Sunday, July 17, 2011

Teeez! - Smooth & Outta Control

I got Teeez! polishes a while ago from lovely Martje (oh I really want to eat that cake, yum! xP ) and I didn't have time to try them till yesterday. Every time I see name Teeez! it makes me scream like Teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez. :O Weirdo. :i
I didn't know how to try all 3 of them that would look great too, so I used just 2 for now. :D Outta control is a violet one and Smooth the pink one. Their application is really smooth, I added 2 coats, it dries fast. It looked so boring when I painted these two so I freehanded funky french and made it little bit more interesting and a layer of TC to smooth the lines. Holographic effect definitely is there, less on pictures but more in person.

I couldn't pick just 2 pictures so here's a tiny picture spam. :)

More after a click. :)

I really love this combination. :L Such a lovely holos and such a pretty colors - perfect match. :L I don't know about you but I want to have every holo on this planet, especially if they're pink or purple (nothing new). :L 

What do you think? Do you like this combination? Do you own any Teeez! polishes? Want some?

Ivana :k

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  1. Those holos are awesome and I really like your combo funky french mani~

  2. oh la la! This is so pretty, and the way you put them on your nails looks gorgeous!! I have the blue Teeez holo, can't wait to try it!

  3. I have them from her too!!
    So happy!
    I just love this mani!!
    I have to do the same!!
    I will probably add some strass on the bottom of the ring to decorate!

  4. Wow it looks amazing! I LOVE the polishes and the way you have combined them. Holo goodness at its best!

  5. So pretty! ♥
    I like the shape of your nails.

    Please do check my blog too. =)

  6. This is the soooooo awesome!!! I have saved this in my list of ideas for future posts!!!! Thanks for sharing this... The colors you picked look AMAZING together.... I love how funky it is!

  7. I just posted a link to this awesome manicure on my FB status and on a FB group. I hope you don't mind. If you do, I will remove it. I just wanted to share your AWESOME manicure. =)

  8. @Freshie: Thanks. :) I liked it so much, I didn't expect that they'd look so good together. :L

    @headtofoot: Thank you. :h You should try it soon!

    @rock-or-not: She's a sweetheart! Wooohoo, sounds cool! 8)

    @The Nail Buff: Thanks dear. :) I'm so happy you like it, because I also really really like it. :$

    @Zarina Villanueva: Ty. :)

    @imfeelingnail-venturous: :O Oh thank you! It's good to hear that! :$ You should try it too, it's so easy and fun! :) And thanks for sharing, I really don't mind, I'm so happy that you like it so much! :h

  9. Love it! Res huda kombinacija in lakca :L Jaz imam tudi french danes, ampak tisto najbolj dolgočasno :D

  10. ooo lepe barve :) .... in :O ooo kok maš še dolge nohte :):)

  11. predivni su pogotovo ljubicasto :)

  12. What makes a glittery holo polish any better? Let me tell you: it is even better when two shades are combined in a funky french (like yours)... sooo fun and playful :)

  13. @With love, Ana.: Hvala, Ana! :h Ah, na lepih nohtih tudi čisto navadna francoska izgleda prekrasno! :L

    @Pink_Diamond: Hvala! :k Jaa, so že kar dolgi, skoraj predolgi, jih bo kmalu treba malo skrajšat. :$

    @Lendoxia: Predivni. :L

    @Sarahlouise1986: Thank you. :h

    @Carolina: Awwww, thank you dear. :k

    @Marta: Thank you for such a sweet comment! :k I'm so happy you like it! :)

  14. beautiful! i just got the pink and blue and now i really want the purple!!

    (P.S. where did you get the code that gives you the "Reply" button and makes your comments pink? i'd love something like it for my blog!)

  15. @Lydz: Ty. :)

    @rebecca: You definitely need that one too. :P Btw.. I just send you an e-mail with links, so you can take a look how you add reply button and how you higlight your comments. :)

  16. this is GORGEOUS!!!!
    love it a lot!!

  17. Super,predivne boje i kombinacija,obožavam funky french :L

  18. bravo ivana, ovo je super :-D

  19. A ti lahko pridem ukradem te lakce? Krasni so.

  20. I`m sorry I don`t like these colors very much.... :P

  21. OMG this is sooo gorgeous!!! Aaagh incredible! I adore the colours together.... it just looks stunning =]

  22. @Renate, @Miss L: Thanks girls. :h

    @Nina: Hvala. :) I meni se totalno sviđa. :L

    @nail crazy: Hvala. :P

    @Taya: Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :o :D

    @Martje: Why are you lying to me? :o :O

    @Sara ♥'s ...: Thank you dear, I'm so happyto hear that you like it! :h

  23. These two colours are perfect together and they're obviously gorgeous!

  24. I love love love love love it!

  25. joj kar slabo mi je ratalo........
    ne moreš imet tako lepih nohtov!!!! :D kakšno ljubosumje!!! :~
    perfect! :L

  26. ooooh one of my favorite manis! soo nice!

  27. Amazing combination, I have all 3 Teeez holo's (but not worn them yet only the purple on my toes) this is just really beautiful. xoxox

  28. @Amber, @Elsa P., @Marina: Ty girls. :)

    @misaya: Oooo hvala. :$ Ne smeš biti ljubosumna, saj jih imaš lahko ti tudi. :) Meni je zelo pomagal Nail Tek Intensive Repair II, ker če pogledaš objave od prej, sem tudi jaz imela kratke nohte, ampak meni so bili vseeno všeč. :)

    @Pretty: Thanks dear. :k

    @-Diana-: I don't know what're you waiting for, try them asap! They'll look so pretty on your long nails. :L 


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