Friday, July 22, 2011

p2 - Silver Blast & Golden Rush Crackling TC

When I woke up, I saw a package for me and it's from Linnie at, Nailpolish and more.... You should check her blog, her nails are so beautiful. :L I got her e-mail last week and she said I won her giveaway! How awesome is that! :D And few hours before her e-mail I's really thinking how I didn't won any giveaways lately. :D Here's what I got :party :

p2 - Golden Rush crackling TC
p2 - Silver Blast crackling TC
p2 - Powerful Orange (TE Your wild side)
Essence - Make me Holo (TE Black and White)
Thanks Linnie. :k

Yuuuup, p2 crackles which I wanted soooo bad but since p2 isn't available here I couldn't get them. I'm still totally in love with p2 polishes, which I got from Adora Belle, although I still didn't have time to try them all. :D I think I've so many untrieds in my stash. xo

I'm still wearing my Teeez mani but I's planning to remove it today. But then I get the idea, what if I tried my new crackles on 2 fingers to see how they look like on me. :D

Let's start with my favorite, Silver Blast. It works like mostly all crackles, you have to apply a coat over a dry polish. If you apply thicker coat, crackles'll be bigger and if you apply thinner coat, crackles'll be tinier. Their applications is amazing, I applied a thick coat on my ring finger. It dries matte so I added a coat of TC to make it shinier and sparkly. :L

Sun - Blurry
 And next it Golden Rush. Same as Silver Blast but in gold on my middle finger. :L
Sun - Blurry
I look more tanned on last 2 pictures because the sun was going down so the light was more yellow as before. :)

I really love how they look like and I can't wait to try them as a full mani. :D I's actually quite sure I don't need any crackles from new China Glaze's collection but now I really really don't need them at all. Crackles are now really everywhere, what if someone would start a holographic phase or flakies? I wouldn't mind! :L So yes PLEASE. :L

Do you have p2 crackles? If you can get it, don't hesitate, you won't be sorry. I don't know how much they cost, probably not much so you really need them in your life, especially if you're searching for gold or silver crackles. Bingo!

Ivana :k

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  1. I've never heard of the p2 brand before, where can you find them? Haha I wish they would start a holographic or flakies trend too! Those are way more interesting than crackles in my opinion (:

  2. WOW!Ja imam Silver blast,i uz njega sam uzela samo crni,drugih nije bilo :(((Zlatni je wow :L
    Šteta što kod nas nema P2 lakova,super su, puno bolji nego s-he...

  3. Oooh, I bought the gold crackle on my trip to germany! Both look gorgeous, I love the warm pink and purple underneath :)

  4. Looks so good on your mani!!
    I love it!

  5. I'm glad they arrived safely! Looks good on your nails :D

    P2 crackles are only 1,75 euro (If I'm not mistaking) I bought them in Germany

  6. @Eileen: P2 is sold in drugstore DM, I know for Germany. We also have DM store in Slovenia but instead of p2 we have S-he. :) Totally, I'd buy them all. :P Now keep your fingers crossed that someone'll start it! :P

    @Nina: Bolje išta nego ništa. :P Ako ikad naletiš i na zlatnog, ne propuštaj. :) I ja bi volela, da imamo p2 nego S-he ali izgleda ništa od toga. :(

    @Jette Fromm: Yay, it's stunning right? :) Thanks for your comment. :k

    @rock-or-not: Thank you. :h

    @Pink_Diamond: Thanks. :h

    @Linnie: Thanks again Linnie, I'm so happy to have them. :L I knew they're not expensive, you can't miss with these at all. Good polish for an awesome price! Well done p2. :b

  7. oww, the silver crackle looks pretty on your nails!! congrats!

  8. sad ćeš me natjerat da nabavim srebrni i zlatni crackle ;-)
    čestitam na nagradi!

  9. p.s. smućkala sam franken i htjela ga nazvati po tebi (ma isti ti, kažem ti) ali nisam bila sigurna bi se tebi ideja svidila pa sam odustala :-p

  10. @Silence is Loud: Thanks, I really love it. And I also can't wait to get my OPI Silver Shatter. :L

    @nail crazy: Pa, moraš. :P
    Videla sam ga, stvarno je divan i baš je isti ja, u pravu si. :P Imaš da namućkaš još jedan za mene. :D


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