Saturday, November 26, 2011

Step by Step: Pink Glittery Swirls & Review

My nails are even shorter than last week, they just don't want to cooperate with me. :/ But that didn't stop me do to another step by step post. :)

I got a new stamping image plate from Born Pretty Store so I decided to try it out for this manicure. I didn't have anything on my mind so I decided to surprise myself. xD 

Here's the final result. :) I'm still not sure if I like it because obvisouly they're not perfectly stamped like I'd want them to be but I decided to post them anyway. :$ All pictures in this post were taken under daylight bulb with black background.

If you want to see step by step pictures (a.k.a tiny picture spam) and a review for the stamping plate I used, click read more. :)

For this manicure you need a base color, 1 or 2 glitter polishes for sponging and 2 stamping polishes for swirls. You can always stop at the step you want, change the base color or glitter colors, anything you want! :)

Here's the picture of what I used for this manicure.

Essence - Nail Art Protecting Base Coat
Revlon - Bubble Gum
China Glaze - Pom Pom
Essence - Stamp me! Silver
BPS m69
Beauty Secrets TC Fast Finish Polish Dryer
 Piece of sponge, Stamping kit (not included in the picture)

Here's the closer picture of Nail Art Stamping Plate m69 I got from Born Pretty Store for review.  It looks same as Konad m69 but there are some little differences if you take a closer look. I don't own Konad's m69 so I can't take a picture of both of them together but from the pictures I saw around, they're really pretty close. I tried to stamp all the patterns on a piece of paper and they all work great. <3

They're much cheaper than Konad's stamping plates and you can always use a code for another discount and they've lots of cute patterns. They even start selling Big Nail Art Stamp Template, which I want sooooooo badly now when I saw it. :L

If you'd like to read more about their stamping plates, please check this post of another stamping plate I got from them for review. :) Now I really miss my long nails. :(

Okay, let's start with my manicure I made today, I'm really talking a lot today. :$

I started with 2 coats of Revlon's Bubble Gum pink creme scented nail polish. It smeels so divine, just like bubble gum! :L Application is great, you can also probably get away with one thick coat. :e

Then I decided to do some sponging. I used China Glaze - Pom Pom first. Pom Pom is a sheer pink base with lots of tiny mauvish pink shimmer and bigger silver and pink glitter. :L I can't wait to wear this beauty on its own, looks very promising. :L I sponged it all over my nail, so you can't go wrong with this step. :)

Then I sponged Nubar - Petunia Sparkle to add a purple hint on this manicure. I think that was a good idea, because I could wear this manicure just like that, I'd just add a coat of TC to achieve more shiny look. :)

Then it's time for stamping. :e I used Born Pretty Nail Art Stamping Plate m69. I decided to work with swirls. I took Essence Stamp me! Silver - silver shimmer which works perfectly with stamping and looks so shiny and stamped in once. :)

Last but not least, I decided to stamp same pattern from m69 in reverse direction with Wet n Wild - Black Créme, because I thought that there was missing something. I really like black pattern over, I just wish I stamped it better but I just couldn't place the pattern perfectly. :$ I finished the whole manicure with layer of TC. :)

 Essence - Nail Art Protecting Base Coat
Revlon - Bubble Gum / 2 coats
China Glaze - Pom Pom / sponged
Essence - Stamp me! Silver & BPS m69 / stamping
Wet n Wild - Black Créme & BPS m69 / stamping
Beauty Secrets TC Fast Finish Polish Dryer

Bubble Gum still smells divine after sponging, stamping and layer of TC. :D Yum. :)
Let me know what do you think about this manicure. Again, you can change color combination, add swirls just once as you prefer more. :) I hope you like it!
Happy end of the week dear readers and followers and thank you for reading! :rainbow
Ivana :k

*Some of the products in this post was sent to me by Born Pretty Store! For more information read my disclosure policy!

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  1. I think... this manicure is Beautiful!!!
    I love the stamping in two colors.
    Good job Ivana,

  2. Really pretty! I love pink and black together.

  3. Love it, and your nails are also beautiful this way! ♥

  4. beautiful! i love it when u do tutorials like these :) keep em coming!

  5. Pa imam isto paletko doma, pa še tega vzorca nisem nikol uporabla, evo ideje!
    super ti je tole uspelo! res mi je ušeč!<3

  6. :b full dobr! In kolk enih slojev, nikoli ne bi uganila!

  7. Love it, love it, love it!! BornPrettyStore fauxnad plates are great!

  8. This looks soooo pretty! I like the sponging, it adds a nice touch to the Konading =]

  9. @Carolina: Thank you dear. :) It's good to read a compliment from stamping master! :k

    @funkiichiicka: Ty. :)

    @KimsKie's Nails: Thank you! :h But I can't wait to grow them longer. :$

    @Maria: Okay, will try to do more of them soon. :)

    @Stellina: Ty. :$

    @Anna.: Hvala. :i Meni je pa prvo ta vzorček padel v oči. Komaj čakam, da uporabim še druge vzorčke. :e

    @With love, Ana.: Ane? :) Še k sreči, da se sponging hitro posuši. :D

    @NatalieDouka: Thanks! Yap, I definitely need more of them. :e

    @The Sneakerette: Thank you! :) I really like sponging effect, you get totally another look of the polish. :)


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