Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Essence - Replay

It feels like I didn't show you my nails for ages. :D Finally I took some time yesterday and paint my nails. :) I've an idea in my minds for a whole week but since my freehand skills aren't that great I decided to make something way easier but the final result I'll be showing you next time. :)

Like I said a while ago I got a bunch of new polishes from Veri to try out and I still have so many left. :i I'm too lazy to change my manicure so often as before especially if I love it. :D Did you see that Essence'll have some new products in September (again) and I still didn't buy anything I'd like from new goodies which they've released in March. They're so fast with new stuff and lots of new limited editions. :)

Replay is a turquoise leaning more towards green creme nail polish. It's more on the thicker side, you can easily get away with one thick coat like I did on my right hand but here I've 2 coats and a layer a TC. :) I just hate its brush.. I never had problems with Essence's Multi Dimensions brushes but this one wasn't the first wonky brush I tried and I saw many complains about their brushes since they released new bottles in March. So please Essence fix that! :)
We've horrible and coooold weather (I'm freezing in July :ice ) so taking great pictures was really hard and my phone's acting really weird lately. xo

If you love this color, you can't miss with Replay. :) First I thought this was a dupe for For Audrey but it's not. For Audrey is more pastel and more blue as this one in case you're wondering. :)

What do you think?

And thanks to all new and of course old followers who've joined my blog. There's already 705 of you, I never thought I'll have so many followers so I'm really happy to see you here. :k

Ivana :k

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  1. ooo kok maš lepe nohtke:) ..ti pašejo tudi druge barve poleg roza :) hehe tko da podpiram še kakšen drug post, druge barve:)

  2. the color is pretty! (it's freezing here, too)

  3. Ivana, your nails are looking Terrific!
    This colors goes to my WL right now.

  4. Congrats on your 700+ followers. You deserve every single one of them!

    What will Essence surprise us with in the autumn, I wonder. Some true holos, maybe?

  5. @Pink_Diamond: Hvala. :D Ja kdaj pa kdaj se res potrudim nosit tudi druge barve ampak še vseeno se najbolj počutim s pink nohtki. :D Sem pa tudi tega nadgradila s pink. :D

    @Une Ruxi à Paris: Glad to hear that. You need it! :P

    @Nailderella: There too? :( We want Summer! :@

    @Carolina: Thanks dear! :k I knew you'll like it. :)

    @marox79: Thank you so much. :k Uh, I wish! :D I think there'll be more MU products than polishes, I saw just 4 from Color&Go. We'll see, soon. :)

  6. Semi-chilly weather in Italy too, at least north-Italy * sgrunt *
    But you look soooo good with colder colours :D

  7. great mani!! its a great summer color! :)

  8. What a pretty color! Wow you totally read my mind at the end of the post, because I thought it was a dupe of For Audrey as well!

  9. nevem kaj bi spet prej pohvalila.... vse je super!!! :) ni kaj, grem do dm si ga kupit :P

  10. čime ti gnjojiš nokte pa ti tako rastu !?
    boja je prekrasna, već dva mjeseca čeka red kod mene...

  11. Sally Hansen has a similar shade called Jade Jump. I've been eyein it for a while. I'm liking these shades lately. It's nice to hear that you wear your manis, like me, if you like them. Nice to enjoy the pretty ones for a few days ;)

  12. kud prije opet misle novosti dovodit nisam ni ja bas pokupovala sve od novih stvari sto sam imala namjeru, a replay je godan, malo prezelen za moj ukus

  13. @Smaltoitaliano: So I guess we all want Summer. :( Thanks, I really like how this one looks on me too. :)

    @carissakuo: Totally! :)

    @Eileen: Awww yes, I can read minds! :D So cool! 8)

    @misaya: Joj, hvala. :$ NNe bo ti žal, res je zelo lep odtenek. :L

    @nail crazy: Substralom! :P Nail Tek Foundation II za sad a prije sam imala Intensive Therapy 2. I neznam šta čekaš, stvarno je predivna boja. :P

    @Marta: I think you can't miss with similar color, especially with your pretty nails. :h And of course, I can't remove it if it's still perfect and I'm loving it. :)

    @Lendoxia: Pa stvarno su požurili. :D Ali dok to dođe do nas... :)

  14. tale barva je pa za crknit lepa !!! vau !


  15. @Sasa skocir: Ane? :) Škoda, ker jih ukinjajo. :(


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