Saturday, July 16, 2011

China Glaze - (Failed) Pool Party

Huh I didn't even want to post these swatches but I think I'll never be able to take color accurate picture of this radioactive nail polish. :D That's why I'm talking about failed Pool Party by China Glaze from Poolside 2010 Summer collection. I wanted it sooooo badly, because it looks sooo awesome and when I got it, I's in love. Until I put it on my nails... xo
It's still pretty, don't get me wrong but I expected a real neon pink color but this beauty looks so orange on me. :D And it's even moreee orange on pictures as in RL. I gave up from trying to catch its real color so here are some failed and totally not color accurate pictures. :D 
I added 3 coats, dries super fast and matte so you have to add a layer of TC to get that shiny finish. Are you ready? :D
This one was taken with my laptop camera.
It's orange on me but still not so much as these pictures. xo I checked lots of swatches to show you how does it look like for real on me and I think Elaine from Lacquer Laine really catch its color. I really expected a neon pink so I's a little dissapointed but I still need to layer it over white to see if I'll like it more. :D

My nails are naked for two days now and I still don't have any inspiration. I hope I'll work something out till tommorow. 

Do you have any from Poolside collection? Do you wear such bright colors? I must admit I didn't like them before but now.... I want every single neon pink polish on this world. :$

Have a nice and looong weekend,
Ivana :k

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  1. Omg this polish is beautiful! I love it....!

  2. I know how it looks!
    I love!
    Ivana, your nails are pretty!!!!!!!!!

  3. So bright and beautiful! I really want flip flop fantasy from the poolside collection! :)

  4. That's a bright polish!!!!

  5. ja obozavam Flip Flop Fantasy, taj mi je predivan

  6. its pretty girl...also on your nails!!

  7. That glows like crazy! Awesome :)

  8. I recommend applying a white polish as a base before you put a neon over it. I do that with all my neons and I find for me it makes the colour way more vibrant. Hope this helps x

  9. OMG I want it! It looks absolutely amazing on your nails!

  10. da i na slikama u bocici izgleda manje narancasto nego na tvojim noktima

  11. this looks amazing on you though, if you want to try a real neon pink i suggest china glaze shocking pink (neon) trust me it is crazy! i've done a post on it too, if you want to check it out on my blog

  12. @Mandy: I hope you have it too! :)

    @Carolina: Thanks dear! :k It's really hard to take color accurate pictures. :(

    @SM: Thanks! I hope you'll get it soon!

    @imfeelingnail-venturous: Totally radioactive! 8)

    @hermetic: Predivan je, ja sam odabrala ovoga, jer mi je izgledao interesantniji od FFF. :)

    @Renate: Thanks! :)

    @Jenna: Totally. 8)

    @Nicole - Top To Toe: I know, I mentioned that in my post too. I'll try it probably soon. Thanks! :)

    @Mína: Thanks! :)

    @Lendoxia: Da, ali i u živo nikako ne izgleda ko u bočici. ;)

    @nail loopy: Are you reading my minds? I put Shocking Pink yesterday on my WL and also tweeted about it. :O I hope I'll get it one day. :L

  13. Your nails are really beautiful!!

    Love them!

  14. i don't think it's a fail at all.

  15. loll, great minds think alike, funny enough i got mine by accident hehe, if i see one i'll try pick it up for you and then maybe you'd like to swap? oh and also another good one i'd recommend is zoya renee !

  16. I loved this collection. I do see how it pulls orange on some people! Too bad :(

  17. @KimsKie's Nails: Thank you so much. :h

    @Enamel Girl: Thanks, but I really failed at capturing color accurate pictures. :$

    @nail loopy: Of course! :) If you can find something that I can get for you, no problem at all! :) I'll check Renee too, but Zoyas are waaay to expensive here. :o

    @nicnacksnails: Agree! Without orange it would be just perfect! :|

  18. I like this color so much!

  19. Wow,prekrasna boja!Imam par neonaca,ali još uvijek se ne usudim nositi ih u javnosti ;)))

  20. Men je pa čist hud poletni lakec <3 Nimam pa nobenega laka iz te kolekcija, morem nabavit :D

  21. it's bright and summary! I love it!
    and your nails look so gorgeous!

  22. @evie: I hope you have it too! :)

    @Nina: Štoo? :o Lak ko lak - taman, neon, bilokakav... :L

    @With love, Ana.: Ja, to imaš prav, je res poletni ampak jaz sem vseeno pričakovala, da bo bolj roza kot v flaški. :D In ja, moraš nabavit! :P

    @Nailderella: Thanks dear, this was almost a month ago. :)

  23. Please try it again but use a white base coat under it!

  24. if i can get my hands on shocking pink i'll email you to arrange a swap or something? is that ok : )

  25. @dyfferent: I will. :D I already said I will when I'll have some time to play with white polish. :)

    @nail loopy: It's a deal. :h

  26. Try applying a white coat before pool party. It works for every neon polish ;)

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