Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Servin' Up Sparkle on My Address is "Hollywood"

I don't have time to change my manicures more often lately so I decide to quickly update My Address is "Hollywood" from last week. I got this polish in a swap a month ago so I decided to give it a try now. :)

Servin' Up Sparkle is a part of OPI's Serena Glam Slam England duo set. It comes with Grape... Set... Match, which is amazing but still in my untrieds. :/

Servin' Up Sparkle is a sheer base with holographic hexagonal shaped glitter and small holographic glitter. I don't know why, but a lot of hexagonal glitter is sticked on the bottle, like you can see on the picture below. Looks funny but I think there's not much left of hexagonal glitter in the bottle. xD

I'm not a big fan of sheer glitters so I decided to sponge my tips with it and I loved it! :) I finally found a way to like wearing sheer glitters. All those particles sparkle every time you move your hands, so it's really pretty in person. <3

Sun / Blurry
Essence - Nail Art Protecting Base Coat
OPI - My Address is "Hollywood" / 2 coats
Beauty Secrets TC Fast Finish Polish Dryer 
OPI - Servin' Up Sparkle / sponged
 Beauty Secrets TC Fast Finish Polish Dryer

I was really happy with this manicure. It lasted whole last week and I could wear it even more but I decided to change it. :) 

What do you think? Do you like sheer glitters like this one? Do you just layer it over a polish?

I shorten my nails yesterday a bit, unfortunately I had some major breaks on my right hand, so I decided to shorten them all. I can't stand having different lenght of nails. :/ I'll probably be away till the weekend, so take care and thanks for reading! I'm off to watch the 5th Episode of Desperate Housewives! 8) So excited, anyone watching new season of DH here?

Nighty night,
Ivana :k

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  1. I have servin up sparkle tooooo! But it's still one of my untrieds :( Lol. I wish all the glitter didn't settle to the bottom like that. I keep trying to shake it up all the time so it looks all nice and even =]

  2. Jaz se vsakič znova zaljubim v tvoje manikure in nohte <3 wishlista lakcev se pa samo daljša in daljša... :D

  3. This glitter nail polish looks soo coool!!! I want it too:D Have a nice day!:)

  4. looks so cute!
    I'm watching new season of DH, but I haven't watch 5-th episode yet :)

  5. @Eileen: Keep shaking or the glitter will decorate your bottle and not your nails. xD

    @AllThingsNails!: Ty. :)

    @.sparkle*: Ohh, hvala. <3 Ja verjamem, moja WL tudi nima konca. :O

    @Super cute super easy: Ty! Wish you the same. :k

    @lady_flower123: Thanks! :)

    @zebra-nails: What are you waiting for?! :o I'm so excited about new episodes, wish I already had all answers. :c

    @Stellina: Ty. :)

  6. que esmalte maravillosooo

  7. looks soo good, gonna get it!


  8. @yami: Ty for your comment! :)

    @Nina: You should! It's so pretty. <3

    @fairy_ana: Ty. :)


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