Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Catherine Arley - 670 #2

I already showed it once here, but here it is once more. :D I had to remove KIKO - #255 because I broke my thumb on my right hand - horribly while hitting the drawer, still hurts. xo I don't shorten my nails when I broke a thumb, do you? I really don't like different lenght of other nails but if it's thumb - it's cooool. :D
I didn't want to pick dark color because I don't want to get attention on my broken thumb, so I picked this pretty light pink holographic polish. :)

I still have some more Catherine Arleys on my WL, unfortunately they became so hard to get, company changed the shades or something, they're also sold out, we ordered them again and after couple of month of waiting I didn't get any that I wanted but that's ok, at least I have 4 or them. Better something than nothing. :D

I dooon't like the brush but because it's application is really flawless I don't mind that wonky brush. It dries super fast so it's perfect for a quick manicure when you don't have time. 

It's so pretty on sun, holo effect isn't sooo strong but it's still there. I took like 50 blurry pictures without even noticing I didn't set my phone on macro. I's so worried that something is wrong with my phone, because lately it's acting a little crazy. :D

What do you think about this shade? Do you have any Catherine Arley polishes?

And OMG did you see new beautiful glitter from Deborah Lippmann???? It has my name on it! :$

Candy Shop
I took this picture from All Lacquered Up's blog so check more infos about this pretty polish on her blog. :D I lately fell in love with Glitter in the Air, which I want soooooooo badly, but now I fell in love again. Need both in my life - one day... Soon. :L Right, S.? :k

I hope you like it! :) This is my last post for next week and a half. Miss me. :$

Ivana :k

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  1. Such a pretty pink!
    And OH MY GOD. I saw that post about the Lippmanns earlier, and I almost died. I really didn't like Glitter in the Air, but that pink. Oh my god. I want it. So badly. :o

  2. This polish from C.A. is just beautiful...I wanted to buy it too, but in the end I didn't (and I still don't know why XD).
    It looks so good on you!

  3. Lovely holo polish! And aww no damn the company lol I was planning on purchasing some soon! =/
    And OMG i'm drooling right now! That DL polish is sooo gorgeous! I just went on All Lacquered Up's page and saw there's one called Forget You that has my name all over it lol! =P

  4. This is a beautiful holo! I don't know this brand...why??

  5. Iv' your nails are SOOOO long ! they're amazingly beautiful ! =)
    I wish I had Catherine Arley's, you always make me wanna have them !
    Xx. S

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  7. Lepa manikura. Tale lak bi pa tudi jaz imela :L

  8. I want this polishes, the are so great!
    You made a nice swatch!

  9. a ja još nemam ni jedan ca lak :-(
    ali sam imala glitter in the air i uopće me nije impresirao :-(

  10. This is soo pretty, I don't think these are available in the States!

    Also, I nominated you for a Stylish Blogger Award:

  11. Hello again!
    Just thought id let you know that iv tagged you to do the google game =] I hope you'l like it!

  12. Love this color! I need to order me some Catherine Arley... I keep saying that, don't know what's stopping me :)

  13. I want to try Catherine Arley's but the site that ships to the US was out of them... I will try someday!! :)


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