Sunday, November 27, 2011

Swap with Fingers from Fingers Polish Mania & DS Skittles

A while ago Fingers from Fingers Polish Mania contacted me that she can get one of biggest lemming and how could I say no to that? :) She wanted to try Catrice and I wanted to get that baby so much!

My polish arrived on Friday and I just couldn't believe my eyes. :o Here's what I got. <3

OPI DS Exclusive
Yap, bottle of amazing linear holographic bright pink goddess. <3 I don't know about you but I want that OPI brings back all the holos they had in Designer Series line. Please. :(

Fingers, thank you so much for killing one of my biggest lemming. :h :k :e :i

Because my nails are too short for this beauty I decided to make a skittles manicure with all DS babies I have. I own only 4 of them but I love each and every one so much! <3


I don't know what happened to Signature's cap but it started chipping since I got it. Looks funny but I don't care much about the cap. :D

Here are skittles with all this pretties. :L Their application is just amazing, they all go on silky smooth, I added 2 coats for full opacity without base or top coat. They're even prettier in person as on picture. <3

From Top to Bottom:
OPI - DS Original / 2 coats
OPI - DS Signature / 2 coats
OPI - DS Exclusive / 2 coats

They are all linear holographic except Extravagance, which has more scattered holographic look but it's still pretty. I just love them all! <3 What do you think? What's your favorite? Do you own any of these?

Does any of you have an extra bottle of How about a Tumble or Tickle my Triangle (Thank you sooooooo much Kvacka! :k ) from China Glaze's Kaleidoscope collection? I killed almost all my lemmings except these from Kaleidoscope and I want at least one in my collection. :$ 

Have a nice and relaxing Sunday and thanks for reading! :rainbow Btw I reached 900 followers yesterday. :party Thank you so much for following and reading me. I never thought I will have so many of you here, now I can't wait to reach a magic 1000. :$

Ivana :k

20 Comment(s):

  1. omg, I dream about this nail polish :e

  2. Extravagance je več kot čudovit! <3

  3. Oh, Extravagance in Signature sta mi perfektna! <3

  4. Upsi... Mislila sem napisati Exclusive namesto Extravagance. *blush* Tega tvojega novega v glavnem. =))

  5. they are just gorgeous! looove holo :)

  6. So pretty! I have Original and Signature. I always get so excited when I see the silver caps at any hole in the wall nail places I go to. And congrats on the 900 followers! That's amazing, and you deserve it!

  7. Exclusive is just too much gorgeousness for me <3
    I Have all the others but never managed to find Exclusive. I have a hunch that Hits Athena may be a dupe...But since I don't own Exclusive, I will never know :/

    Lucky girl!

  8. I really like the two darker ones! They're freaking amaaaazing

  9. @Julia Natalia: We all do! :P

    @moonchild: O ja. <3

    @Kvacka: :i Oba sta čudovita, ja. :) Mah, škoda, da so jih ukinili. Pa tako lepi so. <3

    @Anibani: Me too! :L

    @Angie: Oh yes, silver caps are just calling your attention! :D Thanks! :) I'm so happy to have so many of you around. :e

    @Sarah B.: Ty. <3 Oh well, those Hits look amazing too! :L I need them too! :) I hope you find Exclusive one day, it's so beautiful. <3

    @The Sneakerette: You should try to find them, I think that Extravagance is still available and you must have it! :)

  10. I already told you on Twitter...I so love these babies of yours! :L

  11. Aw man! You told everyone my name! I live in anonymity as Fingers! I will forgive you though! I am soooooo happy you love this polish. It was just sitting on my shelf tired and neglected. Just needed you to love it! My post about yours is coming up in the next few days! You're welcome!!!

  12. @rock-or-not: I hope you find them too! :)

    @maisenzasmalto: They're just too gorgeous not to be loved. :i

    @nail crazy: :D

    @Fingers: Awww I'm so sorry. :/ I actually didn't even thought on that but I changed the name where I could, well it's still shown somewhere. :/ I'm sooo sorry, again. :/ And thank you so much again. :i I can't even tell how happy I still am. :)

  13. Dude-I'm NOT mad-I was just giving you a hard time! But I do appreciate that you changed it!! I know how you feel-I was so happy when I finally got my lemming!!!! I can't wait to see a full mani with this!!

  14. waah, you have a very huge collection of DS! They're really pretty, i wish that o.p.i will make them again too *-* <3

  15. Hi sweet Ivana, yay!! look at those beauties you've got (faints) I want them :P, so nice to see your beautiful nails.

  16. WOW! What an awesome swap!

  17. @Fingers: I know but still. :) And I can't wait to try it on, as soon as my nails grow long again. :$

    @Belladona: Huge? I want so many of them but they're totally HTF. :( Me to, I hope... One day. :i

    @Arie: Hi Arie! Wb. :) Thanks! :k

    @lucia m: Spamming around with your blog's link isn't nice, you know? :)

    @imfeelingnail-venturous: I agree. :i


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