Friday, November 11, 2011

Swap with blondie711 from MUA #2 & Hyper Haute

I got this package weeks ago and I'm so happy I did. :) Me and blondie711 arrange a swap months ago and I got lots of amazing polishes from her. She knew I wanted one particular polish a lot. When she contacted me that she got it and could sent it to me, I was really super excited. :)

I'm talking about Electra Magenta from China Glaze's Tronica collection. <3 I wanted it because I still don't own a pink version of BFF which I also want badly but unfortunately is very hard to find. <\3 This one is close but of course less holographic, but I love it soooo much.  :L

She also sent me EOS lipbalms. <3 I wanted them badly, because my lips are always so dry no matter what I use, how much I drink. :/ When I read lots of great reviews I wanted to try them out. And I love their cute fancy packaging. :D I'm using Summer Fruit at the moment all the time and I must say I just love it. I love the smell and the taste, it moisturizes my lips quite well and I really like it a lot. :k

She was so nice and sent her package first and when she'll find something she like, I'll do my best to make her happy like she did. <3 Thank you so much for this awesome package! :k

Oh, I almost forgot. :i Remember the Hyper Haute I got from Karen? Yap, it came broken. I actually got Hyper Haute from Blondie711 too but I gave it away because I knew I'm getting another bottle from Karen. When I got a broken bottle, I didn't have any Hyper Haute left. :D But Karen found another bottle and kindly sent it to me.
Hyper Haute, Electra Magenta
Thank you so much ladies for thinking of me and sending me all these amazing goodies. <3

Did you ever try EOS lip balms? Do you like them? Did you get any from Tronica? I know lots of us were dissapointed when we found out that they aren't holographic like all from OMG collection was, but they're still super pretty and I'm happy I own these 2 and Virtual Violet. :)

Thanks for reading! I hope you all have a nice Friday and weekend! I might be away for this and another week but I need to study a lot. :/ 

Ivana :k

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  1. How sweet! It's gorgeous. And I love EOS lipbalms too! Their packaging is so cute it makes want to have every color :-P

  2. Nice swap! I LOVE EOS Lipbalms. I have the Summer Fruit one, the Honeysuckle Honeydew one, and I used to have the Lemon Drop one (my fav) but then I gave it to my mom. I recently bought their hand lotion (cucumber melon one) and it smells and works heavenly! Seriously the best lotion I have ever tried! :)

  3. I'm happy I was able to find a replacement for you. :)

  4. ohh!! nice swap! really like the nail polish colors! can't wait for some swatches! :)

  5. I just recently picked up the Strawberry Sorbet Eos & I love it. My favorite one is the lemon one! :)

  6. Pretty polishes here (I'm a sucker for holos, too and I really wish I could get my hands on OMG collection)!! I never tried EOS lip balms, but I have the same dry lips problem and I love trying new products (now using Burt's Bees lipbalm with pomegranate oil and I find it quite good and moisturizing).
    Karen is really nice, isn't her?

  7. I received my EOS 10 days ago and I've been using it ever since :) I looove it! I also got summer fruit and the smell and the taste are just yummy :)
    I will order some more to treat myself for my bday in december :D

  8. Jaz imam 2 Eos balzama in sta mi v redu. Trenutno imam v uporabi Lemon Drop spf15 in se mi zdi kar ok hranljiv, ne pa preveč, mogoče bo za tebe premalo glede na to, da imaš extra suhe ustnice... Embalaža je nekaj posebnega, jaz jih bom še kdaj kupila.
    Laka sta oba super luštna, ampak zadnje čase nimam časa za lakiranje, trenutno imam eno manikuro že cel teden...

  9. You have a really very nice blog ! :R :)
    Your shares are wonderful , i liked your posts and nails ! So great color C.Glaze :)
    i follow you now !
    wait u my nail polishh blog!!
    ♣This is ★ My βℒog♣

  10. amazing!! I would love to try these eos balms too :)

  11. Electra Magenta looks so pretty!! i really can't wait to see your swaches! <3

  12. i've never tried those lip balms things..but i keep seeing them in every ones blog which of course only makes me want to try them LOL you got some purrrty nail polish there im sure you'll swatch it for us once your done studying n stuff ;D :e <-- did the dancing icon work?!

  13. Nice colors!
    Visit me in your spare time =)

  14. I think i might be the only girl who doesn't own an EOS balm lol. & ur Hyper haute looks SOOO much cuter than my bottle! lol I was kinda disappointed with the holographic effect in the Tronica collection. Since I missed the DS & OMG collection, I was happy to hear about Tronica, bc I thought it was my time to get all the holos I could grab, but the effect isn't the same as the first time the holos were released. I still LOVE that polish though lol

  15. OMG totally jelly, I had no idea EOS had a Strawberry Sorbet lip balm, I swear by those things <3! I think mine is called Sweet Mint (I have a few but that's my fave), its in a mint green sphere and it tastes good too if you lick your lips :o)

  16. @Jane: Me too. :L I absolutely need more. 8)

    @Kelly: Need to try more of them, I love the colors of the packaging. <3 Thanks for mentioning the hand lotion, I need that too! :P

    @KarenD: Thanks again Karen. :h

    @carissakuo: I can't wait to try them too! <3 I hope I'll show you swatches soon. :/

    @Pauline - omgnoodles: I still didn't open Strawberry Sorbet but I can't wait. :)

    @maisenzasmalto: Both of them are sweet! <3 I wouldn't say that EOS lip balms would save your lips but they're quite good. I'm still searching for the perfect lipbalm or something, that'd make my lips normal. Should look for this one you're using, thanks for mentioning. :)

    @Anibani: Me too! They're so fun to use. <3 I need more too. :L

    @goga: Hvala Goga, ga moram dodati na WL. Ja, tudi Summer Fruit, ki ga trenutno uporabljam je podoben, ampak zaenkrat mi je všeč. Lahko bi bil bolj hranljiv, ampak vonj, okus in struktura pretehtata. Ponavadi se prej naveličam, tega se zaenkrat še nisem. :D
    Ja, te razumem, sem popolnoma na istem. :/ Ah, za lakiranje bo še dosti časa. :)

    @NaszL :): Thank you so much for leaving a comment! :)

    @Sasa skocir: Thanks! Try to get them on e-bay, there're loads of them. :)

    @Belladona: Thanks! It looks like it'll take me a while to try them out. :i

    @Maria: You need them! :e It works! :P Of course, but I don't know when. :/ I have loads to try out... Need more hands and time. :i

    @MiniStyle: :i

    @Prettyfulz: You need them dear! If we would have them in store, I'd buy all of them. :$ Me too, I was really excited about them but when I saw swatches I knew that won't be that great as OMG and similar. They're still gorgeous, we just expected much more from them. We'll see how this upcoming Prismatic collection from China Glaze will look like! :e

    @Marketta at Pink Polish Addict: Thanks for mentioning, I'll add it to my WL. I want every single one. :D That's the best thing that they have great taste, I really can't use anything on lips if it's without taste. xo


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