Thursday, June 16, 2011

OPI - Rumple's Wiggin

I didn't like Rumpelstiltskin in the movie... But Rumple's Wiggin stole my heart. :) Another stunner from Shrek forever after collection after Funky Dunkey. :L I wore it almost a month ago and I finally crop the pictures and choose the best of them. :)

Application is great, I think I used 3 thin coats for a full opacity. It's nice light lilac soft creme color. :) First picture is most color accurate.

In case you're searching for its dupe, I think Essie - Nice is nice is the closest. :) I really can't see the difference between these two... I still didn't try Essie so I can't compare them by application but I think you don't need both of them unless if you want a back up. I prefer having differents brand than 2 same bottles, it's more fun. :D

I really love pastels so I love it! What about you?

Ivana :k

16 Comment(s):

  1. Pink always looks amazing on you.

  2. lep :)

    meni ga je kar malo škoda uporabljat, ker imam minija :)

  3. Lep! Spominja me malo na Orly Lollypop :)

  4. ful je spominja me na enega od essence...hmm..

  5. LOVE pastels, and i also have this color and it is absolutely gorgeous!! stole my heart too!!

  6. Thanks girls for your comments! :) It's really pretty soft shade. :)

    @Tinna: Joj verjamem, OPI-jevi miniji so tako tiny miny. :(

    @With love, Ana.: Sem jih šla primerjat in je Lollipop bolj roza, tale pa bolj moder, če ima to kaj smisla. :D

    @Pink_Diamond: Možno! :) Glede na to, koliko pastelčkov je Essence dal v prodajo, se 100% najde kak podoben. :)

    @carissakuo: You have taste girl! :h

  7. nice pink! :) very pretty color. I love your blog and i have nominated you on my top ten awards. :)

  8. I love your pitctures! they are so pretty!
    This color is great!! ;D

  9. @Lydz: Ty dear! :k

    @Nailderella: Thanks, I'm doing my best with my phone and taking them best I could. :)

  10. Pastelčki so mi zadnje čase zelo prirastli k srcu, ker so idealni za štemplanje, in trenutno je moj cilj vsak lak poštempljat, da ne bom imela slabe vesti, da imam toliko šablon, pa nikol nič ne naredim z njimi=).

    Tale je res božanski=). Ampak poštempljala ga pa nisi? C-c-c-c Ivana, kam le to pelje =)


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