Saturday, July 23, 2011

Essence TE Ballerina Backstage Haul

I finally got everything I wanted from Essence's new trend edition Ballerina Backstage, which is currently available in DM but mostly everything is sold out, same for Nails in Style, but I'll talk more about haul from this TE another time. :)

Here's what I got. :)

Nail polish 
02 Wear Your Little Tutu
Blush Sufflé 
01 Prima Ballerina
Eye Soufflé 
01 Dance the Swan lake
02 Pes des Copper
03 Grand-plié in black

Like I already said in preview post I was most excited for eye soufflés and blush soufflé as for polishes. :) If you want to see really beautiful swatches this TE (polishes, eye soufflés and blush soufflé) take a look on Parokeets blog, Gejba made me buy Wear Your Little Tutu. :D I didn't like others neither I had money for more, but I can still see polishes on rack, just the black one is gone from the beggining. :D

This is the first time I's trying to make swatches of something else than nail polish and it's so hard. xo

From L to R:
03 Grand-Plié in black
01 Dance the Swan lake
02 Pes des Copper

I don't even know how to describe them. :$ I really like copperish one, it's shimmery and it's great for defining your lids, creamy white is the most opaque and black one is more on a sheer side, I had to apply more coats to achieve such a dark look.
More after a click... :)
I'm not wearing eyeshadows a lot, just some neutral colors and lots of mascara. Even Essence Gel Eyeliner is way too dark for me, so I decided to use this black shadow as an eyeliner and it works great. :)

 Products used:
Essence TE You Rock Eyeshadow Base
01 Dance the Swan lake
02 Pes des Copper
03 Grand-Plié in black
Essence Mystic Lemon
MaxFactor False Lash Effect WP & Masterpiece Max

I couldn't capture Blush on my hand at all neither on my face as you can see below, but it's there. I'm using blush brush from Essence TE Moonlight Collection because if I appy it with finger, doesn't look as beautiful as with brush. I'm more tanned as on picture (I took it with flash) but it's still visible on my cheeks. If you love blushes, then you just have to have it. :D

They lasted whole day on me, I loved whole MU so much that I didn't want to remove it before I went to bed. :D So you get a nice product for an amazing price. Eye Soufflé costs 2,29€, blush 3,29€ and nail polish 1,89€. I still need to try this beautiful polish on my nails but I don't know when... I have too many untrieds and I don't know where to start. xo

Oh and please have in mind that my make up skills aren't great. :$ I usually wear just mascara and blush. :D

Did you buy anything from this collection? Do you like it?

Ivana :k

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  1. kod nas je još nema ali ja imam najbolji lak iz kolekcije :-p
    sjenila mi se čini neloša, mogla bih se i ja počastiti ;-)
    a oči... fantastično izgledaju :-D

  2. You look very pretty.
    You have some eyes, girl!! You should show them more often.

  3. Kok si lušna <3 Blush bo pa super za zimo, ko bomo malo bolj bledi :)

  4. @nail crazy: :D Ti si najbrža kod vas. :P Stvarno su dobra. :) Hvala. :h

    @marox79: Thanks. :) I'd but I'm so not good in make up. :D Maybe one day... :)

    @Ina: :$ Takrat bo še boljši ja, meni je že zdaj všeč. Tak svilnat občutek daje, res lep. :L

  5. How pretty! I agree w/marox79, you should definitely do more eye looks (; You have the prettiest lashes

  6. Wow Ivana, you are muy bonita!!!!(very Pretty)
    I love your eye makeup!!

  7. I hope I'll fine this collection!! I'd like to buy all the things!!

  8. OMG, I have to have them!!!!

  9. You are really beautiful (and have stunning eyes)!! This LE hasn't reached our stores yet, but I'm afraid polishes will be sheer :| (are they?)

  10. @Eileen: Thanks. :k My lashes are really weird.. I have to use eyelash curles and lots of mascara to achieve this look. :(

    @Carolina: Gracias. :$

    @Alice @ NailsbyAlice: I hope you'll find it! It's really pretty collection. :L

    @NatalieDouka: I hope you'll get them. :)

    @CopyCat - Smashinbeauty: Hvala. :)

    @maisenzasmalto: Thanks. :$ I think they're mostly two coaters so they aren't that sheer. Ig you like colors, you should give them a try. :)

  11. omg im dying to try the Essence Gel Eyeliner but i cant shop on line :/
    anywhoo i looove how ,the look turned out its so cute and neutral


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