Sunday, July 3, 2011

Essence - You Belong To Me

I wanted to post my upgrade of Virtual Violet but I changed my mind today when I painted my nails. :D I got a bunch of polishes from my lil' sister Veri to try them out. I still didn't buy any single polish from Essence's new range. I'm broke, I have to complete my swaps first and then I'm picking some of them for me. :D But she already picked some of them so she was kind enough to lend them to me. :D Thank you dear. :k

I decided to pick something else, it's a time to show you something different than pink, right? :) You Belong To Me (what a pretty name :$ ) is a nice light blue with hint of green creme pastel, I suppose it's very similar to Essie - Mint Candy Apple. :)
Application is great, 2 coats and a coat of TC. I'm quite impressed with their formula, some pastels can be  really difficult to apply, but this one isn't.

I had so many problems with my nails today. My pointer curls.. A lot. :P And it really annoys me, because it's even more noticable on pics. So I had to soak it into water and take all the pictures again. Everything for decent pictures. :P

As you can see, my nails are quite long now. They're not peeling at all, thanks to the Nail Tek Intesive Therapy II and now Foundation II. :b From light it depends how this polish looks like - I took this picture on daylight and it looks just blue. :)

I really love it and I definitely need it! I love those little Color & Go polishes, they're cheap and great! You can't go wrong with them. :)

I watched Wimbledon today. What a great finals but of course Novak Đoković won! :e From tommorow on he's the #1! Congrats! :b

Ivana :k

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  1. I love this Ivana!
    This color looks so pretty on you.

  2. Sweet and pretty color! I must have this!

  3. krasna barva... ali zamisli čuda, nije pink ;-p

  4. I'm sorry our Nadal didn't win today, but I have to recognise Djokovic has been playing a lot better than him lately.

  5. Such a GORGEOUS colour! And as always it looks super duper stunning on your nails =]

  6. @Carolina: Ty. :h Do you already have it?

    @Mína: I agree. :)

    @zakręcona_: Definitely it's worth having. :)

    @nail crazy: Nije nije. :) Desi se i to - ponekad. :$

    @marox79: Totally. :b That's why I's so happy when Novak won, it's good to see someone else as best on this world, not just Nadal or Federer. :) But I prefer Nadal over Federer. :O

    @Sara ♥'s ...: Awww thanks dear! :h It's really a pretty color, even I love it and I'm not a fan of these colors. :P

  7. Yes, these Color & Go are really nice!
    This mint-blue color is really pretty! I looks nice on you ;D
    I'm also wearing a mint polish today!...with some Konad on top!

  8. I have this color too and I love it! So pretty...

  9. Loooove the color ! It looks so pretty on you !
    And your nails !
    Zooooo mooi !
    Xx. S

  10. Love this colour on you! And your nails are looking gorgeous this long, but I'm with you on the curling part - I can't stand it on mine, LOL. I always cut/file mine to be just before they curl ;)

  11. Divno. Odlično ti stoje i plavi lakovi, ne samo rozi ;)

  12. hehehe..tebe pa nisem vajena s tako barvo:) ......čeprav mi je roza bolj všeč...moram priznati, da tudi ta ni slaba:)

  13. @Nailderella: Ty. :) Like we're planning to wear similar color. :D I added a crackle over and I already removed it. :D

    @NatalieDouka: Essence did a great job with this shade. :)

    @S.: Thank you dear. :h

    @Jette Fromm: I'd totally file them too but if I want my pointer not to be curled I can cut my whole nail off. It starts curling quite soon. :( But okay, it's not so visible in RL as on picture. And a layer of TC under nail helps a little too! :)

    @Lalica: :) Ali ja se nikad ne osečam tako dobro sa drugim bojama ko sa pink noktima. :D

    @Pink_Diamond: Malo spremembe. :) Vsake toliko časa najdem odtenek, ki ni roza in mi je zelo všeč. :P Čeprav se še vseeno najbolje počutim z roza nohti, so čisto "me". :$

  14. This is so pretty on you! I love your long nails! :O

  15. I'm not so into light colors but I just love the shade of this polish.

  16. I own this one too, but I haven't worn it yet :/ Maybe I should give it a try :)
    It looks gorgeous on you!

  17. @Miss Blue: Ty. :h I'm so happy they're longer now. :$

    @♥ Claire ♥: Ty. :)

    @rins: I love it too! It's so pretty. :)

    @Elsa P.: You should! :D It's definitely beautiful on nails. :) Ty. :h

  18. I love this color, it's so pretty!

  19. Tole je pa čista popolnost :L In oleeeee za Novaka :e

  20. @Sandra: Me too. :L

    @With love, Ana.: :h Jaaa, oleeee. :b Njega prav moraš imeti rad. :)


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