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Essence TE Re-mix Your Style Swatches & Nail Wheel Review

Guess what just hit our stores??? :) Essence's Re-mix Your Style Trend Edition. <3 I've been waiting for this collection for ages and it's finally available in DM (hurry up, you can't miss all these pretties :) ).

I'm so broke without any money so my mom helped me get these. :h 6 base colors and 4 special top coats were released in this collection but I wanted just some of the topcoats. 

I picked Dance, Love and Pop top coats, I left behind Rock TC because I'm not a fan of dark colors. :) I just got nail wheels from Born Pretty Store to review so I decided to show them on nail wheel but of course I can't wait to put my new beauties on nails.

Here're the polishes I used on nail wheel down below:

Wet n Wild - Black Créme
Essence Dance Top Coat - Waking up in Vegas
Essence Love Top Coat - Feels so good
Essence PopTop Coat - Just can't get enough

Here are all TCs layered over a Black Créme . :L

 From Top to Bottom
Essence Pop Top Coat - Just can't get enough / 2 coats
Essence Love Top Coat - Feels so good / 1 coat 
Essence Dance Top Coat - Waking up in Vegas / 2 coats
Wet n Wild - Black Créme / 1 coat

They look amazing layered over a black! Bottles look so boring but when you apply them over a color, they become gorgeous! <3 

Just can't get enough (Pop) is a light pink base shimmer with holographic glitter. It's pretty amazing in person as on pictures and very opaque so I add 2 coats and like you can see, you can't even see a black under. I love this beautiful scattered shimmer inside, great job Essence, now you really made a holographic TC, I actually thought that this will be just another duochrome.... xD

Feels so Good (Love) is a very beautiful duochrome TC like those CND Sparkle effects. It changes the color depending on lightning, I only caught this beautiful lilac sparkle. 

Waking up in Vegas (Dance) is probably the diamond of this collection. How can you miss a flakie top coat for such an awesome price? :o It's just perfect. It looks like Nubar - 2010 what I've seen from some comparison posts but if you ask me, Essence wins, just because of the low price. :)

Essence should put all of these top coats in their regular range with other special toppers because these are just amazing. :L Unfortunately when this TE will be sold out, you probably won't be able to find it anywhere so be sure you grab them when you find them. :/ 

Let me say just a few words about my new nail wheels. I wanted them forever and when I got another opportunity to review some things from Born Pretty Store I decided to give them a try. I got 10 pieces of Clear False Nail tips Art Display Practice Wheels.

They came in one piece because they packed them great, so no issues with broken nail wheels. I like that they're clear, idk why but they just look prettier than the white one. :)

Now I can't wait to paint them all. :D They're great, because you can see how the polish looks like when you apply it, you can paint all your nail polishes you have and see if you have any dupes, you can try to make a nail art first on them and after you see the result, you can make same manicure on your nails, etc... :) Every piece has 20 "nails", so you can try 200 combinations with this set but if you want more, you can order another set, they're not so expensive.
You can get 10 pieces for a nice price $6.15 and use code IRJ61 for 10% off on your order. :)

Do you use nail wheels? Why? For nail art, for keeping a track of your collection? What do you think about Re-mix collection? What are your favorites? Did you manage to get any of these? Can't wait to hear your responds!

I got another stamping plate from BPS but I can't find it. I've been loosing things in my room forever and it annoys me so much lately. :/ As soon as I find it, I'll try to make a manicure with! :)

Thanks for reading! :rainbow

Ivana :k

*Some of the products in this post was sent to me by Born Pretty Store! For more information read my disclosure policy!

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  1. OOOOO so pretty! I wish we could get these in the U.S.!!!!!! Let me know if you ever swap or have a blog sale!!!!!!

  2. I also bought these wheels but I'm still waiting to get them!
    and yeah, Essence did an amazing job here!!

  3. Rose Shimmer reminds me of one of those CND finished. Pretty either way!

  4. Those are amazing! So pretty! *DROOL*

  5. I'm totally in love with those essence nail effects

  6. a flejkiji su mi favorit naravno ^_^ bilo bi super da nesto od ovoga stave i u redovnu ponudu, ali nekako nisam toliki optimist :)

  7. Kupila sam holo top coat i prekrasan je, možda i najljepši lak koji uopće imam. Odlična kolekcija, bilo bi baš dobro da je stave u redovnu ponudu jer sam sigurna da bi se dobro prodavala ;) :P

  8. Looks so great!!
    I love dance and love!

  9. O hvala bogu da sem včeri vzela vse 3 :D sem dobila kar adrenalin ko sem jih zagledala še nedotaknjene :e

  10. It seems that this TE by Essence won't arrive here in Italy. Sigh sob, I love those top coats!
    I don't use nail wheels because I haven't find a seller who ships to Italy yet (thank you, worst Customs and Postal Service in the world!) so I'll be very happy to check BPS! ;)

  11. Joj, zdej mi je pa mal žal, da nisem vzela še Feels so good in Just can't get enough :@

  12. Yeaaaaaaahhhh! :e Super swatchi :)

  13. SO jealous you guys get these over there! Don't know why Essence won't release stuff like this over here! And the holo top coat is awesome! Though is it really a top coat if it totally covers the base? lol

  14. These are so sooo gorgeous! Essence is really killin it for a drugstore brand!

  15. @AllThatIsGorgeous: :) Oh well, you must admit that you have so many more pretties in US than we have! :P At the moment I can't swap but if I will and have more back ups of these, I'll let you know. :)

    @Nailderella: I hope you get them soon, they're so cute. 8)

    @Megan Harmeyer: Yap, they're really similar. :)

    @Kelly: I totally agree. :L

    @lepidopteria: Me too! :) They're so amazing. <3

    @Lendoxia: I ja tako kažem ali bilo bi stvarno predobro. 8) Mogli bi nas saslušati. :P

    @Sirius Black: I ja sam u to sigurna, jer su stvarno predivni. :L

    @rock-or-not: Agree. :)

    @Passing fancy: Verjamem. :) Smo jih končno dočakali. :e

    @Cristina - PeeBeforePolish: I hope that BPS ships to Italy. :/ I heard that your customs is really bad but that bad? :o Oh my, like we're not neighbours. :D

    @Kleopatra: Hitro še v kak DM pogledat, če je še kaj ostalo. Če ni pa v prvem, pa še v drugega poglej, sem sigurna, da boš našla. :)

    @moonchild: Hvala. :)

    @Angie: I'm not even going there how many times I'm jealous for things you get them there!! :i It's more sheer if you apply just one coat but I messed up so I added another one. xD But I kind of like the full opaque version more. :)

    @The Sneakerette: Absolutely! :) Too bad they've discontinued Multi Dimension polishes, those was amazing though. :/ And those TEs really make me nervous, because I never know if I'll be able to get all I want. xD

  16. Wow! What a great finish and glitter those polishes have! Beautiful!

    I like the clear nailwheels also better than the white ones... I think because with the clear one you're not being fooled with how opaque a polish is?

  17. Thank you! You can email me if you do at!

  18. Wow! Those polishes look awesome!

  19. It's such a shame that collection didn't come out in the Netherlands. I would die to get these!

    And I use nail wheels! :) First so I could see how a color would look on my nails, later to try some nail art. But I ordered 10 new wheels a few days ago to really try out nail art :)


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