May 27, 2011

I'm back? with Extravagance

Hello dear readers and followers! Did you miss me like I missed you? :$ I'm sure you didn't. :P One month without blogging and I'm feeling like it passed a whole year.
And I have 604 followers!! Welcome! I's amazed how the number is still raising although I'm not posting anything lately. Thank you so much, you always made my day! :h

I'm still around, checking your blogs and updates - addicted, totally. :D I's thinking these days that I can't live without blogging. :) I've some free time so I decided to go through all my pictures I took this month and post some.

There's nothing new I guess, Ganglyon cyst came back so I had a punction again - and now it came back again so I'll be having a tiny surgery to remove it. :( I'm studying, preparing myself for exams and my thesis... :) Oh, I got one amazing package from a very sweet lady from MUA, I'll show you the goodies as soon as I get some time to take pictures of them. :)

My nails are now so stronger and longer! :D I'm so happy about that. I'm using Nail Tek Intensive Therapy II for two months and I can see the difference. I'll be posting a review soon. :)

Like I said, I'm back (but still not back back :D ) with Extravagance. :$ OPI - DS Extravagance is a totally amazing polish. I already showed it once here, but I never saw its beauty on strong sun like now. I added 2 coats, application is amazing! I'm so sorry for the tiny picture spam, I can't pick just one or 2. :$

It's full of holo glitter and even more amazing in RL. :L

I'm wearing it since Monday and beside tip wear it still looks stunning. :L Worth having!

If you notice, I change my blog template and renamed my blog into Ivana Thinks Pink. Those who follow me on twitter are already familiar with that name so I decided to keep that name for my blog too. What do you think? Do you like a new look of my blog?

Take care! I'll be posting more probably quite soon!

Ivana :k

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  1. hi! i'm glad you're back, even if you aren't "back back!" hahaha.
    i love this color. i own it but i haven't worn it yet!
    your photos are always so beautiful!

  2. YAYAYAY!!! Hehe I agree with rebecca, glad your back even if not back back! Lol =P
    And oh wow awesome polish! I think this is my fave out of the entire OPI DS series =) Would love to own it one day...

  3. New blog name and you're returning with a pink. Very apt.
    Hope your surgery goes well.
    I'm using Mavala Scientific to make my nails stronger and prevent peeling. It seemed to work at first, but I can't see much difference now.
    Nailtek II seems to be the HG in base coats. I guess I'll have to order mine when I finish what I have.

  4. Lovely manicure!
    I really like the new blog name.

  5. Yaaay, wb :* Pa čudovit lakec, itak!

  6. sem bila kar presenečena ko sem zagledala tvoj post :) wb *

    lakec pa je itak čudovit, nohtki pa še lepši kot prej :)

  7. Beautiful polish, beautiful nails! Good to have you back! x

  8. baš nam nisi nedostajala... ali kad si se već vratila možeš malo i ostati s nama ;-)
    nisam ni mislila da ćeš se vratiti s nekom drugom bojom osim pink... a vidim i novo ime bloga imaš - konačno si priznala istinu :-D

  9. lijepo je vidjet da si se vratila :) s prekrasnom rozom ko i uvijek :)

  10. You're back ! (I say with a movie-like-look)
    I LOOOOOVE this color ! :) So pretty on you ! :)
    love the blog, but I already told you ! :)
    Xx. S

  11. Yayyyyyy welcome back!!!!! Awesome's absolutely divine!

  12. It's nice to see you back (even if it's not "back back" :k), and with an amazing polish!!

  13. Good to see you back-ish! I love the title and the layout, very nice. And that polish is stunning!

  14. It's nice to see you back again. Your nails look splendid!!! :) looking forward to your next post :)

  15. Welcome back! :D
    That is such a gorgeous pink!!!

  16. I looooove this! I went to add it to my wish list and it was already there :)

  17. Welcome back (or well, a little bit back :)) with a gorgeous polish!

  18. Hahhahaha.. znala sam da nećeš izdržat.. nanjušila sam te... hehe.. ;)

    Predivan lakić <3

    Btw hrpa za peglanje te čeka kod mene ;)

  19. wuhuuuu wb :) lak pa itak...čista 10ka! <3

  20. welcome back!!! this is just beautiful.

  21. @rebecca: Hiya! Thanks, it's good to be back and hear from you! :k I don't know what're you waiting for! It's stunning! :)

    @Sara ♥'s ...: Awww, thanks! :) I hope you'll get it one day, you won't be sorry, it's so pretty in RL. :L

    @marox79: Thanks! I still don't know when I'm having a surgery though. :(
    Really? I read a lot of great reviews of Mavala too. As far as I can see from my nails, Nail Tek is really helping them. We'll see!

    @Carolina: Thank you! :k Do you remember that you suggested me once I's asking for. :i

    @With love, Ana.: Hvala! :k

    @Tinna: Res preveč pogrešam bloganje, zato sem si vzela malo časa in natipkala post. :$ Hvala! :h

    @KarenD: Ty! :h It's good to see you around!

    @The Nail Buff: Thanks! It's so good to be back at least for a day or two! :)

    @nail crazy: Znala sam. :P Ali opet odlazim, biće vremena za bloganje. I da da, nema druge, što bi krili. :D

    @Lendoxia: Hvala! A i lepo je pročitat komentare, pogotovo od vas koji me uvek pratite! :h

    @S.: Thank you so much! :h I'm sure this one would look so good on you too!

    @Olivia: Ty! :h

    @maisenzasmalto: Thank you sweety! :h

    @Frances: Thanks! I'm so happy you like it, I's changing it for whole day. :D

    @Marta: Ty! :k

    @Anutka: Thanks! :i

    @Breigh: You have taste! :D I hope you'll get it soon!

    @Bregje: Ty! :k You changed your name, right? :)

    @Lalica: :$ Evooo, ideeeem. :D

    @.sparkle*: Hvala! :k

    @Enamel Girl: Ty! :h


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