Wednesday, December 28, 2011

23 & Holiday Guest Post #7: Pink Polish Addict &

It's my B-day today! :party I turned 23 today, I feel old - not old old but growing up and I want to be a kid like forever. :$ I had a lovely day with a friend, we went to see firework in my town and had a lovely dinner. :e

 Cupcakes for everyone! :e :party

My nails are still naked, well with a coat of base coat, but Marketta made so lovely manicures just for my B-day. I wish we were closer, so she could do same manis on me. :) She runs a blog at Pink Polish Addict and yap, you guessed, I found a pink soulmate. :P

HAPPY BIRTHDAY IVANA! Ok now that I've said that I will introduce myself lol. My name is Marketta from Pink Polish Addict. I offered to do Ivana's birthday post for her today while her beauties are on hiatus, and she's recovering. I love me some Ivana, you know why? She's my pink enabler, and the sweetest person like EVER! I have been reining in the pink on my blog (I have TONS of pink) but she told me let loose, I sure don't hold back! So I'm going to start letting the pink out full force. This post is a day late because I had a bit of a dramatic day and I'm visiting my family for the holidays and they are a bit far out, so I have been a bit technology deprived. First up is NOPI All Kendall-ed Up which is a dark hot pink creme. I used 2 coats of AKU, special white polish, Bundle Monster ip's bm205-bm14-bm03, Seche Vite, and INM Northern Lights. I keep forgetting that I have nubbins now and I don't have as much room for multi-stamping fun so there's a bit much going on. This represents what I want Ivana to get tons of today: Presents, Love, and Cake! I just love the light holo that NL gives, it adds the perfect pop.

I know that Ivana loves some glitter, so of course I couldn't forget about the glitta! Below is 3 coats of Sally Hansen Gem Crush: Lady Luck. Lady Luck has a clear base packed with dark pink glitter, and bigger holo glitter. IRL this polish is gorgeous and I couldn't capture its true beauty.

Thanks for letting me share 2 mani's Ivana and I hope you had the most amazing birthday ever!


Aren't these totally my colors???? <3 I just knew I will like them. <3 Thank you so much for your lovely words Marketta, you're so sweet and of course for doing my b-day manis. <3 I thought I don't need this Sally Hansen Gem Crush but now... I will have to think about it again. :i

Be sure you'll check Marketta's blog Pink Polish Addict, but don't worry if you don't like pink like we do, her favorite color is also blue but she can work any color on this planet with her lovely nails. :L

Let me know what do you think about these 2 lovely pink manicure and thanks for reading! I had a lovely day behind me and I got an amaaazing package today and I can't wait to show you all the goodies I got. :i Polish is the best gift for sure. <3

Ivana :k

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  1. happy birthday :D !!! I just turned 23 too , no fun why can't we all be kids forever? I hope you have a wonderful day! :e

  2. I :L the little cupcakes!!! I always see how good people are at stamping and think I need to give it a try again! Great mani 8)

  3. I looove Lady Luck. It got a bit thick in the bottle and it's hard to get off, but it's sooo worth it!

  4. Happy birthday Ivana!!! Glad you enjoyed it ;0). Great manis Marketta!

  5. aww Not old at all, but i know what you mean, i dont want to grow up either. Happy Birthday sweetie! :) lots of hugs!

  6. :-0 Let's pretend I live in California (I'd love to, actually) and it's still 28th: Happy B-Day Ivana!!!!
    I love the love/presents/cake stamping, Marketta did a really sweet mani!

  7. Happy Birthday, Ivana! Hope you've had a wonderful day with lots of beautiful presents :)

    BTW: love this manicure, it's so cute!

  8. Znam da kasnim, ali sretan rodjendan :D

  9. Thanks Ladies! I enjoyed doing these for Ivana! Lady Luck is on the thick side but its so worth it! Just make sure to load up on a base coat like Nubar Foundation base coat because it will stain if you dont!

  10. Happy Birthday! better late than never ;)

  11. Happy Birthday! Marketta did a great mani.. I love the series of your guest posts! :)


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