Monday, July 25, 2011

Swap with Misha from Enigmatic Rambles

New swap goodies for today. :L Misha from Enigmatic Rambles contacted me few months ago because she wanted to try out some goodies from Essence. Till then I actually didn't even know that Essence isn't sold in UK.. Weird Essence. :D So it took me some time to get everything for her but last week I finally made it. I woke up today and found an parcel in kitchen and I's soooo happy to open it. :$

These are the goodies I got from her. :L Can you tell that I've a pink problem? :D

Barry M
Berry Ice Cream
Strawberry Ice Cream
 Pink Instant Nail Effect
MUA #16

I wanted a Tangle Teezer for ages. I read so many great reviews and because my hair is so long and I still didn't get a haircut it's so hard to brush my hair without pain. So I's so happy to get it. :e
Tangle Teezer Compact Styler
I wanted a compact version, because I can easily take it with me anywhere without destroying the teeth. I'll probably invest in original once but for now I'm happy to have it and it's in pink. :D My first immpresion is really great but I won't talk much now, I'll be using it from today on and probably write a review post later.

I also got a nail whitener from Orly but I can't find it right now. xo My room is a mess like always and I'm sure I'll find it right after I publish this post. :D I hope it'll help me a little, because I still didn't grow up the yellow stains. :(

Misha thank you so much, now I can cross down from WL all Barry M polishes and a Tangle Teezer, yay. :) I hope you'll like the goodies I sent you.:h

Here's a bonus photo I took today. This cute little birdie's posing for me today. Fist I thought something was wrong with him, but after some time he flew away. It's great to be so close to him. :) I'm sure he thinks I'm crazy because I's talking with him all the time. :D

Ivana :k

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  1. What great pink polishes, and what an adorable bird! Awfully sweet of him to pose for you.

  2. Lovely pink polishes! Especially the crackle one!

  3. Great swap!!
    Have fun with all this!

  4. Birdie!!! I like your pink Tangle Teezer. I got the black compact and I love it! I also got the green pearl full-size and I'd definitely recommend getting a full-size one. I've yet to try any BarryM polishes, but I love the

  5. Aww cute birdie! I've never tried Barry M polishes before, but they look really good :D I've never heard of the Tangle Teezer before! I want one now!

  6. Još jedan swap???

    Divno, opet sam ljubomorna. ;)

  7. Hehhe, srčkan ptiček. Jaz se tudi vedno pogovarjam z živalmi, se pa strinjam, verjetno mislijo da smo mal čudni. ;) :D Super za swap! Jaz sem tudi ravnokar enega izvedla in moram malo zabremzat, v zadnjem mesecu sem dobila ... 50? lakov. Samo preko swapov. ;) Je pa zabavno!

  8. @Frances: Thanks! He's really so sweet. :h

    @NatalieDouka: Pink crackle is awesome. :L

    @rock-or-not: Thanks! I definitely will. :$

    @Laura @ Sawan-Heaven: Thanks! I'll as soon as I have some more money to spend on it. I tried it before and it's so amazing, no more pain while brushing my hair. :D

    @Eileen: He's cuuuute. :L I tried just one Barry M and I like it, but these are totally my color. Tangle Teezer is great for detangling your hair, works like a magic. :) I'll write a post later for sure.

    @Lalica: :D Nema ih više, za sad. :P

    @Ulmiel: :P Ja, "malo" pa res. :D Jaaa ful! Bolj zanimivo je dobiti lake v swapu kot jih kupiti. :) So pa zelo zasvajajoči. :P Ah, uživajmo, dokler lahko. :r

  9. great swap ivana :D

    shel xx

  10. Strawberry Ice Cream looks yummy :)

  11. hey :)
    first thing i love your blog its so cute and soo classy and chic and Omg i loove that Pink Instant Nail Effect color its amaziing i cant find a pink like that here im always searching for that kind of a pink but i find those ones who u can still see ur nail through :/ it sucks
    and i looooooooooooove that little birdue s picture it looks amazing <3<3<3

    ps. im totally following you :)
    will u plz follow me back i only have 3 followers :(

  12. I wish Barry M was available in the US! They have some really good stuff (: Where did you get your Tangle Teezer? I saw your before and after picture on Twitter, and it looks like it really works!

  13. I can't believe I wasn't following you until now, good thing Kirsten (Glittagloves) pointed me in the right direction.

    I LOVE your blog, and I never thought I'd meet someone who loved pink as much as I do but I think you have me beat! I love it!

  14. ma šta ti je, uopće se ne vidi da imaš pink problem ;-D
    krasno si 'ftićeka' uhvatila :-D

  15. @Irishenchantment: Thanks. :)

    @Mína: And it really is! :) Can't wait to try it. :L

    @MakeupxSparkles: Thanks so much for your comment. :) I hope you'll find something similar like that pink. :)

    @Eileen: They totally have. :) I got my TT from Misha but I think you can find it online. I'm also quite sure that I saw on TT's twitter profile that they start selling them in US too (I think it was Sally Beauty Supply store but check their official page for more infos). :) It really works like a magic, I'll write more soon! :$

    @Elizabeth: :) Thanks goes to Kirsten who send me some of you, yay. :h Another pink lover? Sounds fun! :L Welcome and thanks for your comment. :h

    @nail crazy: Ma kakvi! :P Pravi makenen je. :D

  16. Thanks it was great doing a swap with you! Hope you enjoy your goodies :)

    I was reading the back of the gel kit and it says it was even made in the UK. So frustrating they don't sell here! I will ask them, its not fair!!

  17. @Enigma: I am. :) Thanks again!

    Definitely! I hope you'll get Essence soon! :/


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