Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fancy Snowy Fuchsia with Roses

Another mani from last month, because I'm still rocking my Teeez Smooth & Outta Control mani. I'm just not in the mood for removing almost perfect manicure. Yap, last two months made me even more lazy, because now I don't like changing my mani every other day like I used to do before. :D I hope I'll change that in near future. xP

I wore this mani for a week I think because I liked it so much. I wanted to have white nails after seeing this beautiful swatch at With love, Ana but then I changed my mind and I painted my nails with pink too. White polish I used was China Glaze - Snow from their Winter 2010 collection and my favorite pink polish Orly - Fancy Fuchsia. Both are two coats I think and their application is very thick to apply but a coat of TC saves everything.

When I got bored I added some stamping with one of my favorite patterns. :) I stamped white roses over Fancy Fuchsia with Essence Stamp me! White polish and pink roses over white with Fancy Fuchsia, as you can see FF is great for stamping over light colors too. :)

It's fun combo, pink and white always go perfectly together and because I love pink, this was a fun way to wear pinks. :)

And if we're talking about pink/white combo, I got new pair of Adidas sneakers last week in exactly that combination. :L 

I love sneakers, I'd have all from Adidas. :L I wasn't planning to order them, but I got a mail about sales and when I saw them I just had to order them. Then after one day I changed my mind but they're already sent out. But the lady I contacted said if I don't want them that I just don't pick them up when mailman bring them. And I didn't but they're waiting another 15 days at post office. I didn't know what to do, I went even shopping if I'll find anything that I'd like even more but I didn't so I went to pick them up and I'm glad I did. They're little more open as usualy sneakers, like ballerinas, but they're totally cute. :L I got white and pink shoelaces but I decided to go with pink, they look cuter. :)

Do you like this color combination? :) What's your favorite pair of sneakers if you're wearing them?

Hope you're all having a great day! I'm going back to typing my thesis. :)

Ivana :k

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  1. Wow! Love your nails, and your shoes are great!! I love pink & white!

  2. ta kombinacija na nohtih je perfect :L

    adidaski pa itak :L pri teh mi je ful všeč belo roza kombinacija, pri črnih pa mi je všeč, da je zraven zlato.. zakaj ni belo zlatih :/

  3. I love your mani its cute and those sneakers are awesome!

    shel xx

  4. slatka manikura :-D
    a nisam niti pomislila da bi imala vezice neke druge boje ;-)

  5. i love this, super cute and girly :)

  6. Fancy Fuchsia, kako dobar lak! Moram da ga imam, ne znam kako sam ga propustila, divan je!

  7. LOVE this! Your nails are absolutely gorgeous. Gotta love those Adidas (;

  8. OMG I love this design and the colors you used!! Cute shoes too!

  9. Čudovita manikura :)

  10. Lovely! So sad I don't have that image plate. :(

  11. Tole manikuro sem občudovala že na enem forumu, pa se ne spomnim katerem. Res je super kombinacija in izvedba =).
    Addidas(ke) so pa tud fuuul luškane =)

  12. What an adorable mani! :L And I WANT those sneakers.

  13. This is so pretty! I like how you alternated the combination every other nail. And your nails always look so nice!

  14. Beautiful! I can't decide which combo I like better... :)

  15. this is very pretty girl!!
    like it a lot!!

  16. Prekrasna manikura,super kombinacija,a tenisice su preslatke ;)))

  17. @KimsKie's Nails: Thanks. :) I love it too. :L

    @Tinna: Hvala. :h Jaa, belo zlate bi bile tudi super. :i Jaz imam že visoke belo-zlate adidaske ti pa vem, da tiste roza, ki sem si jih jaz fuuul želela ampak jih pri nas nisem zasledila. :c

    @Irishenchantment: Thank you. :h

    @nail loopy: Hvala. :P Pa to su mi prve pink patike, ne nosim pink i ovako već samo na noktima. :D Ali slađe izgledaju sa pink, ali sigurna sam da ću i bele da upotrebim jednog dana. :D

    @nail loopy: Ty. :h

    @Lendoxia: Hvala. :)

    @Makeup and more * Šminka i ostalo: Zaista moraš ga imati, jer je jedinstven, originalan i ništa slično nemam. A i stvaru udara u oči. :D

    @Eileen: Thank you. :k Righ?! Love Adidas! :L

    @Amber: Thanks dear. :)

    @Neko: Hvala. :$

    @rins: Awww you should get it somehow, it's so pretty. :)

    @colorfulbottle: Hvala, mislim pa, da si jo celo v živo videla samo se ne spomnim, a sem jo že poštempljala ali ne. :P Ja, Adidaske so tudi meni čisto preveč cute. :D

    @AmyGrace: Yap, you NEED them. :P Thanks! :k

    @Abby: Thank you. :) I added stamping later and I loved it even more after that. :$

    @Anutka: Ty. :k

    @Renate: Thanks! :)

    @Nina: Hvala. :)

  18. Haha, imaš pa dober spomin =). Takrat si imela še brez vrtnic =).

  19. Ivana, this manicure is super pretty!
    I loooooooooove your shoes!

  20. Cute mani, this rose designis always a winner :) And I love the sneakers, you shouldn't have doubted!!!

  21. Ooooh, so bright and cheerful! I like the colour contrast and the stamping design. :)

  22. @colorfulbottle: Ja ti pa tudi. :P

    @evie: Thanks. :)

    @Carolina: Thank you, dear. :k

    @ritterbraten: Now I know but then I didn't. :P Thanks! :h

    @Witoxicity: Thanks and welcome. :)

  23. cat costa? de unde mii pot cumpara?


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