Thursday, December 8, 2011

Merry Midnight dear True Love

Today's the perfect day to show you this manicure. <3 I already posted True Love but here's my upgrade. I wanted Merry Midnight for ages and I'm so happy I own it now, thank you

Merry Midnight is part of OPI's Holiday Wishes collection from Winter/Holiday 2009. It's a deep plum base with blue glitter and opal flakies. It's more on a sheer side so it was a perfect time to layer it over another plum color. <3 There's nothing more to say... Love at first sight! :)

All pictures were taken under daylight bulb and black background.

Essence - True Love / 2 coats
OPI - Merry Midnight / 2 coats

I could post so many pictures of it but I decided to pick just 2. I just love this combination! What about you? Do you have MM? If not, you can still grab Orly - Fowl Play when it's still available, because MM can be really hard to find or very expensive though. :/ 

 It's D.'s birthday today, so Happy Birthday my dear! <3 u! :k

I picked the perfect combination for his birthday, don't you think? :$

Thanks for reading!

Gossip Girl (yap, I just started watching GG xD )
Ivana :k

21 Comment(s):

  1. Beautiful shade!
    Happy B-Day to your Dear!

  2. Vampy awesomeness.
    Happy birthday to your hubby.

  3. Gorgeous color and nails ;)
    Happy birthday to your dear :)

  4. manikura je stvarno fantastična, jezik do poda :L

  5. This combo looks very pretty :D

  6. Very pretty together <3

    Happy birthday for your dear.

  7. Krasna kombinacija. Želim ta OPI.

    Vse najboljše tvojemu dragemu. :)

  8. This is really gorgeous! I love the flakies :D

  9. Happy Birthday! MM looks great on you!

  10. Čudovita kombinacija <3
    In vse najboljše dragiju! :)

  11. :L :L :L kakšna perfektna kombinacija :O.. kar ne morem se nagledati slikc. In kakšen perfekten nanos, oblika nohtov <3
    vse najboljše še iz moje strani za tvojega dragega! ;)

  12. GORGEOUS combo, I'll be layering it like this next time I wear it!

  13. wowo wow ovo stvarno prekrasno izgleda

  14. Beautiful layering, GG :-) I ordered Fowl Play (love those flakes)but my parcel is still somewhere between US and Italy :-/

  15. Wow...amazing color!
    I really like this colors, I want this one now! haha.

  16. SOOOOO beautiful!!!! =)

  17. Thank you so much for your lovely comments and wishes to my BF ladies. :k

    @mrsrexy: Thank you sooooo much. :h

    @Anna.: Oh, hvala Ana za tako lep komentar, si me pa prehvalila. :$

    @Deborah: You should, I agree, they're made for each other. xD

    @With love, Ana.: Se strinjam! <3 Če ne bi bilo tvojih lepih nohtov in krasnih slik, ga danes sploh ne bi imela. :$

    @maisenzasmalto: I hope you'll get Fowl Play soon! Waiting for polish is so annoying. :/

    @Shirley's Nail Art: I hope you can find it! Or at least try to get your hands on Fowl Play. :)


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