Saturday, September 1, 2012

Video Tutorial: Funky French with Tickle my Triangle & Dionisio

The other day was really sunny and I needed a quick manicure so I picked one of my favorite polish I own. I got this polish from Kvacka (thank you :h) and I still can't believe I finally own it. I'm talking about Tickle my Triangle from Kaleidoscope collection. I'm so happy I own this one and How about a Tumble.
I added 3 thin coats, it dries super fast and it looks gorgeous! Of course you have to take blurry pictures to capture rainbow but it's still way too beautiful in person. :L

Sun - blurry
China Glaze - Tickle my Triangle / 3 coats

Then I decided to experiment with my phone again so I tried to film how I usually do a funky french. I change an angle of filming so I hope you can see better. I use striping tape for any kind of french manicure, because it gives reall precise line on tips.

Only problem now was editing text, because I didn't realize it doesn't show up great because of the too bright lightning and white text isn't really visible.I could change it but it took almost 8 hours to upload on YouTube and I don't have patience to wait again. :/

And a picture...
China Glaze - Tickle my Triangle / 3 coats
Funky French: Hits No Olimpo - Dionisio
Essie - Good to Go

Letme know what do you think about this video! As always, I would love to hear your feedback! :h Thanks for reading!

Ivana :l

9 Comment(s):

  1. Thank you for this tutorial !! It's beautiful :)

  2. pretty! love ur nails <3 and ur video !

  3. Great job on the video! Can't wait to see what else you come up with! And your nails are looking fabulous!

  4. Such a pretty nail design. The pink polish is so beautiful


  5. TMT je divan holic <3 a video je ovaj put super :) samo osam sati uploada je stvarno puno, nadam se da ce ti ubuduce ic brze

  6. Koooook maš že dolge nohte! <3 Čudovito! xxx

  7. beautiful! I know I say this everytime but your nails are so gorgeous!

  8. It looks sooooo beautiful! :L And I absolutely love your videos! ;)

  9. Oh, kako ti paše!!! <3 <3 <3 Še veliko bolj, kot pa How about a Tumble, verjetno zato, ker imaš zdaj še bolj GORDŽS nohte! =))


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